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text 2020-09-19 07:15
Sales Lead Generation: How To Do Terrific Marketing With (Practically) No Money

Groups can help me build relationships beyond being just a connection with someone. After that you will be charged $49.97 and can't be prorated after you 30 day trial duration ends. Set yourself a goal and at least test it. It's a continuous fight to generate quality leads. Broaden the box and start linking with people on an ongoing basis. Lean Mean Marketing Machine, Delivering Results In the Organization 24/7 2.

Explode Your Nuskin Mlm Company With These 3 Social Media Methods


BUT - and thіs is very important - if yоu wish to grоw your client baѕe оr own an оrgаnizаtiоn arе yоu gоing to get mоre clients by socializing wіth your competitors? No, that resеmbleѕ going tо Unemployment assistance groups expecting tо satisfy someone whо cаn assist yоu discover a tаsk.

Dоwnlоad уour new linkedin lead convertion tricks рrofіlе. You hаve aсtuallу wоrked difficult to сraft just thе ideal meѕsаge, аnd gathered information frоm the раst lіke yеarѕ finished, papers released, аnd accomplishments. Lоg іnto LіnkеdIn аnd go tо уour prоfіlе view. Simply down right sіdе оf уour prоfilе picture іs аn еdіt fall mеnu. Lооk for thе 'exроrt to PDF' choice. Click on іt аnd іt will save to уour device.

Thеn withіn your profilе, undеr thе Website section - choose оther and add a kеywоrd for yоur website. Then include the httр:// url addreѕs tо уour site, ѕo thаt іt will work as anothеr link for SEO purpose to уour website. Thе result is a great PR8+ baсklink tо your website from LіnkedIn affirming thе keyword for уour website. Yоu might wish tо add уour socіal nеtworking pаgeѕ to thе оther areas.

Hand out. Wіthout thiѕ, there are nо genuine top linkedin lead generating tips! In еxсhangе for yоur vіsitоr or уour fаn's name аnd e-mail аddrеѕѕ, offer them sоmеthing of worth free оf charge. Your visіtors wіll beсome yоur fаnѕ оnсе they expеriеnce уоur value.

Individuals arе ending uр beіng morе and more familiar wіth this process. So don't battle thе pattern, fоllоw it. Thеrе іѕ always a value thаt саn be included to a ѕalе. Even if the business your working fоr doeѕ not buy іntо this, you must discover another way tо include value. For example, уоu may wish tо run your оwn advertising item оr sеrvicе. Yes, thіѕ wіll cоst money out of уоur оwn рockеt, but aѕ lоng as іt creates morе ѕaleѕ аnd iѕ small, rеlativе tо yоur соmmiѕsiоn, уоu win!

In оrder tо begin producing lоtѕ of lеadѕ рer day, уоu need to learn hоw to use what I lіke to сall mental trіggers. Simply put, linkedin traffic convertion training 2020 thіs іs a mеntal method to gеt individuals viѕіt уоur website without еven having to аsk them to.

Suggestions are necessary, sо ask for them. But mаke іt simple. I initially сall or еmail my сontaсt аnd aѕk if they will recommend me. If ѕo, write the suggestion yourself - sо you make certaіn thаt уou аre sending the right mesѕаgе. Make cеrtain to speak abоut thе issues уou solved - that's really the роіnt, іsn't іt?

Pay attentіоn to all оf thіѕ. Content mapріng іѕ the gluе thаt will hоld lеаd nurturing tоgethеr. Wіthоut appropriate content, lеаd supporting would be nothing mоrе thаn saying ѕomething good when nobody іѕ lіstening.

2 Recruitment Marketing List Building Methods Guaranteed To Work

Surveys can increase involvement while at the very same time offering you with important details. Blog sites are among my get the lead conversion squared favorite MLM list building methods. Tap that knowledge of yours and share it with others!

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text 2020-07-13 22:30
BL-opoly, Pandemic Edition: TA's Master Update Post


My marker is based (of course) on my little assistants and good luck charms, Sunny and Charlie, who are again helping me pick my books (this time around, properly pandemic-proofed).



My Progress Spreadsheet



The Books and the Board

The Questions


Why?: Pete Brown: Shakespeare's Local - finished June 8, 2020.


When?: Bernard Knight: Crowner's Crusade - finished June 3, 2020.


The Railroads

The Silk Road: Anita Amirrezvani: The Blood of Flowers - finished July 13, 2020.

The Patagonia Star: Nicholas Shakespeare: The Dancer Upstairs - finished May 30, 2020.

The Cape-to-Cairo Railway:

The Nordic Express:


School's Out For Summer


#3: Phyllis Wheatley: Memoir and Poems

#4: Ellery Queen: The Roman Hat Mystery - finished June 11, 2020.


The Stay-Cation

#6: Lili Grün: Alles ist Jazz - finished June 19, 2020.

#7: Holly Throsby: Goodwood - finished July 1, 2020.

#9: Isabel Allende: The Stories of Eva Luna - DNF @ 40%, May 28, 2020.


Beach Week

#10: Helene Tursten: Night Rounds - finished June 6, 2020.

#11: Ranka Nikolić: Mord mit Meerblick (Murder with Sea View) - finished July 3, 2020.



Mountain Cabin

#15: Mark Twain: The Diaries of Adam and Eve - finished July 13, 2020.




The Lake House:

#19: Eve Makis: The Spice Box Letters - finished June 23, 2020.

#20: Agatha Christie: Dumb Witness - finished May 31, 2020.

#22: Margery Allingham: Police at the Funeral - finished June 1, 2020.


The Summer Blockbuster


#27: Ian Doescher: William Shakespeare's Star Wars - Verily, a New Hope - finished June 2, 2020.


The Summer Romance


#30: Bernardine Evaristo: Girl, Woman, Other - finished June 26, 2020.


European Vacation


#35: Olivia Manning: The Great Fortune - finished June 18, 2020.

#36: Arthur Conan Doyle: The Ultimate Sherlock Holmes Collection - finished June 28, 2020.


The Novelty Cards

The Race Car: Picked up June 12, 2020; used July 4, 2020.

The Robot: Picked up June 18, 2020.

The Cat: Picked up June 9, 2020 and June 17, 2020; used June 12, 2020 and June 18, 2020.

"Cat" Books:

Patrick Leigh Fermor: Between the Woods and the Water - finished June 16, 2020.

Saša Stanišić: Wie der Soldat das Grammofon repariert - finished June 19, 2020 - and Herkunft - finished June 22, 2020.

The Dog: Picked up June 9, 2020 and June 17, 2020.


The Four Corners

GO: Collected $20 on May 26; and $5 each on:

June 3 - June 9 - June 18 - June 29 - July 4 - July 13



Free Parking: 

Go to Jail:


The BookLikes Squares:

Spin the Wheel Decide

#24: July 13: Move to the Start Space



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text 2020-07-13 22:13
BL-opoly, Pandemic Edition -- Rolls #15 & #16

Catching up on BL-opoly while BookLikes happens to be up and running -- not many more rolls to go, I think; even if the site doesn't crash again.



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text 2020-07-13 17:30
Around the World in 80 Books Mostly by Female Authors: Master Update Post

World map created with Mapchart.net]


The aim: To diversify my reading and read as many books as possible (not necessarily 80) set in, and by authors from, countries all over the world.  Female authors preferred.  If a book is set in a location other than that of the author's nationality, it can apply to either (but not both).


On the map I'm only tracking new reads, not also rereads.


This is a project continued from 2019.  2020 reads for a country already covered in 2019 will override the 2019 reads.  (2019 books listed below the page break.)


The Books:



Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie: We Should All Be Feminists (new)


South Africa

Agatha Christie: The Grand Tour: Letters and Photographs from the British Empire Expedition 1922 (new)



Yaa Gyasi: Homegoing (new)



Gaël Faye: Petit pays (Small Country) (new)



Phyllis Wheatley: Memoir and Poems (new)








Martha Wells: All Systems Red (new)

Sarah-Jane Stratford: Radio Girls (new)

Various Authors, Lee Child (ed.): Mystery Writers of America Presents: Vengeance (new)

Tamora Pierce: Alanna: The First Adventure, In the Hands of the Goddess, The Woman Who Rides Like a Man, and Lioness Rampant (all new)

Scott Lynch: The Lies of Locke Lamora (new)

Sonia Sotomayor: My Beloved World (new)

Charles Portis: True Grit (new)

Sara Paretsky: Indemnity Only (new)

Lee Goldberg: Lost Hills (new)

Anne Fadiman: Confessions of a Common Reader (new)

Martha Grimes: The Horse You Came In On (new)

Anthony Boucher: The Case of the Baker Street Originals (new)

Otto Penzler (ed.) & Various Authors: Murder at the Racetrack, Dangerous Women, and Bibliomysteries (all new)

Ian Doescher: William Shakespeare's Star Wars - Verily, A New Hope (new)

Ellery Queen: The Roman Hat Mystery (new)

Mark Twain: The Diaries of Adam and Eve (new)



Jamaica Kincaid: A Small Place (new)



Nicholas Shakespeare: The Dancer Upstairs (new)







Mia Alvar: In the Country (new)



Rafik Schami: Murmeln meiner Kindheit (My Childhood's Marbles) and Eine Hand voller Sterne (A Handful of Stars) (both new)



Barbara Cleverly: Ragtime in Simla (new)



Eve Makis: The Spice Box Letters (new)



Anita Amirrezvani: The Blood of Flowers (new)






Australia / Oceania


Holly Throsby: Goodwood (new)







United Kingdom

Gladys Mitchell: Death Comes at Christmas (aka Dead Men's Morris), Speedy Death, and The Mystery of a Butcher's Shop, The Saltmarsh Murders, and Death at the Opera (all new)

Agatha Christie: 12 Radio Mysteries, Towards Zero, Ordeal by Innocence, The Harlequin Tea Set and Other Stories, Cat Among the Pigeons, and Dumb Witness (all revisited on audio)

E.M. Delafield: The Diary of a Provincial Lady (new)

Dorothy Dunnett: The Game of Kings (new)

David Ashton: McLevy, Series 1 & 2 (new)

Elizabeth George: I, Richard (revisited on audio)

Ngaio Marsh: Scales of Justice (twice), Overture to Death, Light Thickens, Dead Water, Death at the Bar, Enter a Murderer, A Man Lay Dead, Death on the Air and Other Stories, When in Rome, Singing in the Shrouds, False Scent, and Final Curtain (all revisited on audio)

Tony Riches: Jasper and Henry (both new)

John Bercow: Unspeakable (new)

Patricia Wentworth: The Case of William Smith, The Case Is Closed, and Pilgrim's Rest (all new), Miss Silver Comes to Stay (reread)

Colin Dexter: Last Bus to Woodstock (revisited on audio)

Raymond Postgate: Somebody at the Door and Verdict of Twelve (both new)

Ellis Peters: The Sanctuary Sparrow and An Excellent Mystery (both revisited on audio)

J. Jefferson Farjeon: Thirteen Guests (new)

Terry Manners: The Man Who Became Sherlock Holmes (new)

Margery Allingham: The Beckoning Lady, Black Plumes (both new), Death of a Ghost, Mystery Mile, Sweet Danger, Dancers in Mourning, Flowers for the Judge, and Police at the Funeral (all revisited on audio), My Friend Mr. Campion and Other Stories (new), and The Case of the Late Pig (twice) (reread)

P.D. James: BBC 4 Radio Collection (7 full cast adaptations) (revisited)

Keith Frankel: Granada's Greatest Detective (new)

Cyril Hare: Tragedy at Law (new)

Georgette Heyer: No Wind of Blame (reread)

Joy Ellis: The Patient Man (new)

Anne Perry: Defend and Betray (new)

Michael Cox: A Study in Celluloid (new)

Emmuska Orczy: Lady Molly of Scotland Yard (new)

Val McDermid: Broken Ground (new)

Josephine Tey: A Daughter of Time (reread), Miss Pym Disposes, Dickon (as Gordon Daviot), The Man in the Queue, To Love and Be Wise, A Shilling for Candles, and The Singing Sands (all new)

Detection Club: Ask a Policeman (new)

Susanna Gregory: An Unholy Alliance (new)

R. Austin Freeman: The Red Thumb Mark (new)

Alan Melville: Weekend at Thrackley (new)

Dorothy L. Sayers: Busman's Honeymoon and Love All (plays) (both new)

Bernard Capes: The Myystery of the Skeleton Key (new)

Ruth Rendell: A Judgement in Stone (new)

P.G. Wodehouse: Thank You, Jeeves and Jeeves in the Offing (both new)

Clemence Dane & Helen Simpson: Enter Sir John (new)

Pete Brown: Shakespeare's Local (new)

Christianna Brand: Green for Danger, Death in High Heels, Tour de Force, Heads You Lose, and Suddenly at His Residence (all new)

Bernardine Evaristo: Girl, Woman, Other (new)

Arthur Conan Doyle: The Ultimate Sherlock Holmes Collection (posthumous compilation) (audio revisit of selected short stories)

Clemence Dane: A Bill of Divorcement (new)

E.F. Benson: The Blotting Book (new)

J.K. Rowling: The Tales of Beedle the Bard, Fantstic Beasts and Where to Find Them, and Quidditch Through the Ages (all audio)

A.E.W. Mason: At the Villa Rose (new)


Yrsa Sigurðardóttir: The Legacy (new)



Patricia Moyes: Dead Men Don't Ski (new)



J. Jefferson Farjeon: Seven Dead (new)

Freeman Wills Crofts: The Cask (new)

Jean-Francois Parot: L'énigme des Blancs-Manteaux (new)



Helene Tursten: Night Rounds (new)



Patrick Leigh Fermor: Between the Woods and the Water (new)



Olivia Manning: The Great Fortune (new)



Lili Grün: Alles ist Jazz (new)


Bosnia and Herzegovina:

Saša Stanišić: Wie der Soldat das Grammofon repariert and Herkunft (both new)



Ranka Nikolić: Mord mit Meerblick (new)




The "Gender Wars" Stats:

Read in 2020, to date:

Books by female authors: 96

- new: 62

- rereads: 34


Books by male authors: 40

- new: 38

- rereads: 2


Books by F & M mixed teams / anthologies: 5

- new: 5

- rereads:




The Reading Lists:
















WOMEN WRITERS (global list):




Read more
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text 2020-07-05 01:00
BL-opoly, Pandemic Edition -- Roll #14
The Blood of Flowers - Anita Amirrezvani,Shohreh Aghdashloo

I rolled again earlier today, but since the dice sent me to a square I've already visited (#20, "The Lake House"), and I'm trying to get to as many different prompts as possible, I decided to use one of my novelty cards to move straight on to the Silk Road and make good on my resolution to include more books by authors from ethnicities other than Caucasian in the second half of 2020.  So, off to 17th century Persia we go instead!





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