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review 2013-11-20 00:00
Weźmisz czarno kure
Weźmisz czarno kure - Andrzej Pilipiuk Uwielbiam humor książek Andrzeja Pilipiuka - szczególnie ten z z jakubowych zbiorów opowiadań :)
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review 2013-09-02 00:00
The Kure - Jaye Frances The Kure will probably draw in plenty of potential readers by reading the blurb, but the truth is that this story revolves around John and his pustule covered, seeping member and his need for a virgin to put said member into her mouth. The idea is pretty far fetched and if the blurb said that, I am pretty certain the number of readers would be small.

The graphic nature of Jaye's descriptions will make your skin crawl and the bile rise up the back of your throat, you'll likely feel like jumping into a scorchingly hot shower to rid yourself of the filth once you have finished reading too.

I felt like the story wasn't complete, it was fairly unrealistic (even for a fantasy/horror story) and the character reactions weren't right either. There did seem to be a few parts that drew out too long, offering up excessive amounts of detail that probably wasn't needed (the whole blackened hell scene).

Jaye's writing was quite good, there was very strong English used to describe certain things throughout the story. Certainly not for the squeamish or those who have just eaten, but if you dig the whole voodoo, mystism stuff you ought to check this story out.
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review 2013-05-06 08:27
The Kure by Jaye Frances
The Kure - Jaye Frances

Paranormal-occult romance. ---WOW. That's one word to describe this book. It was so hard to put down, the story was very intriguing, unique but not as dark or demonic as I expected when I first read the synopsis. My imagination was running wild as the story progresses. The images of Sarah or any girl for that matter, trying to fulfill the directions of the Kure was just disturbing. How the author Jaye Frances described the condition of John Tyler's condition was gruesome and it's insane how devotion could overlook such a heinous thing. I did expect the leeching to happen and it doesn't work so they follow the kure anyway, but it didn't happen.. It was fine though because something better happened and it certainly was more creative than what I had imagined.

This was a short read but the story was not compromised it didn't feel unfinished but there is a sense of mystery at the end that makes you want to get out of the house and track down the next book. I have no complaint for this book. The writing was excellent, the setting, the plot was amazing, the characters were beautifully constructed. Seriously, I did not expect myself to have this kind of reaction for this book. The next book to this is the Karetakers, a continuation of Sarah and John's story. 5 ++ stars.

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review 2012-11-20 00:00
La Corda D'Oro, Vol. 13
La Corda d'Oro, Volume 13 - Yuki Kure I love Len's hard work for Hino to get better at the real violin! He really wants her to do well and progress! I thought the part with little Len was especially cute. But I can't believe he's leaving her to study abroad! Kahoko and Len went on a date and he took care of her when she hurt herself
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review 2012-11-20 00:00
La Corda d'Oro, Volume 10
La Corda d'Oro, Volume 10 - Yuki Kure Wow... I did not expect that to happen... though i probably should've haha. Sooooo Lili's magical violin breaks! and there is absolutely no way to fix it or get a new one! but there's one more concourse left, who will she be able to do it?!? Len and Ryo were being mean to each other as usual haha i still LOVE this manga! It combines Music and Manga (to of my passions) in one! I play the violin, but my favorite instrument is the cello (i love Keiichi Shimizu!!! he so adorable I just want to give him a BIG HUG, even if he falls asleep lol)
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