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review 2022-07-23 13:26
Review: The Witcher: The Last Wish
The Last Wish : Introducing the Witcher - Andrzej Sapkowski,Danusia Stok

A series of stories that intertwined.  I very much enjoyed them all.  I can't wait to really get into this series!

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review 2020-04-03 11:16
Blood of Elves
Blood of Elves - Andrzej Sapkowski

I always read a lot of books at the same time. Still, I am not used to reading series back to back. Usually there are quite some other books that creep in between. It is rather rare that I am so engrossed in a series I read them all one after the other.

I think Blood of Elves suffered a little because it was the third Witcher book I was reading in one month. I wanted to read it, after the first two short story-books this was the first full novel. However, I found that I thought it was a little bit too much at this time.

Blood of Elves sort of starts where Sword of Destiny finished, but I had the same problems I had with the first two books. It is nice, although it did not feel like too much happened in this one, but not much more than that. I will continue the series, but first take a little brake.

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review 2020-03-20 16:34
Sword Of Destiny
Sword of Destiny - Andrzej Sapkowski

I was expecting much of The Witcher. It's the one series my sister has been telling me for years to read. And with the recent Netflix series (that I still need to watch, possibly during the social distancing of COVID-19), it was finally time to give it a try.

So, Sword of Destiny, like it predecessor The Last Witch are prequel short story collections that tie in some of the questions I'm sure people would have had about the characters in the main series. While I like short stories from time to time, I felt like it was time for me to read a full Witcher book, rather than more short stories.

So, I'm reading the series in chronological order, but haven't decided yet if that is what works best. Either way, while I liked the stories I would have liked to see some more character development. I am still having this sort of strange feeling where I feel like I am reading a book based on a game, rather than the other way around.

Next book is full length, fingers crossed!

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review 2020-02-26 15:03
The Last Wish
The Last Wish - Andrzej Sapkowski

This was my first venture into the world of The Witcher, I haven't even seen the Netflix series yet. I had heard a lot about the games though and I liked beforehand that it was originally Polish, which I hoped would bring some nice refreshing elements to the story.

It felt a little bit weird for me to start with short stories since I still needed to be introduced to all the characters. However, I thought it was relatively easy to follow and I never had the feeling I was utterly lost. The stories were nice, but not much more than that. I thought the writing was a bit awkward at times (almost as if I was reading a transcription of a computer game, which I know was the other way around), which might also be due to the translation.

Either way, I will continue with the next book and give the series a try as well.

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review 2020-02-24 16:08
Ciri suffered like any girl of war
The Tower of Swallows (The Witcher) - Andrzej Sapkowski

Ciri suffered when she is alone and has no protector. Horrible men abused her. At one time, she was happy when she fall with some bad company. That's not as bad as she lost herself and give up. 


Geralt is injured, but didn't give up in finding her. 


Yen is suffering too and betrayed. Monsters are not as horrible as humans. 


Ciri couldn't kill because she could only kill monsters. And then find out the real monsters are men and women who would abuse and harm children. 


Nice. Not as engaging. Still pretty nice. 

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