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text 2018-10-21 17:07
Trophy Wife By Noelle Adams 99 cents!
Trophy Wife - Noelle Adams

Alison Davies used to just be a trophy wife. Now she’s just flat broke. Thanks to an ironclad prenup, she’s worse off than she was before the day she rushed down the aisle with a wealthy jerk eight years ago. After her steep fall from riches to rags, Alison refuses to shackle herself to any man who treats her like a possession—no matter how good he looks in a pair of well-worn jeans, or how his muscles ripple while he’s carrying her couch.
Underneath his rugged exterior, Rob West is a gentleman. So when he sees his beautiful new neighbor moving in, he’s going to help her out no matter how loudly she protests. In fact, Alison’s determination to go it alone just strengthens his resolve—and his desire to find out what makes her tick. But after one spur-of-the-moment tumble in the sheets, it’s clear that their connection goes way deeper. And that Rob won’t be happy until Alison surrenders to the passion they share.

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review 2018-10-13 20:58
First Mate's Accidental wife - Eve Langlais

well... Ok then.


I confess, there is a trope that is often used in futuristic/fantasy/time travel sorts where the "H"(and I use that term loosely), through chicanery gets the h in a position where she's considered married to him and thus subject to his laws, such as they are, and I hate it. Because every damned time it happens, the h is forced to give up everything she knows and is expected to just...get over it...because he's so hawt. (eyeroll).


And while I'm not in favor of the reverse happening either, in the hands of an author known for humor, the results can be very entertaining - as I've just discovered. Note, the author has had her fair share of heroines stolen away and expected to go along with it. She's also the only author who has ever had an even vaguely realistic reaction from an unhappy, and very reluctant female. Granted, it was off-page, but the blue guys (mentioned once in this book) discovered the hard way that women really prefer to have a choice.


And now we have... the H - first mate and not really wanting to hold the position of captain, and the h - daughter of an intergalactic mob boss, kidnapped with intent of a forced marriage by a race of octopi, and rescued (sortof) by said H... She ends up rescuing him by virtue of conned marriage, and well, he's not pleased when he figures out he's actually married. There is a bit of mayhem, and eventually, consummation which, in keeping with the impression of being a harlequin presents spoof, is not nearly as detailed as much of the author's other works.


In the end, daddy is happy for her because she chose a guy she cared for rather than going for wealth...and there's the set-up for the next in the series. Hmmm.

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review SPOILER ALERT! 2018-10-09 01:46
The Automaton's Wife
The Automaton's Wife - Vered Ehsani

In keeping with the first book, The Automaton’s Wife pretty much ignores its title and cover copy and does its own thing. The automaton doesn’t show up until Chapter 20 (of 34) before promptly disappearing for several more chapters and doing zero “return[ing] for his wife”. The proposal takes place at the beginning, and then the would-be suitor is mostly absent for the rest of the book. A dead body shows up at the start, and then isn’t mentioned again until near the end of the book when the serial killer plot finally shows up. The events that take up the bulk of the book aren’t even alluded to in the cover copy, and I’m wondering if the person who wrote it even read the damn thing. It borders on false advertising.


Beatrice is still bitchy, but in this book she actually gets called on it (as regards her paranormal bigotry, anyway), which was good to see and actually led to a glimmer of self-awareness and some character development. (I hope it sticks.) The editing is still inadequate, which is a terrible shame because this would be a really fun series if a good editor or two could clean up all the repetition and slightly-wrong idioms and awkward syntax. As is, it just really gets my pedantic goat. At least Bee actually referred to the Stewards as her aunt/uncle/cousins in this book. She danced around their filial connection in book one, only referring to Mrs. Steward as her aunt twice in passing, and it was the weirdest thing.


I’ve got one more book to go, and then I’ll probably be done with this series regardless of whatever pseudo-cliffhanger the third book ends on. It’s entertaining, but not enough for me to lock my inner pedant in a closet for all seven books.


I read this for Halloween Bingo 2018, using my first Wild Card for the Creepy Carnivals square. A circus gets a brief mention, so it totally fits! :P



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review 2018-10-06 00:47
Review: The Wife's Secret by Kerry Wilkinson
The Wife's Secret - Kerry Wilkinson

Published by: Bookouture (10th October 2018)


ISBN: 978-1786817075


Source: Netgalley 


Rating: 5*



Charley Willis was thirteen years old when her parents were killed in their family home and she was found hiding in a cupboard upstairs. 

Fifteen years later, Charley is marrying Seth Chambers. It should be the happiest day of their lives, a chance for Charley to put her past behind her, but just hours after the ceremony, she is missing.

No one saw her leave. No one knows where she is.

One thing is for certain…Seth is about to discover he doesn’t really know the woman he just married. And his nightmare is only just beginning. 



Oh WOW! I've not read one of Kerry's books for a while and how I've missed them! This deftly woven tale of intrigue caught my attention from the get go and completely ensnared me. I wasn't prepared for what was to unfold as the dramatic plot shared its darkest secrets, told from the perspectives of both Charley's husband Seth, in the present day, and Charley herself, via flashbacks. 


With more twists and turns than your average rollercoaster, The Wife's Secret will have you reading way past your bedtime and questioning every disappearance you will ever hear about again. It's full of suspense, familial tension and the author's brilliant attention to detail make this truly outstanding. 



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review 2018-10-05 12:18
The Wicked Wife by Mary Lancaster
The Wicked Wife - Mary Lancaster

Lady Frances Torridon, a new mother, escapes her husband's estate to do something to relieve her ennui and her doubts as to her husband's affections, and seeks refuge with her friend, outrageous widow, Ariadne Marshall. She inadvertently takes the rubies, her husband has given her with her, resulting in her friend making up a wager—they'd go out in disguise and the woman who is recognized, loses her jewels.

Frances's test is the masked ball at his brother's castle in Blackhaven, where no one recognizes her, and where she meets an intriguing stranger with a Russian accent, a stranger that helps her rescuing her sisters and whose help she'll beg when the rubies are stolen. Little does she know the masked stranger is none other than her husband who came running after her, determined to reclaim his wife and her love no matter what.

This was a sweet story of a second chance at love when that love is presumed to be lost. It was lovely reading of Frances and Alan, husband and wife who are a little more than strangers to one another, even after a year of marriage and how they get to know one another and the other's feeling for themselves as they learn the "magic" of communication and the skills of letting go of misconceptions and rules in order to listen to their hearts and instincts.
The two spent most of the story apart, but the feelings for one another were palpable, despite the misgivings and doubts, so it was a wonderful experiencing the story alongside them.

Sure, they had to work against pretty mighty forces in the form of an overbearing, controlling mother-in-law and a fake friendship, but they persevered and once they started actually talking and once Torridon let go of his rigid control, it was all smooth sailing.

This story also featured a reunion of sort of previous protagonists, showing us glimpses of what is going on after their own HEA's...And the war is finally over.

A lovely ending to the series, though I'm a little sad to leave Blackhaven. Now, I only have to wait for Dr. Lampton to get his second chance.

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