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review 2017-06-22 18:00
Review: "Rock N Soul" by Lauren Sattersby
Rock N Soul - Lauren Sattersby


~ 5 stars ~

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review 2016-12-25 15:55
Review: "Fierce & Fabulous" (Sassy Boyz, #1) by Elizabeth Varlet
Fierce & Fabulous - Elizabeth Varlet

*** DNF at 61% because of CHEATING! ***


Note: the cheating wasn't completed, but only because Ansel's hookup freaked out when he realized that Ansel was a guy. Ansel would have totally gone through with it though.


So fuck this shit!


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review 2016-09-28 18:19
Review: "Outcome" (Aftermath, #2) by Cara Dee
Outcome - Cara Dee

"You're beautiful. A beautiful fucking mess."


So I liked this one better than the first book. Probably because I had lower expectations this time.


I could empathize with Chase and Remy more and found their romance WAY more reasonable and naturally developed than Austin and Cam's from the previous book.


Of course there was still enough nonsense happening left and right. Like Chase, being a former kidnap victim himself, but who didn't express any doubts and had no concerns at all when Remy was taken by his friends to a cabin and cuffed to a bed for weeks (!) against his will so that he could detox. Chase just showed not one single sign of disapproval. Not. A single. One!



Or like Chase going for the good old "I swear I'm clean, you can trust me, let's fuck bareback!" fuckery, coming from a self-destructive hardcore junkie and alcoholic who he just met and who just overcame a STD a couple of days ago.


And BTW, I feel like I deserve a medal for not DNF and give a 1 star rating for this fucking stupid and outrageously irresponsible SHIT alone right then and there! Seriously authors, show some responsibility FFS!



On a more positive note, I liked both MCs and I understood the hell they went through and were still living in. I liked how they both were each other's strength and how they wanted to help and support each other. 


Plus this time, there was no poorly executed GFY bullshit to be had and I didn't end up being so angry and disappointed. So I guess that's a win?


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review 2016-06-11 17:21
Review: "Will & Patrick's Happy Ending" (Wake Up Married, #6) by Leta Blake & Alice Griffiths
Will & Patrick's Happy Ending (Wake Up Married Book 6) - Alice Griffiths,Leta Blake

Unfortunately, I was a little disappointed by this last installment of the "Wake Up Married" series.



I missed the humor of the first five books as well as the snarky banters between Will and Patrick. Their final drama felt artificial and unnecessary, and the angst absolutely didn't work for me. I never even cried or teared up once, because guess what? I've read the title!



And what about that assface Ryan and Hartley? They both played a big part at the beginning of this series, so I wanted/needed some closure in that department.



But even though I wished for a more sweeter and lighter finale, when I ultimately got to the last page it was a nice ending to a great series.


So I give the overall serial 4.5 stars and my highest recommendation.


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review 2016-06-10 18:22
Review: "Will & Patrick Meet the Mob" (Wake Up Married, #5) by Leta Blake & Alice Griffiths
Will & Patrick Meet the Mob (Wake Up Married Book 5) - Alice Griffiths,Leta Blake

I'm not sure if I have made myself clear enough, so let me say it again:


I just love this series and I love Will and Patrick! LOVE THEM!



In all honesty I would read a hundred more books that was just them coming to terms with their feelings and love for each other. They're just so perfect and the sex is HAWT.


I will be so sad when this fun and emotional journey with Will and Patrick is over...


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