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review 2018-01-23 13:30
Review For: Falling Under by Lisa Renee Jones
Falling Under (Walker Security Series) - Lisa Renee Jones

Falling Under by Lisa Renee Jones is book Three in the "Walker Security" series.   This is the story of  Jacob King and Jewel Carpenter. This is a standalone book and does not need to read in order.
Jewel is a police detective following in her Uncle's shoes.  But about two years ago her Uncle was killed and it made an impact on her.  Jewel's father is a well off business man who is very protective of his daughter and wisher her to quit the force and go to media school.
When her father starts getting letters that reference Jewel which appear to put her in danger he goes to the Walker Security Team to get help.  There Royce Walker put the best man he has for the job...Jacob.  Jacob is the strong silent ex-Green Beret who knows the feel of betrayal and works to keep his feelings in check as to not be hurt again.  But something in Jewel is making it hard to keep himself in check along with his growing feelings.  
This was a very exciting hot read that I could not put down!  Loved it!

Source: www.amazon.com/Falling-Under-standalone-Walker-Security-ebook/dp/B076SHC8BT/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1516570318&sr=8-1&keywords=Falling+Under+by+Lisa+Renee+Jones
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review 2018-01-23 02:28
Spellbound 1-4
Spellbound (Issues) (4 Book Series) - Jean Dufaux,Jose Luis Munuera

What happens when good and evil meet and fall in love?  Does evil corrupt good?  Does good redeem evil?


                Spellbound answers that question.  Blanche is a princess who is in danger of losing her kingdom and Malador is a prince in the same situation.  They decide to team up.  What then follows is an exploration of power and morality.


                There are several very nice light touches in the book.  Malador’s sister is really funny, and the undead and goblin armies are quite funny when they discuss kneeling, spleens, flesh, and battle cries.


                Yet my favorite part of the story is Horriblus, who is a potion seller who reminds me of Vitalstix.  He has the nose, he has the feet, he has a hopeless crush, and is actually quite sweet and lovely.

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review 2018-01-22 19:43
Southern Fried Fairy tale
The Vixen and the Vet - Katy Regnery

She’s a beautiful, young, talented writer. She doesn’t want some hopeless, deformed man touching her.


Inspired by Beauty and the Beast (the hero's housekeeper/caretaker is named Miss Potts) this was a sweet, at times very ooey gooey, story. The hero is a war veteran who was physically scared pretty badly and when he came back home his hometown shunned him. The heroine is a gorgeous reporter who was conned by her boyfriend, ended up losing her job, and going back home to lick her wounds. 


This definitely has a southern vibe and as a solid Yankee gal, I definitely had some side-eye and back up moments. These moments (not involving police in an attempted rape because that is what a Yankee girl would do, take care of it in house) weren't presented as right or wrong by the author just giving it her spin on a southern world. The southern vibe along with the sugar sweet, very sympathy inducing hero, and baked goods talk made this a nice little escape. The sweet tone does come along with some sexy little scenes, so don't take it to mean a bedroom door shut book.


If you enjoy Beauty and the Beast tropes, southern vibes, and spun sugar, this was enjoyable escapism. 

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text 2018-01-22 15:19
Reading progress update: I've read 51 out of 240 pages.
My week with the bad boy - Lyra Parish,Brooke Cumberland

Didnt know pottery was sexy until ethan 

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review 2018-01-22 14:07
Better than the 'Wonder Woman' entry in this series but not a must-read.
Batman: Nightwalker (DC Icons Series) - Marie Lu

Lu's 'Nightwalker' is another entry in the DC Icons series, which is a set of books by well-known authors who each take on one particular hero of the DC universe. If you couldn't tell by the cover, Lu has Batman himself. I've read a few of Lu's books (her 'Legends' and 'Young Elites' trilogies) and wasn't thrilled. But Batman is my favorite comic character and I was curious to see what this take on him would look like, especially since I understand that Batman was considered to be a candidate for the 'Smallville' TV show premise. That idea was spiked and it switched to a young Superman-to-be instead. 


I knew this certainly wouldn't be something like 'Smallville' but I was curious to see what was going on here. Gotham City has been plagued by a group (known as the Nightwalkers) killing off members of the elite rich: they're trapped in their houses by their gadgetry and tech that is supposed to make them safe. Bruce (who is about to turn 18) has a run-in with some trouble and must do his service in...Arkham Asylum. There, he meets a young woman who has ties to the Nightwalkers and we watch as he tries to untangle the the ties of the Nightwalkers to this young woman to prevent the next killings.


It sounded interesting....but it wasn't. I was willing to suspend belief and go along with whatever Lu thought a young Bruce, pre-Batman would look like and I found him...generic. Although I didn't expect a bunch of cutesy nods to continuity or meta references or whatever there wasn't anything here that told me that this version of Bruce Wayne would become the Batman. As villains the Nigthtwalkers were kinda blah.


There was still enough to keep me curious about how this story would go and how it would end (although you obviously know the basic facts if you're familiar with the character since Bruce has to become Batman and everything) but I began skimming after awhile. It was nice to see certain aspects (a dry and sarcastic Alfred, Bruce's need to be alone, etc.) here but I'm not sure there's much that really stands out.


I liked this much better than the 'Wonder Woman' book but I don't know if it's a genuine matter of like/dislike or how much other factors such as my familiarity/like for Batman, lowered expectations based on the WW book/Lu's previous work, etc. were a factor. Will probably skip the rest of these books unless they there's an entry that seems especially compelling. Borrow from the library. 


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