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text 2018-03-26 22:30
Found A Great New Local Bookstore!


For Christmas, my son and his girlfriend gifted me a certificate to this bookshop. I finally had a chance to go and redeem it yesterday and now I'm  sorry I wasn't able to go sooner! 


First off, fans of Stephen King will most likely recognize the name of this shop from the book Mr. Mercedes. Second, it was the coziest store ever, with exposed brick walls and cool displays. They host book signings and author events, which is pretty cool. They have a Stephen King book club and in April they're reading RAGE by Richard Bachman. I think I'm going to go!


Anyway, they had a small horror/sci fi section, and I happened on a few great finds.

Pics below!






Below is their set up for their book group discussion of Agatha Christie's


How cool is this?




My finds of the day! WILDWOOD is actually signed by Christopher Golden and it's in good shape. (It was only $6.00!!)


I am most excited about this find! Theodore Sturgeon in a Dell PB from 1978. It's in good shape too!




I had a nice chat with the proprietor behind the counter and we talked about some Theodore Sturgeon stories, Stephen King, Robert McCammon and Dan Simmons. It was a quiet and low key conversation, but we were both excited to talk about great books and I'm sorry, you just don't get that at the local big box (book) store. 


Thanks for reading this far if you're still here. Support Your Independent Book Stores!

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review 2018-02-23 15:10
It's a book with a blue cover and it starts with 'the'. Do you know which one I mean?
Weird Things Customers Say in Bookstores - Jen Campbell

Weird Things Customers Say in Bookstores by Jen Campbell is very reminiscent of I Work in a Public Library which I reviewed early last year. Both books include true stories of interactions and incidents that occurred in places which feature books as the main attraction. Jen's book talks about people who are so improbably strange I don't know how they were let out of the house much less let loose in a bookstore. Also, Ripping Yarns is a confusing name for a bookstore so I don't know why it's that unusual that people calling to find out if they sold yarn was so kooky it deserved its own subsection. (A yarn is another name for a story and 'ripping' is a term like 'awesome' hence Ripping Yarns.) Some of the things that stuck out for me were the customers that didn't seem to understand what is actually sold in bookstores. No, you can't buy hardware materials in a bookstore. That would be a hardware store. There were some true LOL moments like the lady who came in and couldn't remember which Danielle Steel books her mom had/hadn't read and asked the bookseller if SHE knew. *face palm* The chapter on parents and kids especially reminded me of what it's like being a Children's Librarian (there are a lot of interesting interactions, ya'll). One thing that really surprised me were the number of people who would approach the desk and ask about possible jobs but would be super weird about it. For example, telling the bookseller that there job looked super easy and then asking if they were hiring. If you're looking for funny anecdotes about what it's like to work in the book trade then you couldn't get more spot on than this book. It's a quick book that you can dip in and out of when you're looking for a laugh or if you just want to check if it's not just you that get involved in super weird conversations with strangers. 8/10


A/N: With this review we've finally reached the books I read in December of last year. *crowds do the wave*


A taste of what awaits you inside the book. [Source: Buzzfeed]


What's Up Next: Scythe by Neal Shusterman


What I'm Currently Reading: Gorillas in the Mist by Dian Fossey

Source: readingfortheheckofit.blogspot.com
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quote 2018-01-08 01:38
Bookstores and libraries are places of refuge, somewhere to go when the skies are dark and rain is beating on the windows.


Source: bibliophileanon.tumblr.com/post/169397740512/bookstores-and-libraries-are-places-of-refuge
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text 2017-09-04 01:46
Family Fun

So we had family night on Friday and decided on Movie Tavern.  For anyone who's unsure what that is, it's basically a movie theater where you can order dinner, dessert, snacks, drinks to your seat throughout the movie.  It's fab! 


So we went to see the Hitman's Bodyguard--which was not at all what I expected--but was a great movie.  We got there early to stroll around and check out the shops and of course  we ended up at a book shop.  I have no will power.  I ended up with a book and got one for my daughter (partly because I want to read it too, lol!)


I just love indie bookstores!


Oddly enough I saw a physical copy of a book that's been on my 'maybe' list for the first time ever.


Then I found a new book for my 'maybe' list because the cover called out to the 80s kid in me.


And of course I didn't leave without making a purchase!  


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url 2017-04-23 22:02
15 Bookstores That Every Reading Addict Should Know About

Bookstores have always had the status of a sort of intellectual Mecca.

What people often forget about them though, is that they can also be incredibly cool places to visit.


The world is littered with bookstores that deserve a place on any travel checklist, whether you’re an avid reader or not.


Shakespeare and Company

Source: www.thewritersacademy.co.uk/blog/best-bookstores
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