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review SPOILER ALERT! 2017-07-20 00:07
Wow! I loved this one. Just as good as the first book!
The Rift Walker - Clay and Susan Griffith,Clay Griffith

***Spoilers ahead you’ve been warned!***


It is greatly recommended you read The Greyfriar before jumping into this novel. You’d be pretty much lost if you started reading out of order.


This one was just as good as the first one and better. I enjoyed reading Adele’s development throughout the book! I never thought of her as a whiny damsel in distress even though there were times when she wasn’t sure what to do but in this book she went from a strong character to someone even  stronger. She immediately knew what to do and there were times when she didn’t take no as an answer (and the empress in her came out! That was fun to watch!)


You now have a more developed plot and you also get to see who’s on who’s side and who has a private agenda (Yes Mamoru, we’re talking about you.) I used to like Mamoru so much until the last third of this book. Wow. I understand where the hatred is coming from but it goes to show how blinding it can be and the way it can twist someone around.


Also: Everybody needs a friend like Colonel Anhalt. You need a loyal friend like that in life. No kidding. He’s become one of my favorite characters in the series because of his loyalty, despite discovering who the Greyfriar really is. He adores and cherishes Adele so much I loved reading about him. She treats him just the same way and they both are the best match when it comes to a good loyal friendship, in fact it’s almost a father daughter relationship.


Speaking of fathers. The deaths of both Constantine and Dmitri just tore me up. It’s interesting how they died similarly. Both heartbreaking, and wanting you out there crying for revenge because of the way they died.


So who do I dislike more? Cesare? Or Senator Clark? I’d go with Cesare on this one. He’s cunning, ruthless but there’s something slimy about him that you just want to sink a stake into his heart and watch him disintegrate. Senator Clark on the other hand is just an uncouth baboon that’s funny when he’s upset. You can’t help but laugh at his antics even though he’s a jerk.



The plot in the book is evenly paced as for the majority of it you follow the Greyfriar and Adele through their journey (GARETH THE WEDDING CRASHER! I LOVED IT!) their romance is well written and it’s not sappy or too sweet. It’s just right. They have their funny moments, and their sad ones, and ones where it was a close call to ending them. I rather wish they had more moments on Cesare and his plotting but he’s sporadically featured here and there throughout the book. Not enough though (there’s just something about villains that you want to read more about anyway…)


I definitely can’t wait to read the third one! I want to see what’s going to happen now that Adele is using her skills as a Geomancer and she’s getting more training on it (although there’s a downside to that as well.) Can’t wait to see what’s in store for them next!

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review 2015-04-17 04:32
The Rift Walker
The Rift Walker (Vampire Empire, Book 2) - Clay Griffith

This was a bit slower than book 1, it took a little bit of time to really take off.  Once it did, oh boy.  I really, really didn't want Adele to marry Senator Clark (I didn't like him and he didn't respect Adele or her abilities) and I was happy with the resolution.  I love, love how Greyfriar had no problem deferring and taking orders from Adele.  He was quietly supportive.  Awesome villain(s) (some that I knew, others that I wondered about, and the surprises).

Looking forward to book 3 (The Kingmakers), strongly considering pre-ordering book 4 (yes, there is a 4th book listed!)

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text 2014-02-28 03:30
Setting this one aside ...
The Greyfriar - Clay Griffith,Susan Griffith

I've tried reading this a couple of times now, and I finally realized I didn't have to read it!  There are so many other books I can read and it's really OK to tuck this into my "maybe as a last resort" and "meh" shelves. The concept was neat - steampunk and vampires - but the characters not-so-much.  The princess felt very Mary Sue-ish (she's a teenager and managed to decapitate a taller and stronger vampire with a single stroke of a sword in a melee). I just felt very disconnected to the plot, the characters and the writing. I was really hoping to get caught up in a good series, but oh, well ...


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text 2014-01-02 15:38
Why Do All the Library Requests Always Come at Once!
The Darkness That Comes Before - R. Scott Bakker
Ancillary Justice - Ann Leckie
Iceland's Bell - Philip Roughton,Halldór Laxness
The Kingmakers - Susan Griffith

So I just received my email notification that these 4 books are now ready for me to pick up!  They always seem to come in batches instead of one at a time.  Most are long reads as well, so it looks like I'll be pretty busy :D


Any suggestions of which one I should start first???

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review 2013-10-13 23:00
The Rift Walker Review aka book 2 in the series that Anzu made me read
The Rift Walker (Vampire Empire, Book 2) - Clay Griffith

Title: The Rift Walker

Series: Vampire Empire #2

Author: Clay and Susan Griffith


I finished The Rift Walker last night and I’m still wow-ed by it. Clay and Susan Griffith wrote a wonderful series and I’ll be forever grateful to my friend Anzu for making me read it!

After finishing the book

Before starting the proper review I want to mention that I listened to the audiobook. It was narrated by James Marsters, he does great accents and the intonation is wonderful, the woman voices not so much...  I've been spoiled by the narrator of the In Death series, Susan Ericksen, she is the best I've EVER listened to.


“The Rift Walker” picks up a few months after “The Grayfriar” ended. Adela is at home struggling with her responsibilities and trying to postpone her marriage to that ass Senator Clark(as you can see I don’t like the guy).  After her adventures in the north most of her courtiers consider her a bit touched(ok, more “flat out crazy”), the prime minister Lord Kelvin is trying to get rid of her, Senator Clark keeps dreaming of the day he’ll be married to her and he’ll control the Empire and Mamoru(her teacher and friend) keeps doubting her. All in all they each want a piece of her and are trying to manipulate Adela for their own good and goals.


In the meantime Garreth takes a visit to London to find out about his brother’s schemes and plans. He’s struggling to appear interested in Cesare’s well-being and to act like a “true vampire”(aka kill people with no regard to their life). In one of the meetings with one of Cesare’s ally’s(crazy, old Queen from North America) he finds out that Adela’s in danger and that there’s a plot to kill her at her own wedding.

I loved Garreth and Adela in this book! They were one of the cutest couples I’ve read about, seriously! There were no misunderstandings between them(aka no stupid drama, hear this YA?!), they trusted each other and they listened to the other’s opinions with an open mind. What I’m saying is that they were a breath of fresh air. Despite all the barriers between them they make their relationship work.


The secondary characters were well rounded and real. Colonel Anhalt is still a sweetheart, he trusts Adela and helps her with… everything(can’t say what, spoiler-y :D). Mamoru I don’t like, I hate his machinations and manipulations and I don’t see what Adela sees in him, he doesn’t listen to reason and the dumb ass tries to kill Garreth repeatedly. Cesare is still the arrogant prince we love to hate, he’s a great strategist and devious, also that temper will be the death of him someday… Lord Kelvin does the unthinkable and it’s like he doesn’t think, he wants everything his own way and the opinions and ideas of others don’t matter and will get them assassinated(no, I’m not joking :D).

Senator Clark and his ego can’t enter a room at the same time, not enough space, but I sense he’ll still have his uses(unfortunately).


The Griffiths take us in a great journey through London and Cesare’s plots, through Africa and Adela’s escape and further return and Alexandria’s catacombs, filthy disgusting things… In conclusion this book has it all: forbidden love, great world building, exotic settings and interesting characters. Advice for those who haven’t started this series: you really should, you won’t be disappointed.

Rating: rating5

PS:  I didn't write about a lot of events and the world in general, but if I would have done it, this review would have been enormous!

PPS: The cover is drool-worthy!


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