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review 2017-09-05 02:54
Title: Prowl (Nothing Else Matters But Survival Book 2)
Prowl (Nothing Else Matters But Survival Book 2) - Stephanie Nicole Norris

Title: Prowl 2

Author:  Deidra D. S. Green & Stephanie Nicole Norris

Publisher: D.D.S & S.N.N.

Series: Nothing Else Matters But Survival Book 2

Reviewed By: Arlena Dean

Rating: Five



"Prowl 2" by Deidra D. S. Green & Stephanie Nicole Norris


My Thoughts....


This series is getting more exciting as it is moving along at a good pace to keep you turning the pages to see what will happen next.  Believe me when I say these ladies...Brooklyn, Symone, Drew and Leah who are 'smart, sassy and strong'  know how to keep the readers interest. Will they be able to pull off this 'grand international heist' and remain undetected?  Well, I guess we will find out even more from the next series in this gripping story with some friendship/family relationship that seems off the chart in this intriguing, mystery thriller and suspenseful read.

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review 2017-08-29 02:59
Relentless Heart
Relentless Heart: A Novella (The Reed Family Book 3) - Tyora Moody

Title:  Relentless Heart

Author:  Tyora Moody

Publisher:  Tymm Publishing LLC

Series:  The Reed Family Book 3

Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean

Rating: Five



"Relentless Heart" by Tyora Moody


My Thoughts....


Another good read where we see the Assistant District Attorney Asia Reed is still at her job 'fighting a losing battle in the faith department.'  Now why is that...not being married at almost forty and also with no little ones. Has Asia's life career taken over her life?  Will she find that someone that is just for her.  Well, as her life goes on for some reason Asia receives a phone call from a former boyfriend who wanted to share something with her.  Are things looking up for her?  Well, not so fast for in this read Asia will have another case soon before her where she will have to come out front and center to get all the details out to bring the one guilty to justice.  Who is this new detective that is now working with Asia?  How will these two work together and will they be able  to bring this killer to justice? With all of Asia's brassiness  "Will Asia's persistence put her in the path of a killer?"  To get all of these answers and so much more answered  you will have to pick up this good Christian, mystery-thriller with suspense to see how well this author brings this well written story told so well to the readers.


Thank you to the author for a early read and my providing my honest opinion of the novel "Relentless Heart."  

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review 2017-08-02 03:38
The Golden Lie
The Golden Lie - B.M. Hardin

Title:  The Golden Lie

Author:  B. M. Hardin

Publisher:  Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean

Rating: Five



"The Golden Lie" by B.M. Hardin


My Thoughts...


This is definitely one of those reads that you will not want to put down until the end.  The story will be filled with so many lies that you will simply have to keep up with all of its twist and turns. I found all of the characters simply off the chart bringing so much to this story that will have you shaking your head and saying wow...I didn't see that one coming.  At the end I was left wondering just who the truthful person was in this read.  There was so much damage that had been done would there be a any room for a healing?  I will only say this author has done it again and that is give the readers another good read. 

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review 2017-08-01 05:30
WAR: The 6th Installment in the Chloe Daniels Mysteries
WAR: The 6th Installment in the Chloe Daniels Mysteries - Deidra D. S. Green,Lashawone Powell

Title:  WAR: The 6th Installment in the Chloe Daniels Mysteries

Author: Deidra D. S. Green

Publisher: Rathsi Publishing Presents 

Series: The 6th Installment in the Chloe Daniels Mysteries

Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean

Rating: Five



WAR: The 6th Installment in the Chloe Daniels Mysteries by Deidra D. S. Green


My Thoughts....


After reading this 6 installments I had questions that were either answered or will be at the end of these Chloe Daniels Mysteries series. Here are some of my questions...some will be answered from this read and some may not. 


As the Chloe Daniels 6th installment mysteries continue on the reader will get some new characters...as well as old ones...Mrs. Grace Pembroke Wetherby...has been identified as the Baby Doll Killer but this left the  Chief Livingston now wondering how the media had gotten the information so fast that had been kept a secret. Had someone leaked this story from his office? Now who is that person?


What had gone on in the Wetherby home as Drake comes into the house  with his children and find Carmen the housekeeper...?


From a new character...Dahlia...who and what was going on with all of the mayhem she was causing all around her?  What had happened to her in her past that had caused these problems that she was having to deal with?


As we see that Major and Mayven are still on the run...what going on with them as their money is getting lower?  What plan will Major come up with for them next?  Will it work?


Will Anna Black get her freedom with the help of Lenore?  Now, was there something going on between these two?  Who was this new Amber Williamson?


Why did Chief Jemison not wish to speak to Chief Livingston?


For Fatima and Lynette...was that to be?  Did Fatima  have eyes for Detective Michael Phillips?


Will Lenore make it out of this mess she is in when she returns to the Fulton County Jail without Anna Black?


As Drake and Carmen pondered what to do with what had happened what will happen when the police show up?


What happens when Dr. Daniels, Detective Phillips and Addison try to see Anna Black only to discover....?


Dr. Daniels and Detective Phillips...were they having feelings for each other?


What happens as Addison takes time off from work and decides to go to the to the gym?

Will Logan have eyes for Addison?  And what's up with that nut job  Andrea Wolcott? What all is she bringing to the table?


How did Dahlia and Ethan Andrews become involved?  Needless to say did that situation end well?

Well all I can say is ... you will have to read it for yourself!  This new character will definitely get  your attention!


Will Lenore have problems with Prescott and Veronica Dunbar from her job?


Well, it seems like its another robbery by Major and Mayven? Who will come out of this alive?


This story will go back and forth all over the place so the reader will have to keep up because there will be so much going on and yes again we are left with another cliffhanger!  To really understand the Chloe Daniels Mystery Series...you will really need to start at the first installment thru the 6 installment  to fully understand what all has gone on up to this present time.  


Now we find Anna Black with some more new people and a new life? .....Well this is where I will stop and say you will have to pick up "WAR: The 6th Installment in the Chloe Daniels Mysteries" to get the whole story and many questions answered however, be prepared for another installment # 7 in 'Blaze.' I am sure I will be taking more notes in order to be able to keep up with all of these characters that this author has given to us that will keep the reader interest in this good mystery series. 

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review 2017-07-17 18:55
The Goddesses
The Goddesses: A Novel - Swan Huntley

Title:  The Goddesses: A Novel

Author:  Swan Huntley

Publisher: Doubleday

Reviewed By:  Arlena Dean

Rating: Four



"The Goddesses" by Swan Huntley


My Thoughts....


What will happen when Nancy want a change in her life as she 'jump starts her family' by moving to Hawaii?  This poor lady had been through so much with that cheating husband Chuck and twin boys that seemed to in into something one way or another.  With all of this drama going on in Nancy's life would moving to Hawaii cause her some happiness?  What happens when she moves to Hawaii with her family?  Who is the woman Nancy will meet and what affect will she have on life?  What will happen when Nancy finally gets out of this disillusion that she had felt so apart of?   This is a interesting part of the read as the story shows just how people often look for happiness in the wrong place.  I will say that was quite a toxic friendship.  Will Nancy learn that one can't live through other people?  Be prepared for lots and lots of drama! I will also say that author really knows how to give the reader a good entertaining read of thrills and  suspense that will keep one reading to see what will happen next in this beautiful Hawaiian setting.  I found "The Goddesses" quite a interesting read that even thought it was captivating it could be somewhat a frustrating read at times too. 


Thank you to Net Gallery for the read.











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