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review 2018-12-17 15:50
A rather meh installment
Danger Point - Patricia Wentworth

Not my favorite Miss Silver. The main character, Lisle Jerningham, has all of the personality and vitality of an overcooked noodle and Miss Silver hardly enters the story at all.


I do love the way that Miss Silver apparently governessed for every member of British law enforcement.


In the Balance was better than Grey Mask, but I preferred Lonesome Road, and this one recycled many of the same plot points. It was not good to be a young woman in control over a large fortune in Miss Silver's world. 


The moral to the story: don't make a will. Or make a will leaving your entire fortune to the local pet rescue, so your family has an incentive to keep you alive.

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text 2018-12-12 15:45
Reading progress update: I've read 32%.
South Riding - Shirley Williams,Marion Shaw,Winifred Holtby

At this point, I'm struggling with this book. The writing is top notch, but there are so many characters and we're skipping around so much that I'm not really getting a good sense of person or place.


The plot summary makes it sound as though the book concentrates on Sarah Burton, the new headmistress to the local school. So far, though, our engagement with Miss Burton has been minimal. I'm hoping that now that the characters and the community have been introduced, Holtby settles in and gives us a bit more of a narrative.


Reading for my A Century of Women project - this is the book for 1936.

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text 2018-11-02 07:12
Improve Your Home’s Aesthetic Appeal with Mid-Century Modern Lighting Fixtures

Lighting is one of the most essential elements that illuminate our treasured objects, highlight colors, and affect the overall ambiance in a positive way. At the time of renovation, people generally find it difficult to choose the best lighting fixtures to enhance the beauty of their interior space. So, we recommend you to opt for installing mid-century inspired lighting items in your premises so as to create a well-lit and soothing ambiance in your home. These illuminating objects arrive in myriads of styles and textures such as Fontana Arte chandelier, Seguso glass table lamp, Murano Glass sconces and many more. However, it is imperative to place these lighting fixtures correctly in your premises otherwise, you’re unable to achieve your desired home’s look. Thus, here are some suggestions regarding where to place these objects correctly.



  • Wall sconces:


Italian wall sconces can be used as a functional accessory to produce ambient lighting effect as well as adds a touch of glamour in your abode. Sconces are the smart choice that can be fixed in almost any room. It can be installed on either side of the vanity mirror, bed and even dining table to add a sense of symmetry and in entryways to illuminate the space.

  • Chandeliers:


Chandeliers are a classic option to be installed in the dining room and can be used to sparkle the living room as well.Vintage Italian chandelierhanged in the front porch and stairways seems more finished and luxurious.

  • Table lamps:


Table lamps essentially serve as task lighting fixtures which makes it easier for you to concentrate on your work. It is the evergreen solution to brighten up the drab spaces. Installation of a stylish table lamp on either side of your bed looks incredible and remarkable. Also, these lamps can be used to accentuate valuable art objects.


These are some common lighting objects which will help you in creating an astounding interior in this festive season. However, it is important for you to buy these fixtures from a reliable source to ensure durability and peace of mind. One trustworthy source from where you can buy vintage home decor collectibles is Sergio Jaeger. They specialize in offering retro-inspired lighting and decor items to their clients at affordable prices. All their products are well-tested and durable. Whether you want Fontana Arte chandelier, side tables, lamps, candlesticks, or any other mid-century inspired decorative item, browse their website, place an order, and achieve the architectural elegance of modernism.


For more details, visit Sergiojaeger.com.

Original source - https://bit.ly/2RuBHcy

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review SPOILER ALERT! 2018-10-17 15:45
No one reads the same book twice
The Waiting Sands - Susan Howatch

This has some mild spoilers, so read at your peril. I doubt that many people will end up reading this book, though, so I figured why not?


I had a unique perspective on this book - it was a book that made an indelible impression on me when I was around 12 years old. I had found it on my mom's bookshelves, she was a fan of these old-fashioned gothic romances, or maybe at the used book store, and I remember staying up late one night and reading it. The climactic scene on the Cluny Sands etched itself on my memory quite deeply.


I didn't remember the name of the book, or the author, or even a single character name (how could I forget Decima or Rohan?), but I remembered the sense of brooding suspense and the horror of being trapped in quicksand. I actually looked for this book for several years before stumbling on The Waiting Sands in one of my random searches. I initially thought that it was probably The Shivering Sands, but reading it ruled it out for me. If I had reviewed this when I was 12, I would've given it a breathless, terrified five stars.


But, as the expression goes, you can't read the same book twice. I'm not 12 anymore, drawn to unhealthy, and emotionally abusive, relationships. Things that I skipped right over when I was a girl were unable to ignore as a woman. I'm still giving it three stars, mostly for nostalgia's sake and because the writing was quite good and that climactic scene in the quicksand was still pretty intense.


The romance, though, was just a total no go for me. I was astonished when I read Rachel's self-confession of undying love for Daniel after knowing him for all of perhaps 36 hours, both because she barely knew him and because he'd been a monumental asswagon to her. And then her decision to, in essence, pledge herself to eternal celibacy because some guy that she thought was hot for about two days, who was all mixed up in a murder and whom she actually believed WAS the MURDERER, was no longer available to her made me snort aloud. 


I've known a fair few murderers, guys. None of them are worth three minutes of celibacy, much less a lifetimes worth.


All of the characters were basically vile. Howatch tries to redeem Daniel, and at least partially succeeds, but it's a bit too little too late for my taste. Rachel is a wet mop.


This is a test: You find yourself on the edge of quicksand with someone you believe to a be a murderer. You are in a completely isolated spot and there is no one else for miles. He has fallen asleep and you are able to grab the gun. Do you:


a. Scamper away and dump the bullets into the quick sand and then pretend you were asleep, too or

b. Hold the motherfucker at gunpoint until you can get back to the boat and escape


If your answer is a, you might be the heroine of a gothic romance. Because heaven forfend that you might try to save your ownself.


It was fun to reconnect with that moronic tween who used to think that guys like Daniel were romantic. I'm really glad I grew the hell up before I picked a spouse.

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text 2018-10-17 05:40
The Waiting Sands - Susan Howatch

Page 123:


The heroine is dumb as a box of hammers, and all of these characters are vile.


Page 48:


I agree with Linda about the dog - it's a St. Bernard and better not get harmed or killed. I am thinking that this is the book I was thinking of - the reference to quicksand is very familiar. It scared the crap out of me when I saw about 12!


Page 1


This is the cover on my copy of The Waiting Sands - totally lame. Also, it doesn't look anything like Scotland to me. What do you all think?


I'm getting ready to start this one, although I also need to buckle down on The Career of Evil and get it finished as it is due back to the library quite soon! I'm going to work on both of them tonight.

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