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text 2018-06-25 09:58
We Will Make Your Dog Your Closest Friend

Whatever be the breed of dog that you purchase, they all come from one requirement. The need to be trained. You may be made to believe that certain breeds of the dogs don’t require any formal training. You may have been told that you can train the dogs at your home if you buy them young. You may be told that dogs don’t require any training as they are naturally friendly to humans.


All these are untrue statements. They are told to you either to sell you an untrained dog or to make you buy a puppy without thinking about getting it trained. Some people may even be saying these things without the full knowledge about dogs and their training.


As experts with dogs, we can tell you with certainty that all dogs need training for you to experience the full pleasure of having them at home. We are The Dog Listener Consultancy, training dogs in the most scientific manner. Our founders and trainers are highly trained people and have been dealing with dogs for many years.


We can assure you that no dog will become an integral part of your family without the training that it should be given. Dogs are basically wild animals and they are only used to be led by the leader of their pack. Expecting dogs to be obedient since we bought them is not wise at all. We have to help them in being obedient with the right guidance and training.


They need to be trained along with you, to make them understand that you are the leader they should be listening to. We will also train you to use your position as a master to make the obey to all your commands.


There are many issues with puppies which are not trained, like disobedience, incessant barking, chewing things and biting. With our puppy training biting and other issues will get solved and you will get the most friendly and obedient dog in your house. Once they are trained completely they will be able to integrate with your family without any problems. We will also give them the toilet training during our training programs.



Our dog obedience training doesn’t involve any sort of punishment for disobedience. We use friendly methods to make the dog obey. We also don’t use any sort of gadgets to make them obey. Our methods are the most friendly and safe for your dogs. Our method of training is the Amichien Bonding method for which we are the only authorized training school in Singapore.

Source: www.doglistenerconsult.com
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text 2018-05-04 10:07
Find the Most Helpful Puppy House Training

It can be the happiest moment when you have a puppy in your home. It is important to reinforce good habits and provide the proper care for it. You would be able to get the best puppy house training from The Dog Listener Consultant. We make sure to provide the right training to your puppy so that you can find him quite obedient. Our holistic approach helps to make your dog listen to your commands and body languages. We have also made it possible to provide lifetime support for free. So, you can get rid of any sort of issues of your dog by availing the best services from us.


We provide the right potty training which is very important for the proper hygiene of your dog’s health. We also never resort to any sort of punishment to your dogs. We provide home consultations where you can connect with us to get a positive result. You would be able to find the good change in behaviour where your puppy would be more obedient to you. So, if you really wish to enhance the personality of your puppy with the best obedience training for dogs, then you need to approach us.



At The Dog Listener Consultant, we also conduct different workshop and events apart from our dog training classes. We hold various seminar topics like a healthy and happy dog, reading your dog’s body language, etc. We help to impart real-life knowledge where sharing of experiences is also done by us. Our classes consist of different types of programs in order to make training more meaningful for your puppy for their self-development. You can try to view class schedule or also testimonials to get the best view of our quality of work that you can expect from us.

Source: www.doglistenerconsult.com
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review 2016-12-19 00:00
Puppy Steps: Practical Training for Your New Best Friend
Puppy Steps: Practical Training for Your... Puppy Steps: Practical Training for Your New Best Friend - Libby Rockaway This was a practical, informative book, especially for first time novice dog owners who recently introduced a new puppy into their family. My own "puppies", my two Chihuahuas named Kobe and Lilly, are one and a half and three years old so a lot of the teachings suggested in this book have already been implemented into their daily lives such as sit, lay, speak, roll over and basic manners and going to the bathroom outside, however, there is always room for improvement so I read this book in order to find tips on how to improve their overall well being, manners (especially around new dogs) and to focus on a few basic commands that they don't know or need to improve.

In general I found this book to be very informative and helpful and I agree wholeheartedly with the positive reinforcement approach which encourages teaching your dog by focusing on, and rewarding, positive behaviors while ignoring the negative. There's nothing I find more upsetting or disagreeable than to be at the dog park and see someone yelling at, or physically reprimanding, their dog. I know my little Chihuahuas are the sweetest little things and they would do anything to please me so if they aren't understanding a command then the fault is in my delivery and the last thing I would ever do is raise my voice and get angry or upset with them and I was happy to read that the author shared that view, as would any professional who works with k9's. This book referred to it as "positive-only training, opposed to negative training which can create a dog with lower confidence. All of the basic commands and desired behaviors were covered in this book, anything I could think of that would apply to my dog and they were organized by chapters and paragraphs that included clear, detailed, step by step instructions and real life examples and scenarios of when and how to implement the teachings. It also includes a lot of cartoon illustrations which I wasn't really a big fan of. It was nice to have a picture to reference but I wish they had been actual photographs of real dogs.
As a whole this little book contained A LOT of information and I've only begun working on a few basic things with my dogs, specifically my younger dog who really needs improvement with "stay", "heel" and "come" and with the help of this book I've noticed he's progressing nicely. This is a book that I will keep and reference throughout my dogs lives and although the title is specific to puppies I think it's a handy tool for the owner of dogs of all ages to have.

I received a copy of this publication from Netgalley in exchange for my honest review.
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text 2015-02-01 18:46
A Month in Books: January 2015
Queen's Gambit: A Novel - Elizabeth Fremantle
The Norman Conquest: The Battle of Hastings and the Fall of Anglo-Saxon England - Marc Morris
Edge of Eternity - Ken Follett
Christmas Eve, 1914 - Charles Olivier,Cameron Daddo,Xander Berkeley,Cody Fern,Damon Herriman,James Scott,John Beck,Lance Guest,Gabe Greenspan,Nate Jones
The Paris Wife - Paula McLain
Empress of the Night: A Novel of Catherine the Great - Eva Stachniak
God Is in the Laundry Room (Small-Group Bible Study) - Susan Senechal
Tail Talk: Understanding the Secret Language of Dogs - Sophie Collins,Karen Overall
Puppy Training - Dog Fancy Magazine
The Snow Queen - Julia Whelan,Hans Christian Andersen

Here is my roundup of what I read in January, in approximately the order I would rank them in.


Though what I read doesn't line up exactly with my monthly TBR, I am loving having a reading plan. I did discover that I need to anticipate more audiobooks in my plan, and two of these selections give you a hint about something I got talked into over Christmas break! On to February's selections!

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review 2014-05-03 00:00
Raising A Puppy: The Art of Positive Puppy Training Have a Well-Behaved Dog for Life
Raising A Puppy: The Art of Positive Puppy Training Have a Well-Behaved Dog for Life - Michael Bronn,Lisa Manning Good info on puppies.
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