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review 2019-02-11 14:21
ARC REVIEW The Whole Package by Marie Harte

Veteran Movers #1, It may also be known as Vets on the Go! or Movin' On. There are two different covers and on the mass market paperback cover the series name is Movin' On, they are the same. It's new series from the talented Marie Harte about  two brothers and their cousin who started up a moving company that only hires veterans. Reid the brains, Cash the braun, and Evan the money, okay so not entirely accurate all three Marines and very muscular, Cash is just the biggest of the three. When Cash ends up on the new for stopping a robbery and saving a kids life business booms. Enter Naomi Starr, marketing and public relations extraordinaire.

Instant sparks fly between Naomi and Reid. Naomi is reluctant to get involved with a client after the debacle of her last relationship with her boss. Naomi takes some convincing not just from Reid but also her best friend. Most of the emotional conflict comes from Reid, not that he isn't 100% into the relationship with Naomi but family issues arise as well as issues with one of the new employees. Naomi deals with some stuff too, with her business just getting off the ground and dealing with her ex and then her family comes to visit.  This book, like with some of her other books, also kind of kicks starts Cash's story; the third person POV switches from Reid and Naomi to Cash and digs in deep with him.

Overall, it was a good read. There was very little external conflict most of the book was establishing the characters and their relationships with each other and dealing with their baggage and some pretty steamy scenes between Naomi and Reid.     


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url 2019-02-11 12:51
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review 2019-01-29 11:18
Mixed Feelings
The Whole Package - Marie Harte

Reid and Cash ahd a moving business called Vets On The Go that only hires veterans. Cash and Hector had been on a job when they put down three criminals who were trying to rob a house and had taken a kid named Asher  with a knife at his throat when they noticed him watching them. Now the three criminals were duck taped together and waiting for the police. After fourteen years Cash had left the Marine Corps due to a mess with some commanding officers . Though Cash had no doubt been in the right he had mouthed off and offended someone with influential friends. Reid knew Cash would need help on the outside so he had left the Marines also. Reid had done well since the  service Cash not so much. Creating Vets On The Go had begun as a way to help Cash earn a living. That it also provided jobs for other Vets was a bonus. Reid and Cash had brainstormed the idea and used Reid’s savings to invest. Their cousin Evan had fronted more funds to get them started. Cash put in what he could. Five trucks later the demand was growing. Naomi Starr felt Vets On The Go had opportunity written all over it as she looked at their website after seeing Cash and Hector on tv after saving Asher. Naomi’s enthusiasm had cooled since getting screwed over - both literally and figuratively by her ex boss Tanner. Naomi had known it was a  mistake but still slept with her boss Tanner. Tanner forces her out of the firm when she was more successful than him so she lost her job. It had been a year and a half ago. Since she was at P P and R. Than Naomi started Starr P R and she worked eighty hours a week. She mostly poured all her efforts into her firm since it was just her, Liz and Leo doing everything. Fortunately Naomi still had her friends and contacts and she used them to her advantage. Word had spread that Starr PR was getting a reputation as thorough and easy to work with.Liz was Naomi’s assistant and Leo was the IT man and they worked their tails off. Naomi planned on adding a marketing expert soon.  Chris Jenning was CEO of a new and rising tech company and Naomi’s ticket to the big league. If she helped Vets On The Go turn into the big business she felt it could be , she had the feeling it would be just the thing to catch Chris Jenning’s attention. Naomi is attracted to Reid but she had lost one job because of her personal relationship with the boss so she wants to remain professional with Reid even though there was a hot attraction between them. Reid agrees with Naomi. Cash had been emotionally abused but their parents and now their dad was dead and his mother was wasting away in an assisted living home. Naomi has a inferiority complex as everyone on her family is super successful. Than Naomi’s mother and siblings stop in and Naomi tells them Reid is her boyfriend. Even though he’s not. Than Tanner keeps trying to win her back.

I had mixed feelings about this book. Some things I liked and other things not so much. I did like Reid and Naomi together. I liked the respect they showed each other. I liked the plot just not all the subplots. I loved Reid’s and Cash’s relationship. There was too much going on and  a few too many characters . This dragged for me at times I think this could have used a little more drama. . I think there should have been more attention on Naomi and Reid. I got a little confused at times. I don’t think Naomi’s ex Tanner should be in this book so much. As you can tell I had mixed feeling about this book.

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review 2019-01-25 05:51
The Whole Package (Movin' On Book 1) by Marie Harte
The Whole Package - Marie Harte



When they set out to make a difference, neither had any idea of the impact it would have on their individual lives. Harte is back with a steamy new series to heat up the bookshelves, straight from the heart. The Whole Package makes all the right moves to get under your skin. Reid's heart is in the right place when he hatches a plan to help former vets adjust to life outside the service. His idea may be great, but he needs more than that to turn it into a realistic goal. Enter Naomi Starr, his greatest professional asset, but a TKO to his heart. Could a match made in PR heaven, be a perfect fit of the heart?


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url 2019-01-10 10:38
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