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review 2016-02-12 08:00
The Tiger And The Wolf
The Tiger and the Wolf - Adrian Tchaikovsky

The cover is gorgeous, that much is clear. The rest of the story left me more conflicted though.


Maniye has grown up in a world where people from clans with different totems can 'Step' or transform into these animals. The different clans are constantly at war with each other, which also fills a major part of the story. Maniye is the result of her Wolf father mating with his Tiger trophy, which left Maniye with the ability to transform into both a Wolf and a Tiger. Her father plans to use her for yet another war, but Maniye doesn't want this and escapes her father's clan.


I feel like I didn't like it as much as I wanted to. The beautiful cover made me believe it would be impossible to put the book down but that wasn't true. Besides Maniye's story there are many other featured. I think it stands for something when the most interesting storyline is not the one featuring the Dragon-shapeshifter! Large parts of the book cover fights between almost everyone and people being hunted. It became a bit repetitive since this is not something I particularly enjoy reading about. I did like the writing, and I would pick up the next book to see where the story is going from here.


Thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for providing me with a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review!

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review 2016-02-04 00:00
The Wolf's Tiger
The Wolf's Tiger - Lynn Tyler DNF at 35%

From the blurb:

Shannon Cho is a tiger shifter who was banished from his pride for being too powerful. But he doesn’t want to lead. He wants to devote his life to children.


I had a hard time believing that big bad Shannon had been a nanny with several families and no one batted an eye at that.


And when he first enters Gray’s home, he gets left with the children, because Gray has an emergency with the baby and her diaper. Of course, I do this all the time, invite a stranger into my home and then leave him alone with my kids. Very good parenting.

But I was willing to overlook all of these things if I wasn’t bored out of my mind. I have 3 kids myself and the last thing I want to read about is every single minute of them taking care of the kids. I got enough poopy diapers and vomit to last me a lifetime, thank you.

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review 2015-08-13 21:46
Tiny but tough - a white wererabbit kicks fanny!
Southern Shifters: Impawsible (Kindle Worlds Novella) (Buchanan Clan Book 1) - Celia Kyle

“You are such a chick.”
I widened my eyes in mock surprise.
“No way. Are you sure?”
― Gena Showalter, Alice in Zombieland


A werebunny. Really? Why oh why, Bethany Buchanan wonders, did she have to be born a werebunny?! A white werebunny at that. Oh, and a white werebunny who was raised by a pride of lions, no less . . . Sigh.


When certain members of the Buchanan Pride decide that Bethany would be a ‘tasty appetizer’ she decides to move away, to Deals Gap, North Carolina, a safe haven for unusual shifters. Little did she know she was waltzing right into the same type of danger she tried so hard to leave behind.


Bethany is a great character. She may be an itty-bitty bunny in a big scary world but she is one tough cookie. Living in the pride, no matter how much her adoptive family wants to protect her, is dangerous – the males of the pride are intent on eating her – one way or the other, if you get my drift. So much for That nonsense!


But life in Deals Gap doesn’t look like it is going to be easy either, as she is pursued by yet another lion with itty-bitty bunny on the top of his appetizer list. Enter Carter, the tiger-wolf hybrid, who is determined to convince Bethany that he is her true mate, stage right. And you know what? Carter is good for her – but she doesn’t suddenly kowtow to him and his strength. Instead, the bunny is strong enough to stand up for herself, as well as taking a bit of assistance from her new mate.


I loved Bethany, Carter was one of the more amenable alpha males I have run across in a while, and Bethany’s adoptive parents and sisters were perfectly balanced. There is humor, thrills and a nice intro to the Buchanan in this first of a series. Apparently there is a whole “Southern Shifters” group of books out there written by several authors. I will have to check the others out when I get time. I am glad Celia is joining the group – her humour is awesome!


I received “Impawsible” from the author in exchange for a realistic review. All thoughts are my own. If you enjoyed my review, please click here and choose “Like”. It helps both me and my authors!

Source: soireadthisbooktoday.com
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review 2014-06-25 00:00
The Wolf's Tiger
The Wolf's Tiger - Lynn Tyler 4.5 Stars ~ Book Review by PizzyGirl

The Wolf’s Tiger is book 3 of Lynn Tyler’s Pack Mates series and is by far her best story yet. In this book, we finally get to meet Greyson and get insight into his world. And what a hectic world it is. After the death of twin sister and her mate, Greyson becomes the guardian of his three nieces, all under the age of 6. He needs help and decides to hire a nanny, one very masculine, very sexy Shannon Cho. Just like her previous novellas, the men are instantly attracted to each other and immediately begin the mating dance. I love Lynn Tyler and her shifters for the fact that while all of her men are macho and dominant, the love between each mated pair is so tender and affectionate. I love seeing this side of a shifter and the romance between Shannon and Greyson is so heartwarming and HOT at the same time...

Read more at Prism Book Alliance
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review 2014-04-20 00:00
The Wolf's Runaway Tiger
The Wolf's Runaway Tiger - A.J. Jarrett 3.5 stars
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