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text 2017-05-17 09:21
Hipster Style for Girls the Trendy Outfits

The hipster style changes according to the heads and accessories are chosen for each outfit. The fashion hipster style for girls is constantly changing in recent years, in the most recent interpretations open to more quirky touches. The international fashion system continues to change, the inspirations that come from the past are many and often look back on high fashion runways revisited in ever new keys and unconventional. The style hipster indie and vintage is one of the most open to experimentation and external influences, but let us see what it is, what are its features and tips for trendy outfits in full hipster style.

Hipster Style: What is it and what are its characteristics

What is the hipster style? The history of the hipster culture began at the turn of the '20s and' 30s , a form of independent thinking and later a real lifestyle inspired in part by the indie rock music, from jazz and American culture of those maverick years. Locate a single type of clothing in hipster style is not easy because this style has evolved over the years experiencing the stimuli coming from music, art, literary culture and lately also on technology, coming to have influences also on the house and furniture. The refusal for the consumer and media culture hipster style led him to evolve in the sense of an androgynous style, so often I look hipster women and those men are similar, as you will understand better by looking at the hipster outfits in our pictures.

Hipster style fashion: of the must-have clothing


What are the characteristics of the hipster style? The summer hipster style rewards the very tight pants, so space jeggings and skinny jeans worn with calf fold that leaves in view of the ankle and in the last revivals inspired fashion 90s, even faux leather leggings. Alternatively, you can wear shorts, preferably made from vintage jeans, always paired with flat shoes. The choice between tops and t-shirt is very varied, it ranges between models with oversized lettering and more consistent shapes, however, brought under the skin nails, but the jacket in the most trendy hipster style is that of jeans.

The accessories hipster style: glasses, shoes and more

The hipster shoes for excellence are the sneakers - always prefer vintage models and evidently used -, so it is essential to learn how to match Converse when you want to dress in this style, or you can bet on lace, worn with tights in plain sight. The fashion hipster then leaves plenty of room for accessories: glasses hipster style eyeglasses or sunglasses have large frames, from the highbrow true fact, but even the hats have an important role in the look, preferably chosen in the male versions. There are also very showy scarves and stoles, caps and leather bracelets. To complete your look hipster should also be a thick bangs to Zooey Deschanel or alternatively an asymmetric cut even with locks dyed in bright colors.

The hipster vintage style

The vintage hipster style is more feminine and ladylike, as we often note when it comes to looks, the retro mood. The clothes hipster preferred are those with fancy flowers, especially in the 50 years forms with flared skirt and pleated: the online shop sites such as CalibreApparel dedicated to clothes hipster entire sections. In these cases, you match your patterns in scarves and shawls printed or plain, in glasses with large frames and lace-up shoes with a vintage style as the Frenchman and maybe add a pair of socks Paris during the cold season. A leather jacket with patches and colorful patch will give the look a touch perfectly hipster. The in hipster style outfit photos in our gallery show you combinations to suit all tastes, which is perfect for you?

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