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text 2016-11-21 07:05
Release Blitz - Undeniable
Title: Undeniable
Series: Siri's Saga #1
Author: Jessika Klide
Genre: Erotic Romance
Release Date: November 16, 2016
Everyone has secrets. Some are better at hiding them than others. 
Enigmatic and reserved military officer Aurelius Moore, aka HardCore, lives a secret dual life as a wealthy venture capitalist. At the request of a partner, he makes a business trip to Vegas to check out a stripper known as Seary. When he sees her for the first time, lightning strikes, igniting UNDENIABLE lust. He's the kind of man that knows what he wants, and MAKES it happen. 
"I don’t care how many men she has f*cked before me. I will have her. I will possess her. I will own her." 
But she has a team in place determined to protect her from men like him. Will she be the only one he cannot have?
“The author does a phenomenal job of setting up the storyline of how Hard Core sees Siri for the first time.” - Reader Review
“Absolutely loved this story and I am hoping we get Moore's POV in the future again. He is one sexy beast. Happy Reading!!” - Reader Review
The crowd goes silent instantly as the THUMP, THUMP, THUMP, and strobes take over.
Anticipation is heavy in the air. The tension is thick as the excitement builds, then the plucked notes of an electric guitar fill the room, and I recognize "So Contagious" by Acceptance. Hmm. Interesting choice. 
Kip leans over and shouts. "This is going to be good."  
But I don’t hear him. The circling spotlight found it’s target when the curtain was pulled back and a Goddess dances onto the stage. I know without a doubt, this is Seary! Staring at her, spellbound by her beauty, my mind goes blank and the words of the song think for me. Wow! This is unexpected! My cock fills with blood. One hand instinctively seizes it, trying to choke the life out of it, while the other hunkers down on my drink and I struggle to get a grip on myself. She boldly bounces onto the stage to perform for a crowd of drunken fools, but her graceful movement belies her occupation and I recognize a gifted and talented dancer before me. She moves with the elegance and poise of someone who could, and probably should, be dancing on a larger, grander scale.
She is perfection in motion.
Jessika Klide burst onto the romance scene in 2014 with her bestselling series, Siri's Saga. It has steadily risen to the top of Amazon's erotic romance list and has made her a favorite among fans who enjoy full length novels. 
Whether it's Army, Navy, Air Force or Marines, military men make her swoon. Her alpha male hunks are heroes who they fall for her confident, smart, and sexy heroines. She believes in modern day fairy tales where love and lust form perfect unions, and the stars do align for true love. She also guarantees more than one happy ending. 
She is fun and flirty like the heroines she writes. 
"Jessika Klide is my pen name. I'm from LA ... Lower Alabama. The Deep South. Since my mind is super slutty, it's just better to use a pen name. Trust me on this! ;)"
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text 2016-10-08 11:25
Pre-Order Blitz - Undeniable
Title: Undeniable: The Prologue: Moore
Series: Siri's Saga
Author: Jessika Klide
Release Date: November 16, 2016

For years, enigmatic and reserved military officer Aurelius Moore has managed to successfully hide who he is from everyone in his life, especially from his military family. They have no idea his Italian family is wealthy. Leading a dual lifestyle has been difficult, but he has managed to keep it a secret by imposing strict behavioral rules upon himself. Being a player, yet never playing, has earned him the nickname, Hard Core, which is a label that is truer than anyone knows. Controlling exactly who knows what about him, he protects his privacy, ensuring that a secret he considers too dark to share with anyone remains that way.


At the request from a Venture Capital partner, he makes a business trip to Vegas to check out a stripper known as Seary. When he sees her dance, lightning strikes his hard core heart, igniting in him a level of lust that is UNDENIABLE and something he thought himself incapable of feeling.


"The way she looks. The way she moves. Her body. Her dance. I must have her."


She shatters the rules he has placed upon himself. Risking everything he has so carefully protected, he is determined to make her his. Being a man who knows how to play the game, he sets his sights not only to have her, but to possess and own her.


"I don't care how many men she has f*cked before me. I will erase them all from her memory. She will yearn for only me because I will satisfy her completely."


But she has her own set of rules, her own secrets, and a team in place determined to enforce them, protecting her from men just like him. Will she be the one, the only one, he cannot have?




Jessika Klide is my pen name. "I'm from LA ... Lower Alabama. The Deep South! Since I write erotic romance, and my mind is super slutty, it's just better to use a pen name. Trust me on this! ;)"


Whether it's Army, Navy, Air Force or Marines, Military men, along with Cowboys, Cops, and MC bikers, make me swoon. My hot alpha males are heroes and they love my confident, smart, and sexy heroines. I believe in modern day fairy tales, complete with virgins, best friend lovers and soulmates, who win their happily ever afters. Whether or not it's contemporary romance, romantic comedy, dark erotic or BDSM, love and lust go together to form a perfect union and the stars do align for true love. Oh ... and Karma? She is not a b*tch!




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review 2015-09-15 00:00
Undeniable - Madeline Sheehan uh.. what did I just read.. and Why the hell did I I finish it.. why did so many people recommend this book to me. I can't even write a review.. this is all I can give y'all. WHAT THE F@#$. WTF for real. ok I'm done. ugh.
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review 2015-06-07 19:42
Evolution is Real
Undeniable: Evolution and the Science of Creation - Corey Powell,Bill Nye

Bill Nye does an excellent job of explaining for a general audience why rejecting evolution is not a reasonable position. He covers both the positive and negative sides on the debate. On the positive side he covers many examples of the evidence supporting evolution, natural selection, the deep age of the Earth, and punctuated equilibrium. On the negative side he touches on all the major arguments against evolution, including thermodynamics, gaps in the fossil record, intermediate forms, and the argument from incredulity, and shows why these arguments are invalid. Nye wisely does not touch on religious arguments, this is not a Richard Dawkins book, but ignoring religion in the evolution debate is like trying to ignore an elephant in the room.


In the later chapters Nye discusses many scientific controversies related to evolution, including cloning, human stem cell research, and genetically modified foods. One of his most interesting topics is on how different human skin colors are a fairly recent adaptation and how this undercuts ideas of racial identity. Nye is at his most passionate when he is writing about the possibility of discovering life on other worlds, especially when he describes the proposed Europa Clipper which could skim low enough over Jupiter's moon Europa to catch liquid water that regularly erupts in geysers from beneath the thick layer of ice and test it for evidence of life. I would consider voting for a presidential candidate whose only platform position was funding the Europa Clipper.

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review 2015-05-25 03:06
I came to a fork in the road and knew not which way to go...
Undeniable - K.C. Kendricks

While this one may have been marginally better than 'Kentucky 98 Proof' it's  a narrow margin. I'm not sure if it was a slightly better story or just that there was less of it. This one clocked in at about 50 pages half of what there were in the previously read 'Kentucky 98 Proof'.


The premise 2 lovers separated due to unknown circumstances...well unknown by one of them, find themselves reunited by accident...no literally they were brought back together by an accident and for all intensive purposes they once again walk away from each other after having made no attempt to sort out the past. But as fate would have it Ford (our MC who did the actual walking away the first time decides he wants to at least set the mistakes of the past to rights) and when opportunity provides the chance to maybe do so, he takes it.


So far I'm on board with this. There's potential here for a  sweet little romance, ill fated lovers reunited and all that. Low angst, high lust. How can this go wrong? Well trust me when I say 'the best laid plans of mice and men...'. Our other MC, Asa the abandoned, was to say the least all over the board, he wanted answers, he wasn't going to trust Ford again, yadda, yadda, yadda. Folks the road to hell is paved with them and Asa's good intentions went down without a struggle much less a fight before the gorgeous and yes, well endowed Ford. Apparently he's got a big one too. Mind you, I didn't get the exact size this time...I wonder if he's related to Boone?


You see this where the story lost me. I know this is fiction and even in real life no two people will necessarily react the same to any given set of circumstances. That's just the way it is, but sweet baby Jesus! Asa can we hang on to the fact this guy walked out of your life without so as a second glance for all you know and you aren't even going to make him cough up an explanation, as feeble as it was. Have a little self respect man? He owes you that much at the least before you go dropping trou for him...I'm just putting that out there for the universe.


Ok so I need to wrap this up now otherwise I could end up with a review that's longer than the story and that would just be sad. My other issue again was the ending it was pretty much a wham, bam thank you ma'am and we're out of here.  Sad to say I think that this author and I have gone in different directions since I started reading her books and maybe I'll check again one day to see if either of us have changed our direction but I think for now I'll just go back in the direction from wench I came and put an end to this little reading detour.

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