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review 2015-08-22 04:45
The one you've been waiting for
Dark Hunger - Christine Feehan
  I'm just now getting back into reading the Carpathians after such a long break. This was a good start. About Riordan, the youngest De La Cruz brother and Juliette a member of the jaguar shapeshifting species, this is a steamy and action-packed short read.

It has all of the Carpathian aspects that one would expect to see. The manner in which a Carpathian male is brought back to life by his destined lifemate. I have missed all that ritual and the culture of the Carpathians. It was interesting how Juliette and Riordan work out their new matehood. Juliette comes from a species that is highly sexual and Riordan has to get past his jealousy that Juliette was with other men. He isn't a jerk about it, but it's definitely part of his nature to be highly possessive. He loves Juliette, so he accepts that this is part of who she is. It turns out that Juliette is an excellent match for him. Strong and independent, and sensual. Juliette has some serious baggage, due to the dysfunctional social dynamics of the jaguar, the way they abuse their women. She lives with her younger sister, Jasmine and her cousin Solange, and none of them are overly fond of men, with good reason. My mind went to the fact that despite their dislike of men, they had to do their thing because of their species, physical needs. Perhaps in a longer book, Feehan could have delved into that whole jaguar dynamic. It was interesting, and seems to fit thematically with my last couple of Feehan reads, which were in the Leopard series.

This is full of sensuality that Feehan writes so well, and the action is very good and well-integrated into the story. I love reading about all the abilities of the Carpathians, and they're uniquely tailored to this story about a Carpathian with a jaguar shifter lifemate. Of course, it does end abruptly, as a short story. It left me wanting more of Juliette, Riordan, Jasmine and Solange, so that's a good thing.

I went ahead and got this in Darkest at Dawn, in which it's accompanied by Dark Secret, a more controversial Carpathian book, although it's one of my favorites.


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text 2015-05-08 01:35
Be afraid. Be very afraid!
I, Vampire, Vol. 3: Wave of Mutilation - Joshua Hale Fialkov,Andrea Sorrentino
Andrew Bennett evil brings to mind Angelus from Buffy. Absolutely hateful. I didn't enjoy seeing him that way. I think the world is a much better place without an evil Andrew Bennett!

This is definitely dark Vampire-themed horror. The storyline is twisty and it's not in any way predictable. Villains become heroic and vice versa. We get a little backstory on how human Andrew Bennett became a vampire long ago, and why Mary, his eternal bride, hates humans so much.

Throw in some Biblical lore, such as Cain and Lilith, and some shocking losses, plus a few cameos, and I had to give this four stars. It was very good for what it is. Don't go into this expecting sweetness and light. This is for vampire fiction readers who like their vampires dark and depraved.

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review 2015-02-25 22:00
The Last American Vampire by Seth Grahame-Smith
The Last American Vampire - Seth Grahame-Smith


The Last American Vampire - Seth Grahame-Smith 


Henry Sturges is the Forrest Gump of the vampire world. The Last American Vampire reads like a who's who of late 19th and 20th century people and events, as Henry encounters the likes of Tesla, Twain, and Teddy Roosevelt, and hops around the globe experiencing the Russian Revolution, the rise of Hitler, and Jack the Ripper. While its predecessor, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter had the tone of a serious work of historical non-fiction (plus vampires), The Last American Vampire is campy and just plain fun.

Disclaimer: This book has been provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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text 2015-02-22 17:37
Friday Book Haul: Feb. 20th Edition
Understanding The Lord of the Rings: The Best of Tolkien Criticism - Neil D. Isaacs,Rose A. Zimbardo
The Science Fiction Hall of Fame: Volume 1 - Robert A. Heinlein,Arthur C. Clarke,Isaac Asimov,Anthony Boucher,Roger Zelazny,Robert Silverberg,Damon Knight,Alfred Bester,Richard Matheson,Fritz Leiber,Daniel Keyes,Cordwainer Smith,Theodore Sturgeon,Lester del Rey,James Blish,Fredric Brown,A.E. van Vog
Immortal Unicorn - Peter S. Beagle,Janet Berliner
The Lathe of Heaven - Ursula K. Le Guin
White Teeth - Zadie Smith
The Longest Journey - E.M. Forster,Gilbert Adair,Elizabeth Heine
Beethoven Was One-Sixteenth Black: And Other Stories - Nadine Gordimer
The Dragon Queen - Alice Borchardt
Where I've Been, and Where I'm Going: Essays, Reviews, Prose - Joyce Carol Oates
Blood Thirst: 100 Years of Vampire Fiction - Leonard Wolf

Fridays are my alone time days. For a couple of hours, I get out of my house, away from work and my just-entering-the-terrible-twos toddler, and just binge my little heart out at the used book store. Pretty good haul this week, all for under $35. (I also got some Dean Koontz books for my mom- at 8 cents a piece! Not listing them, as I don't read him).


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review 2014-08-26 05:01
Lure of the Vampire
The Lure of the Vampire: Gender, Fiction and Fandom from Bram Stoker to Buffy - Milly Williamson

This is a fascinating book. Filled with all sorts of information on why vampires have remained so popular in myth and pop culture. The author holds a number of degrees including sociology, criminology, and social science and she even teaches a course online in which this is the text book. The book starts with mythology then works its way into modern times with discussions of role playing and those that live the lifestyles. It also boasts essays from people involved in the genre or the lifestyle. I would recommend it to anyone who wants a deeper understanding of the creature both in pop culture and in society.

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