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text 2018-09-05 08:49
Trendy Thick Beach Towels Boosting Market Growth with Chic Designs: Study

Summer is near, and this is that time of the year when you want to sit near an endless sea and relax yourself while bathing in the glow of the sun and refreshing your mind, body and soul. Your pleasure time on the beach is made fabulous with new thick beach towels which come with chic designs. But the question here is how they are boosting their sale so much. In this article, we will study how thick beach towels are boosting their growth with chic designs.


What are beach towels?


A beach towel is a towel having a diameter of around 70 inches. The length of a beach towel is perfect for anyone to lay it on the beach and rest for some time. These towels keep the head and feet of the user away from the sand and usually come in a variety of styles and designs.


The demand for beach towels


As mentioned above, summer is near,and people are already migrating to a state of calmness and relaxation. With the onset of summer, the beach towel sale has drastically skyrocketed, thus creating a huge demand for the product.


The use of chic designs


Gone are the days when people used to buy beach towels in solidcolour and bland designs. Now is the time when people are looking for stylish and fashionable beach towels. Mentioned below are the aspects which separates normal towels from the ones with chic designs.


  1. Colour- Everyone wants to own colourful and trendy clothing materials. Having a colourful beach towel not only makes it look more attractive but is also sure to make heads turn.
  2. Affordable- Many people are of the opinion that chic towels are expensive. The reality here is stark different. Due to the high production quality and quantity, these luxury designer beach towels are abundant in numbers, and therefore the price of an individual piece is significantly lower.
  3. Durability- Along with colourful designs, these beach towels are thick in volume. They are manufactured from the finest materials out there and therefore have the highest durability as well.

All of the above factors combined, it is clearly understandable how thick beach towels with chic designs are boosting market growth.


For more details visit Theuniqueclothing.com

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text 2018-09-04 13:42
Types of Best Snapback Hats To Buy Right Now

Tis the season for snapbacks. Mentioned below is a list of crazy, cool and unique snapbacks which will be the perfect accessory to rock this summer. No matter what your style is, be it luxury logos or bold prints, we have the perfect one for you. Read on to know more.


  1. Billabong Sundays Snapback Hat

This summer, tropical motifs and Hawaiian prints are a popular choice for men. But however not every man wants to look like he’s just back from a party in Hawaii. This perfect snapback from Billabong suits the style of every man and is therefore definitely worth checking out.


  1. New Era Tonal 940 Yankees Cap

Are you a fan of the Big Apple and New York? Then this stylish and unique snapback from New Era is the best and the perfect choice for your style. This snapback sports an all-black look and is the right choice for every Yorker fans out there.


  1. Obey Wardlow Snapback Cap

If your wardrobe is filled with summer wear and you are confused about which snapback to buy in order to go with the look, try this design from Obey. This unique design from Obey comes in a stylish blue and will go perfectly with any print, colour and style.

As they say, wearing blue never gets old.


  1. Tommy Jeans ‘90s Color Black Cap

If you are a 90’s kid, you will rejoice with this snapback. This amazing snapback for sale has been designed keeping in mind the style of the 90’s Available in a combination of red and yellow, this snapback is sure to make heads turn, no matter which outfit you choose to drape.


  1. Thrasher Magazine Snapback

Comic fans out there, it is time for you to rejoice. This new addition to the Thrasher family brings in a new style for all its fans out there and true to its product description, this cap is lit!


  1. Givenchy Paris Embossed Logo Cap

You are high on luxury and want something to suit your expensive tee and leather jacket? Go for the Givenchy leather cap. Although the price is a little high from the rest on this list, this cap is surely worth every penny you spend.


  1. Balenciaga Embroidered Cotton Baseball Cap

Make snapbacks great again! With this slogan in mind, Balenciaga is here with its latest design. Made from the finest cotton, give this sleek new cap a try this summer.

There can never be any excuse for not owning a smart snapback. So go ahead and buy one of these best snapback hats today!


For more details visit Theuniqueclothing.com

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