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review 2016-10-06 00:00
Trusting Thomas
Trusting Thomas - K.C. Wells The heavy handed (maybe overbearing) demonstration of what can happen when someone does not get or know where to get a good mentor.

I felt that while this addressed a very real life issue, this was an exhausting read. Not because of Peter, because of Thomas. Though the overall story was entertaining, I don't think I will be rereading in the near or distant future.
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review 2015-08-15 00:00
Trusting Thomas
Trusting Thomas - K.C. Wells,Nick J. Rus... Trusting Thomas - K.C. Wells,Nick J. Russo Just finished the audio of this one and am now staring in disbelief at the four stars I gave to the ebook a year and a half ago. No idea what happened back then. No explanation. No excuse.

It has now been remedied.

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review 2014-06-12 00:00
Trusting Thomas
Trusting Thomas - K.C. Wells This story was actually pretty good. But I can’t help myself, older men are not my kind of kink! I was grossed out whenever sex came in to play. Yes, I am that shallow!

Steven witnesses a Dom in his club abusing his submissive, Peter. He decides to rescue him and to ask his good friend Thomas to take the boy in and care for him.
Peter has been abused by his Dom for 4 years and therefore has trouble trusting any Dom. When he is taken in by Thomas he is surprised anyone would care enough to look after him.
After several weeks Peter begins to trust Thomas and Thomas feels Peter is ready to begin his training as a submissive. And even though there is quite an age difference (Peter is 26 and Thomas 56) their relationship slowly evolves in to something more. But Peter’s old Dom is determined to have Peter back…

The story would have been great if only Thomas would have been 20 years younger.. I just could not get used to the fact that this man was old enough to be Peter’s father. It was not just mentioned that Thomas was an ‘old’ man, he acts like one too. It gives a whole new dimension to the whole D/s relationship and not in a good way.
And one other thing, I found it highly unlikely that Peter was so eager to be a submissive after all he has been through. He knows nothing of the BDSM world, he has no idea there is such a thing as a safeword or a contract. So after thinking for 4 years that being abused is how the life of a sub works, why would he jump to the chance that Thomas would train him as a submissive? I would better have understood if he wanted no such thing and after witnessing several D/s encounters would change his mind… But no, he still jumps to the chance to be a sub. Very strange….

So if you can look past the age thing, this is a great book.
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review 2014-01-20 00:00
Trusting Thomas
Trusting Thomas - K.C. Wells This is book #2. I absolutely LOVED #1 and gave that 5 stars ("amazing"). This book I gave 3 stars ("liked it"). Can't say I really liked it (4 stars), so 3 stars it is. It didn't get to me all the way like #1 did. Peters story was just horrible, and it was unpleasant to read about. Maybe it was that. I like to be entertained by reading books and reading one and getting queasy? It's not so fun, is it? I think the story is good though, very well written, I just didn't like it. Eh, if that makes sense.

Having Leo and Alex from book #1 made a big impact of me liking the book more.

Please read and decide for yourself.
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review 2014-01-19 18:50
Trusting Thomas - K.C. Wells

This is a great D/s book for those who generally stay away from D/s books. I would be one of those people. I don't equate flogging/whipping/humiliation with romance and so I tend to skip through "scenes." This book is more about healing and the slow build to a December/may romance.  4 stars.


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