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review 2015-12-04 23:33
Itty, Gritty
Besieged - Rowena Cory Daniells

I really liked this book. Wow, it was great. Everything I look for in fantasy, well I suppose this is more of a dark fantasy, but that's probably why I like it.


Look at the cover !! Super pretty, and i'm not gonna lie it is why I picked up the book in the first place. The story itself though is what kept me reading.


This is the first book in the Outcast Chronicles trilogy. It does a really fantastic job of setting the series up, introducing characters and fleshing out the world. It covers the span of about 30 years, and follows the perspective of about four (or five I can't remember) characters. 


The main perspective (in my opinion) seems to be Sorne, the halfbreed son of the king, and Imoshen, a T'en woman (the magic people).


I love the world that Daniells has thrown us into. Its harsh, unfair, struggling. There's hatred, war and corruption. None of the characters are perfect. They make mistakes and have flaws. It's fantasy, and yet very real. It reflects real life.


This book ended in a cliff hanger, but then that's not very surprising, as it is part of a trilogy. I can't say if this series will have a happy ending in any sense, but if it does, the characters are going have to work very very hard for it.


I am very interested to read the rest of this series.

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review 2013-01-15 00:00
Besieged (Outcast Chronicles #1)
Besieged - Rowena Cory Daniells

Lesbianism and man-hating. Not my two favorite things...

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review 2012-12-29 00:00
Sanctuary (Outcast Chronicles Series #3)
Sanctuary - Rowena Cory Daniells The problem with this book was the end. It was all good up to that, but, there was no conclusion. There was nothing that left me feeling good and that everything would turn out ok. It was more, they are fine for today, but hey today they might all die. And for me that is not a good feeling. I like conclusions, while this felt like more is coming. But is more coming? I think not.Anyway it was still a good book even if it felt unfinished. There are lots of characters in it..yeah lots and all with names that I can't remember how to spell except for Imoshen. The woman who tries to lead her people into exile. Humans are bad, idiots most of them. The T'en are better, but only cos they do not kill humans, just each other. So yes in that aspect they are no better. But it's a fascinating society even with it's flaws. I would sure not like to be born into it. Men and women do not trust each other and the half bloods are just lessers.A fascinating world as I said. A good thrilling story. I just wished for more of an ending.
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review 2012-08-26 00:00
Exile (Outcast Chronicles Series #2)
Exile - Rowena Cory Daniells I had to start this at once when I got it. I just had to know what would happen! She sure knows how to keep a reader on her (or his) toes.Book 1 ended with a cliffhanger, still a cliffhanger that I could live with since the city was under siege. All good for now. But it was just the kind of book that you just crave more, you need to know how the story will end.As this is fantasy there are many threads and people but I will mention a few. Sorne, the half-blood in the enemy camp who watches the king become more and more crazy. Imoshen who is chosen to make terms with the king. She has a brain, she wants more for her people. The whole Brotherhood against Sisterhood can't last. I have hopes for her.Then there are others, siblings on an island who does not know that there is a deadline. Leave the country or die! An evil Baron trying to claim power. A member of the Brotherhood realizing how bad their leader is. All coming together in one good plot.This story is all with trying to stay alive. The "humans" does not want them their. They will kill them all, they want them gone. But can they leave? And how? Daniells had me on needles as I read this book and had my heart in my throat. I love how dark the world is, and how stupid the humans are. That might be strange to say but it does make it more thrilling. They are so stuck in their ways, racists that does not like people being different. It made me hate them so much. Most are willing to slaughter a whole people. And the point is that the people that they hate are not really that different. If all of them leave half-bloods will still be born, yes they are all the same. That is just sad.It's a rich world filled with conflict and even if I say that the "humans" are bad does not make the other guys good. But at least they only kill each other. Their society can't last they way it is. The T'en on top, the half-bloods under them and men and women leaving separately.In the end I can't wait to see how this all comes together. Can they survive this hostile world? And can they come to live peacefully among themselves? I can't wait to find out as I need to read the next book. I need to know.
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review 2012-08-13 00:00
Besieged (Outcast Chronicles Series #1)
Besieged - Rowena Cory Daniells This story takes place over a few decades and then it ends when something big happens. Oh yes cliffhanger alert, but it was still a calm cliffie as things will happen. But there is no one hanging off that cliff just yet. Maybe in a minute though.There are different POVs but the two big ones are Sorne. A half blood raised to be a spy and weapon. He wanted to prove he was something more than just tainted and I felt so sorry for him. Humans are stupid and would never see anything else.Then there is Imoshen who is also raised to be something else as her people bicker between themselves. She was calm and cool. And not so set in her way as the rest of her kin.Then we have the races. Mieren = true-men, that's normal humans then. Idiotic, racists, I just loathed them. They hate the T'en because they have magic. But the thing is the T'en are not that different. Just a bit different looking and two humans can still get a halfblood kid. Even if the Wyrd had issues of their own they still tried to live alongside humans. While humans took the form of an angry mob with pitchforks and nooses. And I could not see a way out of this. How can the trilogy possible end?! I like the T'en. Please save the T'en. They are all the same, can't they see that?!Yes as you can see the book sure got a few emotions out of me, I sat there grinding my teeth hating The Mieren (humans, grrrr). And then are some evil characters that stand out too. Down with them!The world was fascinating, just like the people living in it. It was the beginning of a rich saga, and it was truly only the beginning. Things are about to happen and I must read book 2!
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