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review 2017-10-21 23:07
Chalk full AF
The Diabolical Miss Hyde: An Electric Empire Novel (Electric Empire Novels) - Viola Carr


In London, we've got murderers by the dozen. Rampsmen, garroters, wife beaters and baby farmers, poisoners and pie makers and folk who'll crack you over the noddle with a ha'penny cosh for the sake of your flashy watch chain and leave your meat for the rats. Never mind what you read in them penny dreadful:  there ain't no romance in murder.


This was a mashup of steampunk, Victorian, Gothic, and classic horror. Our heroine is Dr. Eliza Jekyll AND Lizzie Hyde. She helps Inspector Griffin study crime scenes to catch the killers, currently trying to find The Chopper, and works/studies at Bedlam. Captain Lafayette comes on the scene, he works for the Royal Society. The Royal Society works to keep fey/magical people from society, they burn them when they find them. We also have a Mr. Todd who currently resides in Bedlam courtesy of Eliza, Finch who makes Eliza's elixir that helps keep Lizzie at bay, A.R. who is Eliza's mysterious benefactor, two doctors at Bedlam who may be up to no good, Johnny the mysterious fey boy, a Penny Dreadful writer, and a bunch of characters I'm probably forgetting because holy cow. All those characters I mentioned bring with them previously created horror themes. We've got Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (of course), Frankenstein, Werewolves, Sweeny Todd, Jack the Ripper, and a sort of Silence of the Lambs relationship. Again, I'm probably forgetting something.


It took me until around the 15% mark to get any sort of footing because of the amazing amount of characters and story threads happening, I felt like I was starting in the middle of a series. The Chopper plot started off the strongest  and I thought that was the main one but towards the middle, it starts to get left behind as we focus more on Eliza and issues in her life. All male characters seem to be in love with her, which was sort of annoying and the few female characters seemed to be jealous of her.


I pull his hand beneath my skirts, between my thighs, an inch above my garter where the stiletto sings. "See?" My breath is sultry against his neck. "Told you I had a weapon."

"Consider me ambushed."


Eliza, Inspector Griffin, and Captain Lafayette had fun chemistry when they went back and forth in their conversations but then Griffin heads more to the sides and a romance teases around Lafayette and Eliza and Lizzie. This is clearly the first in a series that will follow Eliza and I'm sure there will be a deepening of this relationship as we just get the start here.


Most of this was in first person pov from Eliza, with Lizzie cutting in and as so, when action scenes happen it was sometimes hard to follow along. I'm sure the author had a clear picture in her mind of what was happening but as a new to the scene reader, it was far from being clear and some of it breezed by me, it would have been nice to have a third person overview.


Basically, this story was jammed packed with characters and storylines (Sir Isaac Newton makes an appearance and starts a storyline that I'm not sure was ever really explained) and I spent a lot of time feeling lost. It was different and interesting and I might try the second now that I have at least an introduction to the world and characters.


(If anyone has read this, who is supposed to be on the guy on the cover?! Johnny?)


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text 2017-10-21 02:51
The Diabolical Miss Hyde: An Electric Empire Novel (Electric Empire Novels) - Viola Carr



"Wanted men hide in evil places,” he explained. “Bloodthirsty holes where the demons that devour us are made real."

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text 2017-10-19 18:54
Reading Update: 5%
The Diabolical Miss Hyde: An Electric Empire Novel (Electric Empire Novels) - Viola Carr


A woman lies dead, in a bleak slum alley just yards from the glittering theaters and smoking purple arc-lights of Haymarket. He's bunched her petticoats around her thighs, a black mess of blood. And above the knee, smart as a slice o' bacon, he's hacked her legs clean off.

Talk about a good seasonal read :)

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review 2016-11-27 04:55
The Diabolical Miss Hyde - Final thoughts
The Diabolical Miss Hyde: An Electric Empire Novel (Electric Empire Novels) - Viola Carr

The Diabolical Miss Hyde was a fun read, if a little out there. My only strong complaints are that Lizzie's character was more unformed than I prefer <spoiler>her personality had a tendency to flip-flop depending on the moment & what was convenient</spoiler> and Eliza was occasionally stupid for such an intelligent women, in addition to being ridiculously suspicious of EVERYONE, except for those she should be of course. *bangs head on the desk*

Otherwise an intriguing enough book, the split in personality and love interest was certainly interesting <spoiler> especially with that psycho Mr Todd, boy is he insane! can't see how Eliza could possibly feel anything positive for him, though I do fancy the red hair</spoiler>. Wouldn't mind seeing where that went, and I did so enjoy the struggle between Lizze & Eliza & there odd affection for each other. So I might pick up the other books in the series at some time, but not for a while I don't think.

Oh and for some odd reason I couldn't get the idea of Hippocrates being bug shaped out of my head, they constantly referred to him as a dog, but based on the descriptions but brain kept referring to him as a bug, maybe a lady beetle? sadly we saw less and less of him as the book went on. Hopefully he'll be in the next one.

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review 2016-02-16 15:21
The Devious Dr. Jekyll by Viola Carr
The Devious Dr. Jekyll: An Electric Empire Novel - Viola Carr

Dr. Eliza Jekyll (and Lizzie Hyde) and Remy Lafayette are back in The Devious Dr. Jekyll, the sequel to the fantastic The Diabolical Miss Hyde. Once again they have to team up to find a killer, this time, a ritual torturer called the Pentacle Killer. But, there is an enemy that could very well destroy Eliza, and it's not the dangerous Razor Jack who escaped in the confrontation at the end of the last book. No, the enemy is much closer. Much…much closer…

To say that I was very eager to read this book is an understatement. This is by far one of my favorite Steampunk series. But, actually, that isn't saying so much because despite liking the genre I do not read much Steampunk and for two good reasons. First, and most, I so damn sick and tired of vampires! Steampunk and vampires seem to go hand in hand in a way that I just can't understand. I can take anything, zombies, werewolves, monsters whatever, but please no more vampires. Secondly, the damn romance thing, with of course a lot of sex scenes because a book must have at least 250-200 pages and if the plot is razor thin, why not fill it out with sex.Gah!

This book, however, has a plot, an interesting, complex, and enthralling plot (and no vampires). I especially enjoyed reading this book because of the mix of historical characters with literary characters. The mystery is intriguing and Viola Carr has created great characters. Poor Eliza has to fight with Lizzie her devious counterpart who is yearning to be free. Remy Lafayette has his own secret and then there is Mr. Todd, Razor Jack, the dangerous serial killer who seem to be quite taken with Eliza, and her with him, although her fascination with him could be based on a wish to cure him because if she can perhaps, then she can cure herself…

I was a bit surprised of Eliza's and Remy's “relationship”. In the first book I got the feeling it was Lizzie he liked most, but in this, it seemed that Eliza was the one he is after. But then again, they are the same person and it would perhaps be easier to have a relationship with the one in “control”. Personally, I'm not totally sold when it comes to their relationship. I do prefer her more dangerous bond with Razor Jack. But, then again, he is a serial killer so perhaps Remy is better for her (although he has his own problem…hmm)…

I loved this book and I hope for a third book soon!

4.5 stars

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