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text 2016-06-05 23:01
The Sunday Post

Not much to say - Sunday, adventuring, wildlife, and I got a tan.

All good. Hope you all had a great weekend, too.


(Btw, I have no idea what kind of birds these are...but they were pretty.)







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text 2016-03-10 16:38
bad luck lately, and getting screwed over...

I have been so busy so I haven't spent much time with books, and I really miss them, and talking with all of you about my adventures jn readjng.


Well, my luck has been sucky. I put my new to me used chrysler 300m into the shop to have the battery replaced. It died on me at the library. There was a tire, alignment, and battery shop right next door. I figured just let them do it because it was convenient. The hubby isn't too happy with me about this considering he is an auto mechanic, but he is swamped right now with a transmission and dropping a new motor in this awesome old ass barracuda someone young guy brought in. When the idiot tire tech put my battery in, he didn't check to make sure the ground was still connected to my frame. Pop! There went my ECM, better known as the computer to the car. Errrr! They tried to deny responsibility until my hubby called a friend who happens to be a master mechanic for chrysler. I ended up just having them refund my money for the battery because I got so tired of arguing with them about it. Now my hubby gets to mess with the electrical wiring and components in my car, he least favorite thing to dig into. 


On top of that, I have 30 days to move. I have money, just none that I can easily get my hands on. There will be a 90 day gap between when my new home (if I end up going with a modular home) and when I have to be out. I went this morning and looked at some one bedroom efficiency apartments that rent by the week. One place looked promising because there is a single room suite that is available too, and it has an attatched door to the one bedroom. We could even fit in the one bedroom the way it is set up. It has Murphy beds and two roll out sofas. Ugh... it is going to be a pain with kids. I can't find a place to rent that doesn't want a year long lease.



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photo 2015-01-24 18:51
2015 National Readathon Day!

Happy 2015 National Readathon Day! What are you reading?

#timetoread #theharembook #readingisawesome #readmore

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text 2015-01-09 14:13
TBR: Clear the bookshelf and Fix educational mishaps
Mindhunter: Inside the FBI's Elite Serial Crime Unit - John E. Douglas,Mark Olshaker
My Undercover Years With The Ku Klux Klan - Gary Thomas Rowe
No One Here Gets Out Alive - Jerry Hopkins,Danny Sugarman
Massacre at Waco: The Shocking True Story of Cult Leader David Koresh and the Branch Davidians - Clifford L. Linedecker
The Family - Ed Sanders
A Separate Peace - John Knowles
1984 - George Orwell,Erich Fromm

I went through a phase where I went to the used bookstore once or twice a week and bought a few books every time and Shock of all Shocks I bought things I didn't end up reading. What is actually shocking is I still have some of these books lurking around. Ten Years Later. Any who, I've moved many times and have been dragging these around things around with me and no big surprise I'm not really interested in them anymore but at the same time I can't not read them at this point, I've been carrying them around too long.  I'm also currently working on fixing some of my high school reading failings. So I went down to the bookshelf and picked off the books that fit those two categories (and 5 Agatha Christie books that I can't remember if I bought new or used but associate with ages 14-17).  Basically what I'm saying is I pulled 12 books of my bookshelf and my TBR just grew with books I'm mostly not thrilled about.

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text 2014-12-18 05:09
The joy of the 3rd week of December

I love the 3rd week of December, and not just because it's almost Christmas (one of my 3 favorite holidays), but because that's when finals end. And since I finished finals yesterday I took today to finish the 2 books I started in that delusional period right after Thanksgiving when I think I have time to read and finish school. I'm thrilled that I'm done with them, I hate taking that long on books when most of that time is spent with the book sitting on the floor next to my bed ignored for days or weeks. I have gifts to finish and Daughter of Smoke and Bone loaded on audiobook, as well as picking up the physical copy The Death Cure (the third novel in the [imo] train wreck maze runner series [which I can't quit because I can't seem to quit series]).

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