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review 2017-07-15 17:01
Review: "Road to the Sun" by Keira Andrews
Road to the Sun: May-December Gay Romance - Keira Andrews


~ 4.5 stars ~


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review 2017-02-15 19:26
Review: "A Forced Silence" (Zero Hour, #1) by Cate Ashwood
A Forced Silence - Cate Ashwood

"Adam watched him go, feeling the happiness radiating from him. It was in that moment, pants around his ankles, in a kitchen that looked like an IHOP exploded in it, he realized he was completely, totally, utterly in love. He waited, anticipating the fallout that accompanied such a heavy realization, but it never came. The panic never set in. The terror never took hold. He felt... good. Better than good."


I'm a little puzzled, because I shouldn't have enjoyed this book as much as I did. There were too many things that would normally annoy the ever-living fuck out of me:


  • a frenemies-to-lovers trope that doesn't really deserve that name, because it was never fully explained why Sam and Adam hated each other so much (other than Adam giving Sam the teasing nickname "Dex" (You monster! How dare you!) back in high school)


  • a relationship that was all about their physical attraction towards each other and only took place in the bedroom, with not one meaningful conversation between the MCs


  • a "mystery" (and I'm using that term loosely) that takes a backseat for 95% of the story, ends on a cliffhanger and therefore doesn't even deserve a mystery tag


  • the always annoying "deeply closeted guy who is afraid to come out because of his job" shtick


  • and of course Cate Ashwood's trademark "I'm breaking up with you for your own good" during the last third of the book


So I have no idea why I wasn't as annoyed as I should have been; the book kept me fairly entertained. Maybe because Sam and Adam's connection was so passionate and strong. Maybe because Sam never put Adam under pressure to come out. Maybe because the sex scenes were so well-written. I dunno.


So I'm giving this book 4 weak stars, but 4 stars nonetheless.


Thanks to Julie & Elsbeth for the BR!

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review 2016-11-25 18:48
Review: "Breakaway" (Scoring Chances, #1) by Avon Gale
Breakaway - Avon Gale

"Oh my God," Jared groaned, staring up at the ceiling. "Sometimes, Lane? Sometimes I think if I typed 'douche-bag hockey player' into Google, it'd give me a picture of you."

Yeah, namely this one:



Ok, what the hell did I just read? Was this supposed to be a story about an adorably awkward MC? If so, the author failed BIG-TIME, because Lane was nothing but annoyingly awkward AF.


I am still confused about what this character was supposed to be. Was he just a simpleton? Or the village idiot? Maybe a six-foot-three man-child? Because he certainly read like a 14-year-old.



And his obsession to want to "pet Zoe's tits" all the time? What the fuck was that all about? What 20-year-old GAY guy acts and behaves like that? It was like Lane has never seen a woman before in his entire life. Now I have never been to Canada myself, but I am 98% sure that they do have women over there too (if not, then I apologize and take it back).


And what was the fucking point of those constant and annoying threesome references (other than to alienate readers from this couple and their relationship)?



To sum up, I can say that I HATED Lane with a burning passion of a thousand suns, I was annoyed with Jared for sticking with Lane (whatever he saw in him is beyond me), the sex scenes were painfully awkward and the whole relationship was just utterly ridiculous and - what's even worse - boring.



PS: Half a bonus star because the author clearly is a big hockey fan and that aspect of the story was well-researched and written with palpable passion.


PPS: People keep saying that this series will get better, but I am more than wary at this point.

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review 2016-09-28 18:19
Review: "Outcome" (Aftermath, #2) by Cara Dee
Outcome - Cara Dee

"You're beautiful. A beautiful fucking mess."


So I liked this one better than the first book. Probably because I had lower expectations this time.


I could empathize with Chase and Remy more and found their romance WAY more reasonable and naturally developed than Austin and Cam's from the previous book.


Of course there was still enough nonsense happening left and right. Like Chase, being a former kidnap victim himself, but who didn't express any doubts and had no concerns at all when Remy was taken by his friends to a cabin and cuffed to a bed for weeks (!) against his will so that he could detox. Chase just showed not one single sign of disapproval. Not. A single. One!



Or like Chase going for the good old "I swear I'm clean, you can trust me, let's fuck bareback!" fuckery, coming from a self-destructive hardcore junkie and alcoholic who he just met and who just overcame a STD a couple of days ago.


And BTW, I feel like I deserve a medal for not DNF and give a 1 star rating for this fucking stupid and outrageously irresponsible SHIT alone right then and there! Seriously authors, show some responsibility FFS!



On a more positive note, I liked both MCs and I understood the hell they went through and were still living in. I liked how they both were each other's strength and how they wanted to help and support each other. 


Plus this time, there was no poorly executed GFY bullshit to be had and I didn't end up being so angry and disappointed. So I guess that's a win?


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review 2016-09-07 19:07
Review: "KAGE Unmasked" (KAGE Trilogy, #3) by Maris Black
KAGE Unmasked - Maris Black

"He wasn't domineering, and he wasn't an alpha, but he was quiet conqueror. He must have been, because he'd certainly conquered me."

~Kage on Jamie~


"He was mine, and I loved him. But fuck if the man wasn't dangerous."

~Jamie on Kage~


As always, when it comes to writing a review for a book (or in this case a trilogy) I just plain and simply LOVED all around and gave a 5-stars rating, I'm at a loss for words on how to express my feelings to do the book justice.


So I won't even bother to try it this time.


Let's just say that I loved every single thing about this series - the writing, the story (GFY deluxe!), the MCs, the covers, the audiobook narration (PERFECTION!) - and leave it at that.


“Yes, daddy,” I said, bitterness making my voice tight. “Do you know how ridiculous you look trying to be all bossy while wearing my clothes that are too small for you? That shirt is practically a cut-off.”

“Yeah?” Suddenly the edge was gone from his demeanor, and his tone was playful. “You don’t think I look authoritative enough in your shirt? How about this?” He pulled it up over his head, balled it up, and threw it at me. I caught it without thinking, because all I was conscious of was his bare chest and abdomen, and the fact that we were standing in the kitchen with my friends looking on. I wanted to cover him with a dish towel or something.

He stalked toward me with a cocky swagger that had my knees melting, backing me into a corner formed by the edge of the refrigerator and the wall. “Can I be your daddy now?” he asked, resting his hand on the wall behind my head and leaning in."


18 out of 15 stars, would totally recommend!


Meaning 5 stars for each book, plus 1 bonus star each for the excellent audiobook narration. Which means I'm giving each book 6 stars out of 5. Because I can.


(spoiler show)


So instead of giving you an elaborate and sophisticated review, have some more pictures of the "official" Kage and cover model (AKA Mike Chabot)...



...and my "unofficial" Jamie (AKA Charlie Matthews)



Thanks to Julie & Nathan for the BR!

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