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review 2017-12-05 23:30
Drop Dead Gorgeous (Bite Nights #2) by Juliet Lyons
Romancing the Undead (Undead Dating Service) - Juliet Lyons



Author: Juliet Lyons

Title: Drop Dead Gorgeous

Series: Bite Nights

Cover Rating:

Book Rating:

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Mila Hart’s first experience with the hot new vampire dating site is a complete disaster. Turns out, her date is wanted for murder! But things turn around when she’s rescued by dashing vampire cop Vincent Ferrer. Dangerous and drop dead gorgeous, he’s just the vampire hottie Mila was hoping for.

Haunted by his past, Vincent can’t risk falling in love again, even if Mila charms him more than anyone he’s ever met. But when the killer from Mila’s first date seeks her out, Vincent is the only one who can protect her. Protecting his heart is a different story..





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 I vastly enjoyed the differences between this installment verses the first one however its closing for the book was a mirror of the first which was kind of a disappointment since I assumed that it would be different from the first due to the fact that the book for the most part was different. Still I really enjoyed our h/h - the secondary cast is great I loved their personalities I loved the plot which was ten times better than the first in keeping my attention and my enjoying it. Lyons continues to improve and provide us as readers a fantastic series to love.

PS Love the car scene. *wink*







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review 2017-11-13 16:19
Excellent mashup! Legion of the Undead by Michael Whitehead
Legion of the Undead - Michael Whitehead

Legion of the Undead really hit the spot; I need a second helping! First, I love Roman Empire stories and I’ve come to love zombie fiction in the past few years. Now we have the perfect mash-up. Hungry zombie horde, meet the Roman legions! Cue evil laughter!

Often with ancient Roman historical fiction, I don’t see too many female characters and the few that are present are usually only there to act as someone’s love/lust interest. Not so with this book! Yay! The ladies are true to accepted Roman Empire gender roles but they also get plot-relevant stuff done. Even the minor but evil Sevillia did something that affected the plot. And I love Lucia, who is a 16 year old thrown into the midst of this zombie uprising. She’s not a cliched uber-tough zombie stomping heroine but she is practical, saves the day a time or two like the other heroes, and doesn’t fall to pieces when she needs to be rescued.

Of course Vitas Protus is my favorite. He’s an archer that is catapulted up into the ranks as the zombie issue becomes a real problem. He keeps his wits about him, takes advice from those around him, and gets stuff done. I loved how he watched out for Regulus, the 14 year old lad that was forced into the military. Then there’s big Antonius too. He’s also a practical sort, giving the soldiers orders to aim for the heads if they want to take out the zombies.

Starting out on the outskirts of Germania where the Roman legions were pushing back the German tribes, Vitas has to get his little band to safety. First, it’s to the their encampment and then on to the estate of Governor Clemmons. There Vitas gets his orders to head to Rome with a dire note and Lucia, who can speak to her merchant father’s home being overrun with these Risen (as the zombies are called in this book). Not everyone makes it out unscathed. In fact, a character I had gotten a little attached to takes one for the team before the end. There’s also a touch of intrigue and betrayal!

Anyway, it’s just a really good book and since we’re in November, I can safely say it’s one of my favorites of the year. Legion of the Undeadhas set a new bar for zombie Roman Empire historical fiction! 5/5 stars.

I received a free copy of this book.

The Narration: Terry Self really out did himself with the narration. Just a great performance all around. He has distinct voices for all the characters and his female character voices are feminine. There’s a few accents as well (Spain Spanish, Gaulish, and Chinese) which he pulls off quite well. In fact, Terry Self sounded like he was really into the story, it never being a dull moment. There were no technical issues with this audiobook. 5/5 stars.

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review 2017-10-13 20:27
great story, great characters
Romancing the Undead (Undead Dating Service) - Juliet Lyons

Mila was on a first date with a vampire she had contacted through V date which was a Vampire dating service. She had been in a two year relationship only to find the man was married. So Mila decided to try something new and different. Mila met the man for drinks at The World's End which was a very public place and she could be safe so she thought. The Vampire looked at her like she was a rare and exquisite gem. But mila was not attracted to him even though he was handsome. Then the Vampire mentions going outside for some air and Mila can’t seem to do anything but follow him into a alley. The Vampire then says he will kill her before he drinks from her and as he leans closer Mila tries to prepare for the death strike but then Mila hears a loud noise and his hands fall away from her and Mila’s mind is her own again. Mila starts a to faint and a pair of arms hold her up and it is Inspector Vincent Ferrer who is a cop but also a vampire but he lets her know he won’t hurt her. Then a couple more cops appear and take her to the station and explain the Vampire she had been on a date with was a serial killer and used V date to get his victims. Vincent couldn’t seem to stop staring at Mila. in the car, he hoped she hadn’t noticed. Mila ends up being put under Vincent’s protection as the serial killer Vampire- that Vincent and his fellow cops were trying to catch- has targeted Mila and he isn’t finished with her yet and she isn’t safe on her own, She ends up moving in with Vincent for her safety. Vincent is a three hundred year old Vampire and is haunted by his past as he had been engaged but his fiancee had been killed. Vincent never wanted to fall in love again. But Mila does charm Vincent more that anyone he had ever met.Vincent hasn’t felt this way in a very long time.

I loved this story. It was a fun, easy read and a great romance. It caught my attention right from the beginning - how could it not- and kept it until the end which I love by the way. I loved seeing both Mila and Vincent’s POV. I also loved them together. I didn’t want to put this book down. I also loved how Vincent interacted with his fellow cops. This made me chuckle at times and that is always good. I thought it was cute the way Mila tended to babble. I loved how Mila and Vincent had great chemistry but didn’t jump right into bed for some fast relief. I loved there was some suspense and danger as well as a great romance. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this book and i highly recommend.

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review 2017-10-02 00:00
Undead Worlds: A Reanimated Writers Anthology
Undead Worlds: A Reanimated Writers Anth... Undead Worlds: A Reanimated Writers Anthology - R. L. Blalock,David A. Simpson,Christopher Artinian,Adrienne Lecter,Valerie Lioudis,Grivante,E. E. Isherwood,Charles Ingersoll,Sylvester Barzey,Samie Sands,Justin Robinson,Christopher Mahood,Arthur Mongelli,Michael Whitehead,Jeremy Dyson,Derek Ailes,Micha Welcome to the Undead Worlds featuring zombies and their world. This time around I am giving a great big shout out to eight of the authors from the Undead Worlds.

This has been one amazing journey with all these zombies. I love me some zombies. I really liked reading all the stories rooting for all the people and following along with them on their journey through the undead worlds. If you love zombies then give this one a try you won’t regret it!

Defenseless: A Story of Death & Decay by R. L. Blalock

A six year old little boy, Dylan is left to face zombies all alone with the help of his best friend. Dylan is a very courageous little boy. I loved his story as well as all the stories in the Dead & Decay world.

Damaged Goods by Samie Sands

The life of a teenage girl as she is slowly turning into a zombie from the moment she is bit until the end. I loved the concept of this story you know getting the events as they occur from a real life “zombie”.

The Horror at Roswell Mills by Michael Peirce

A story of a teenage girl “Captain Alice” who has built her army of teenagers to help fight the undead. Captain Alice is a very strong and smart girl for one so young. Come join Alice as she leads the living in a fight against the undead. A great little story.

Morning of The Living Dead by Mark Cusco Ailes

A story about a man trying to keep his family safe after the animals from the zombie park have escaped and are now attacking humans. When I saw this little story from Zombie Park I had to read it as I have wanted to read Zombie Park Trilogy for a while now. As I do love me some zombies I think I will probably have to up Zombie Park on my TBR list.

Zombie Exterminators by Grivante

Zombie Exterminators is about two brothers who fight zombies in a lab. I really enjoyed this little gem and can’t wait to read more about these two brothers and zombies.

The Fort by Michael Whitehead

A group of soldiers return from a mission to find their fort has been overrun with zombies and must find a way to kill them all. A great read. Zombies and more zombies…

Jimmy by Arthur Mongelli

A story about a mom and a dad who are worried about their teenage son, Jimmy who has locked himself in his room and won’t open the door and let them in. They are worried about Jimmy being in trouble in some way but once they finally gain entrance to Jimmy’s room they may find more than they were bargaining for. Jimmy is a very thoughtful and loving son who tried to save his parents from the zombies.

Alone Together by David Simpson

Two people who have been fighting zombies meet each other for the first time and spend time pondering their lives fighting zombies and how they ended up where they are now. What would you do if the end was here?
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text 2017-08-05 21:16
Free today for Kindle
Dating the Undead (Undead Dating Service) - Juliet Lyons

I heard through Facebook that this novel is FREE today on Kindle.  It is in the U.S. but I am not sure about anywhere else (sorry).  Got some good reviews

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