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review 2019-01-19 03:01
Perfect Mother
The Perfect Mother - Aimee Molloy,Cristin Milioti

A "May Mothers" group brought together by a Prospect-Park, Brooklyn-based website called "The Village" meets on a regular basis, usually in the park, to swap stories, share milestones, and commiserate on new motherhood.  The members' interactions began online, and expanded to real-life meet-ups.  The "May Mothers" signed up during pregnancy, and continued through the births and beyond.


In July, right around the time the babies are hitting the eight-week mark, some of the May moms plan a night out at a bar, without the babies, for a bit of fun. Single-mother Winnie is reluctant to participate, as she has no sitter, but group member Nell offers to lend her Alma, her nanny.


By the end of the night, Winnie's son Midas is missing. Earlier in the night, Nell had taken Winnie's phone--left behind on a table--and dropped it in her purse.  But the phone is nowhere to be found.  Winnie's house key had been tucked into a pocket attached to the back of the phone.  Did someone steal the phone and use the key?  And if so, who would do that?


Before long, the local news is obsessed with the missing "Baby Midas" story, and the other members of the "May Mothers" group are soon under the intense scrutiny of the media, crime blogs, and police.


I enjoyed this fast-paced narrative.  (Remember that *** = "good" for me; not "meh.")  I will say there were times when the lengths some of the "May Mothers" went to, in order to "help" with the case/insert themselves into the investigation strained credulity, and that is the one reason I didn't four-star this book.


Without giving anything away about the ending, I will say I did NOT see it coming.


Side note about the narration:  Cristin Milioti narrated the audiobook. In case you are doing exactly what I did--thinking "WHY do I know that name?"  Well, among other roles, she played the mother in How I Met My Mother.  I will add that she is an excellent narrator, and I would definitely make a point of listening to another book that she narrates.

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review 2018-09-28 00:00
The Perfect Mother
The Perfect Mother - Aimee Molloy Please see all of my reviews on my blog at www.robinlovesreading.blogspot.com.

Wow! What a read! Imagine a group of very young mothers who get together just to compare notes, pretty much. That is about it. Is my baby reaching the right milestones? Am I feeling like I am supposed to? What is your birth story? Questions like that are explored.

The women in this group, called The May Mothers, found each other online and get together twice weekly to explore these very topics and so much more. The problem is that they really do not go beyond the surface and don't really know one another all that well. This brings very heavy consequences when, after much cajoling, they agree to go out without the babies. They go to a fun bar, and before the night is out, one of their babies has disappeared from his crib.

While suspicion goes round and round, at least three of the women go about trying to find out their own answers. We have a rapid successions of many questions, with very few answers. As a reader, I certainly developed my own suspect, or suspects, depending on where I was reading the story. However, the conclusion is the ultimate shocker and really caught me off guard.

The Perfect Mother by Aimee Molloy is her very first novel! Wow! What a fantastic writer! She pens a captivating story. A true psychological thriller that most certainly keep you on the edge of my seat as I was. I loved being forced to make what I thought were intelligent guesses, yet being completely thrown off each time. It is always my pleasure when an author can do that to me! I so look forward to keeping my eyes out for any future books that Aimee Molloy pens. This book comes highly recommended. It is one not to be missed!

As mentioned above, this book has been adapted for a movie starring Kerry Washington. It should be a fantastic collaboration and is one I am most certainly looking forward to seeing.
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text 2018-09-13 03:20
Halloween Bingo - New Release
The Perfect Mother - Aimee Molloy

The Perfect Mother is a suspense novel published in 2018 about a woman whose baby is kidnapped when she leaves him with a babysitter to go out for drinks with a group of friends from a new mothers group. I'm using it for the New Release square.



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review 2018-08-24 03:13
Slow suspense building to a superb ending
The Perfect Mother - Aimee Molloy

Don’t be overwhelmed by the substantial amount of characters in this book. Some are just stand by, you’ll want to focus on: Francie, Colette, Nell, and Winnie. (Maybe Token on the side but he’s more a supportive role) it may seem haphazard and all over the place which is why it’s best to just focus on these four moms.


The chapters switch from different points of view and there’s that one lone chapter that’s presented in first person. It’s a mystery as to who that is until much later, but it certainly does keep you guessing on who that person could be. It may seem obvious at first and during the reading you feel so sure you know who that is and what’s behind the entire story but the blind side moment comes fast in the last few chapters and you’re left with a shock.


The plot slowly builds to a good mystery and suspense. The thrilling bits get you at the end. It’s a satisfying read, the characters grate on you (Francie and Nell are the ones I disliked the most), but it’s the suspense and the ‘keeping you guessing’ bits that get the reading going.


So although it may seem like it’s all over the place, give the book a chance and read. It’s well worth it with the superb ending.

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review 2018-02-05 03:03
The Perfect Mother by Aimee Molloy
The Perfect Mother - Aimee Molloy

A special thank you to Edelweiss and Harper for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.


A mommy group dubbed as the May Mothers meet at a park twice a week to discuss being new mothers, swap stories, alleviate their anxieties, and offer advice and support.


It is one of the hottest summers on record.  As a break from the heat, and the babies, the members decide a night out is in order at the local hip bar.  Winnie, a single mother, had never left her six-week-old infant, Midas.  One of the May Mothers offers up her babysitter so that Winnie can join them, insisting everything would be fine.  On this stifling Fourth of July, something goes terrifyingly wrong: one of the babies is abducted right from his home.  Midas is missing and the police are asking disturbing questions that are putting Winnie's private life on display and the media can't get enough.


None of the other members are particularly close to the guarded Winnie, yet three of them will go to great lengths to help find her baby.  Secrets are exposes, relationships are tested, and the mothers are scrutinized.  


All I can say is, what a surprise!  Apparently this book will be adapted for the big screen and will star Kerry Washington (um...yes, please).  Molloy's novel is also eagerly anticipated as one of this coming summer's must reads and I would definitely recommend it as well.    

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