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review 2019-02-05 09:26
Book Tour: Storm Proof
StormProof: Weathering Life’s Tough Times - Carol McLeod

Storm Proof was something completely different then what I was expecting to read. I thinking it was going to be about a storm that you were going to proof. This is not a bad way to think that when I read the title it caught me to pick it up.


As I was reading the book that what I got the impression. This book was boring for me to read. I did finish it. The reason for that is because it was on a book tour with me. I just could not get into reading it. I really could have just left it on my kindle. Thats how boring it was for me to read.


Their was nothing wrong with it in any way. Author did good in writing it. It just was not a my taste of book. I felt like I was reading the bible or God Words, that is not me. If you are into reading the great book be my guess. No offense to the author.


I thinking I would be reading a bit more about the author experience with Depression or her Cancer battle and how she manage them though this book. Then I might have seen using the scriptures of the bible or god's words. This is my opinion on that.


Those that enjoy reading about God words or the bible, this book might be for you.


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review 2016-12-06 17:54
COVER REVEAL for an Upcoming Book

You heard it here first folks!  A new and exciting new book just waiting for you to dive right in.  Take some time and take a look at the new installment to The Broken Outlaw series by BT Urruela.



Being released from prison, Xander Evans needs to find the sister he hasn’t seen in years. She holds the key to healing a past he hasn’t come to terms with. That desire has him making the difficult decision of leaving Paige behind. When he discovers just how much trouble Gabriela is in, he fears even he can’t help her survive.


After an ugly separation from the Army, Gabriela Michaels fell in with the wrong crowd. With a drug deal gone wrong, she now has a month to pay back more money than she ever could… or see her life come to a swift end.


Her former flame, Shane Presley, must unite a band of Broken Outlaws to save the woman he’s always loved.


Into the Blood by BT Urruela

Book 2 in The Broken Outlaw Series

COVER REVEAL: December 6, 2016

RELEASE: December 20, 2016

COVER DESIGNER: @Marisa-rose Shor / @Cover Me Darling

MODELS: @Tessi Conquest, @Sam Ashley, @Gideon Connolly, @Golden Czermak, @Rob Somers, @BT Urruela


Never heard of BT Urruela?

BT Urruela is a combat wounded amputee, Purple Heart recipient, contemporary author who has written both independent and traditionally published books. He is a RARE under 40 award recipient, Rockwood Summit High School and Rockwood School District Hall of Fame inductee, Co-founder and Brand Ambassador for VETSports, Ambassador for Tampa Sports Academy, People Magazine Tribute for Heroes winner, Cover Model, Motivational Speaker and Philanthropist.


At an early age he began writing short stories having been inspired by reading books authored by RL Stein. His maternal grandmother’s bookshelf was filled with literature that inspired his young mind and cultivated his vivid imagination.


Upon graduation from high school his desire to have a 20-year military career was cut drastically short by an improvised explosive device. Taking the life of his commander, and leaving the remaining four team members badly wounded.


After careful consideration and multiple surgeries, he along with the guidance of his doctors made the decision to amputate. It was the only surgery he ever left with a smile on his face, as if a weight had been lifted. He struggled for two more years through 4-5 hours of physical therapy a day, five days a week to get adapted to his new prosthetic. He medically retired from the Army with high hopes. His focus on restoring his physical shape being the most eminent battle caused him to neglect his psychological state.


Meeting people was difficult and there were very few options for veterans to utilize that would stimulate friendship, and ultimately, allow communication barriers to be breached. After moving to Tampa, Florida, he co-founded the veteran community sports nonprofit, VETSports, with two other combat wounded veterans. It was their mission to change the way veterans transitioned back to civilian life through organized team sports, community involvement, and leadership opportunities.


After being invited to attend a photoshoot with acclaimed photographer Michael Stokes, he flew to California in December of 2014, with incredible excitement. His photos were so widely publicized that he soon gained exposure to the literary world like he’d always dreamed of. That opportunity launched him into his present writing career. He co-wrote the novel 'A Lover's Lament’ with author KL Grayson. The following year he released first solo novel, 'Into the Nothing' and this year released ‘Wicked Little Words’ with author Stevie J. Cole. His second solo novel ‘Into the Blood’ will release late 2016.  He is now writing full-time.



Amazon - Amazon.com/author/bturruela

Facebook – http://bit.ly/1RdUEIa

Instagram – http://www.instagram.com/bturruela/

Twitter – http://bit.ly/1OQE4nD

Website – http://bit.ly/1NCxnVX



Source: bit.ly/1NCxnVX
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review 2013-04-29 00:00
Defining Moments: Breaking Through Tough Times
Defining Moments: Breaking Through Tough Times - Dorothea S. McArthur

This book is more pseudo-psych than actual psych. It was okay. There were a few good tidbits, but I had to dig for them.

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review 2012-01-27 00:00
Tough Times Never Last, But Tough People Do!
Tourney Time - Mike Douchant Tourney Time - Mike Douchant The book is maple of examples with tough situations, and tough people never letting their spirit take a bend. A must for those who are deep in their grief and are not able to see past the tunnel.
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review 2010-09-16 00:00
The Big Squeeze: Tough Times for the American Worker
The Big Squeeze: Tough Times for the American Worker - Steven Greenhouse I only rated this two stars, but it is not because it is a "bad" book. The rating is because this is an extremely depressing book. If you are a worker, you already know how bad you have it (unless you are one of those jingoistic workers who vote for right wingers even when it is against your interests). Greenhouse does two main things in this book. One, he has put together an extensive collection of stories from workers who have been exploited and screwed by their companies. And I do not mean just being stingy in terms of salaries. From spying on workers to not paying for medical claims for injuries sustained at work to outright sexual harassment, workers have faced it all. Two, Greenhouse gives a pretty good history lesson on how the United States got to the point where employers pretty much can get away with exploiting their workers. The book is very prophetic if nothing else. This book was written just as Obama was elected, and a lot of what the author predicts or envisions in the book has come to pass. In some cases, things have in fact gotten worse since the book's publication. I found it particularly foreboding when he asks what would happen if a presidential candidate proposed something like universal health care, which certainly would go a long way to solve many of our issues. Well, we already know what happened: the new president proposed it, then he watered it down to almost nothing in order to appease an opposition party bent on obstruction and which just favors the wealthy. In other words, the guy folded like a cheap suit, to borrow the cliche. If you are somewhat informed, you probably have heard many of the stories in this book, like some of the lawsuits Wal-Mart has faced. Greenhouse does not just pick on Wal-Mart (even though the company does get one whole chapter), but he looks at a lot of other miscreants from Big Box companies to small convenience stores and predatory Rent-to-own scheme stores, call centers, so on. The book does include extensive end notes for those who want to verify some of what they are reading. This is a book that more people should be reading. It should specially serve as an eye-opener to workers. Sadly, those workers are probably too worried trying to barely make a living to read it. We know employers pretty much won't read it, and if they do, they will probably not give a hoot. Now don't get me wrong. Greenhouse does highlight a few decent employers, but it is clear that those are few and far in between. And to those who may say that I have it for employers, think about this for a moment. Look at the current economic mess that bankers and Wall Street got us into combined with the fact that wages have been not only stagnant but decreasing (a lot of it due also to Wall Street pressures). Now, the economy relies on people spending. They can't spend if they do not have the money, and they won't have the money if you do not pay them for their work. There was an interesting quote in the book (I think I put it in one of the GR updates here) from Wal-Mart's current CEO, who apparently is a big GOP PAC donor, actually complaining that the Republican tax cuts under Bush went to the rich. Just think about that for a moment. Overall, this is a necessary expose that needs to be read, even if it is painful and depressing at times. Similar books: Off the top of my head, I would recommend Big Box Swindle, which I have read and reviewed here. It may be a bit more easy to read, and it looks at another side of the issues Greenhouse discusses. Another one may be Deer Hunting with Jesus which may help explain why is workers often vote against their interests for people more interested in giving tax breaks to the rich (nothing against the rich. You make your money legally and honestly, cool. You want tax breaks you do not need at the expense of the rest of society, that is wrong).
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