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review 2020-08-11 01:44
The Virgin King - John Michael Curlovich

Lots of changes in the small kingdom of Bulvania.  The former King has passed, and they are looking for a replacement. Young Raymond is not sure he is the right choice.  He has already lived a life of seclusion.


Logan, being tugged along by his father, is not sure he wants to even see Bulvania.  He thinks spending any time there will mean being less himself. His appreciation for fine looking things may help him change his mind.


I found the book started out pretty well.  The explanations, while a bit weak, at least caught my interest enough to stick around to find out more.  Then it just got weird with no warning.  I am not a spoiler type of person so I will just leave it there.  I will say I had hoped to have more story base.  I felt like it was getting rushed and absolutely struggled to get to the end.  I would not really recommend this one to my readers.  I know that is rare, but we cannot love them all.  I give this one a 3/5 Kitty's Paws UP!



***This copy was given by Netgalley and its publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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review 2020-06-28 01:29
Virgin Daiquiri (Love After Midnight Book 2) by: Elise Faber
Virgin Daiquiri (Love After Midnight Book 2) - Elise Faber




Virgin Daiquiri by Elise Faber

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Faber doesn't play emotions by ear. She takes them to heart. Virgin Daiquiri is sweet and complex. The emotions are raw enough to pull at heartstrings and captivating enough to show the beauty of love. Brent and Iris are a soul stirring contradiction that will have emotions eagerly taking notice.

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review 2020-06-09 05:15
A Virgin River Christmas
A Virgin River Christmas - Robyn Carr

Virgin River, Book 4

I Picked Up This Book Because: #Barbsbookopoly roll 1.

The Characters:

Marcie Sullivan:
Ian Buchanan:
Mel, Jack, Preacher, Paige, Doc, Hope

The Story:

Marcie’s husband has passed away after a long recovery from a bombing in Iraq. She sets out looking for the man who rescued him to find some closure with a friend who has recused himself from society. Ian is by all accounts a great friend and a great C.O. but comes home from his tour with more than a few mental scars.

Ian and Marcie save each other in different ways. I quite enjoyed their story and I enjoyed another visit to Virgin River, even if this mostly takes place on the outskirts.

The Random Thoughts:

4 Stars

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review 2020-04-19 03:07
Review: The Virgin and the Rogue by Sophie Jordan
The Virgin and the Rogue - Sophie Jordan

Reviewed for Wit and Sin


The Virgin and the Rogue is a fast-paced romance with a bit of an old school historical romance feel. It begins with Charlotte accidentally being dosed with an aphrodisiac, leading to a heated encounter with Kingston, the stepbrother of Charlotte’s brother-in-law. Kingston is shocked by this and though he doesn’t stop Charlotte’s actions, he doesn’t take advantage of her either. I struggled with this part of the story because – while I can see author Sophie Jordan likely intended the “tonic” to be a device to open Charlotte’s eyes to her true wants and needs – the way it played out felt uncomfortable to me. An aphrodisiac that effectively takes over Charlotte made her first sexual encounter with Kingston unpalatable to me, though I think the intent was for the scene to be sexy. This all happens in the beginning of the story so it’s not a spoiler and I give the detail more so people know what they’re getting into with this book.

Troubling beginning aside, The Virgin and the Rogue is an OK romance. Charlotte was a rather insipid heroine hiding behind a bland engagement, her role as the “boring” sister, and the excuse that she was dosed with an aphrodisiac. She finds her voice over the course of the story, but it’s not the most interesting voice out there and it takes her quite some time to be honest with herself. Charlotte is, in a word, unobjectionable. Kingston is the more interesting of the pair; a reformed rogue who is at loose ends when the story begins. Kingston is the illegitimate son of an earl and a courtesan and watching his mother waste away and his father continue his hedonistic lifestyle without any care has left a big impact on him. I liked Kingston and wished we delved further into his character and his tense relationship with his stepbrother than we did. Kingston is a good mix of gentleman and rogue and he brings Charlotte out of her shell. Their romance is push-pull and felt a bit shallow at times, but I liked where they ended up.

I had major issues with The Virgin and the Rogue, but it was by no means a bad book. Ms. Jordan has an engaging writing style and the pages of the story practically flew by. Charlotte just wasn’t the heroine for me and the initial premise of the story made me uncomfortable in a way the author probably did not intend. Still, I will happily read the next Rogue Files book, The Duke Effect, because Charlotte’s scientist sister Nora was utterly fascinating and I cannot wait to see what Ms. Jordan has in store for her.

FTC Disclosure: I received this book for free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.


Source: witandsin.blogspot.com/2020/04/review-virgin-and-rogue-by-sophie-jordan.html
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text 2020-03-30 05:59
Divi Aruba Phoenix Beach Resort Information

If you are looking for a peaceful location to invest a weekend then you could do far even worse than plan a journey to Hayling Island - Hampshire. This is a gorgeous place renowned for its diverse variety of plants and situated over looking the Solent.

If you like your vacation to be a bit more daring and less about lazing around in the sun, then perhaps Hinchinbrook Island is the one for you. The big attraction here is the 32km Thorsborne Path. This is a reasonably requiring hiking track which takes in waterfalls, mangroves and beaches.

Kyma House uses a low season rate of $3,800. For mid season, it's $5,995 and for the high season, it's $10,595 for a week. A 4-night stay is only $4,115 throughout the mid season and $2,610 during the low season.

Acapulco has island water sports an excellent environment and an amazing night life. This city of a million individuals has some amazing beaches too. You will have the time of your life here with fantastic skiing, amazing environment, food and individuals. You can likewise visit the Fuerte de San Diego which was integrated in 1616. It's a Spanish fort. In case you enjoy experience, work with a taxi and drive through the zigzag streets of the old town. You will see the ancient sites here.

Dauphin Island is known for the abundance of bird types it nests. It supplies habitat for more than 3 hundred bird species such as shore flying birds, wading birds, sea birds and water sports hawaii fowl, to name a couple of. The bird sanctuary is a perfect place for the bird enthusiasts to watch the wild birds in their natural habitat. The majority of the bird types reside in the island permanently while https://www.wattpad.com/user/watersportshawaii others fly trying to find shelter during the winters. Even if you check out the location in summertimes and miss out on the migratory birds, you still have the home birds to spot flying around the sea.

The majority of people specifically baby boomers have actually been viewing Marco island as the best retirement getaway. I can relate with the belief considering that the weather condition remains mild throughout the year providing you with a number of activities to take up whenever you wish to.

Finally, if you want to check out other islands, outing can take you to Lanai or Molokai by ferry. Ferries leave daily from the dock in Lahaina, Maui.

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