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review 2018-04-09 15:50
His Mistletoe Wager - Virginia Heath His Mistletoe Wager - Virginia Heath

Henry Stuart, Earl of Redbridge is challenged by his brother-in-law to get five kisses from a woman, it turns out to be Lady Elizabeth Wilding, a woman who is trying to avoid society. Once upon a time she was jilted but the man who jilted her left her with a secret, a son. Her father is in the foreign office and has some influence and is desperate to marry her off, but she just wans to retreat to the country. One of the men her father has introduced her to is determined to get her and use her father.

I enjoyed the read.

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review 2017-08-22 16:01
So Much Angst
A Warriner To Protect Her (The Wild Warriners) - Virginia Heath

Oh man, I hope Jack Warriner leaves his past issues behind and enjoys his life rather than the wallow he was engaging in about the past, both his family past and his own.  He takes all the cares of the world on his shoulders, including the issues with people's perceptions of him and his family and does his best to be a better person.  It doesn't always work but he always tries.


And another problem enters his life, Letty, she stumbles into his arms half-dead with her hands tied and soaked through.  He brings her home and nurses her back to health, she's an heiress whose uncle has a nefarious plan to have her married off and then killed for her wealth, but he only has a month before she has power over her own assets; she has a month to keep herself alive.


I loved how they interacted, while there were a few places where I wanted them deeply to use their words, I could see how they both wouldn't. They both have trust issues, both in themselves and others but they also come to realise how important they are to each other, eventually.  I found it very entertaining.

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review 2017-08-12 21:54
Unlucky coincidence
Her Enemy at the Altar - Virginia Heath

This book had the unlucky coincidence of being read right after a lackluster book that pretty much had the same storyline.


Tall heroine who hides her hurt behind a tough abrasive exterior. This book's heroine was better constructed but the whole "I can never believe I have any minuscule attractiveness to me" carried on far too long. It ended up giving her a bit of immaturity.


Poor gorgeous hero who needs to marry for money to save estate. Same character outline as the other books I read but story placement here was a bit different with hero and heroine's families having a centuries old feud. The feud wasn't really explained but how it effected their present families was detailed. They are caught in a compromising position and hero marries heroine even though her father doesn't give him her dowry, thus bankrupting the hero.


This book had more of a story construct but how long it takes the hero and heroine to develop past the immature "I hate you!" "No, I hate you!" took too long and I missed seeing their relationship without any animosity. 

Since I read this right after not enjoying an extremely similar storyline, I definitely think I already had my fill of insecure abrasive tall heroines (I'm even one!) and the poor gorgeous heroes who just want them to recognize how regal they are. 

The bottom line, I was exhausted by how long it took hero and heroine to move beyond their animosity. 

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text 2017-08-04 11:58
Miss Bradshaw's Bought Betrothal - Virgi... Miss Bradshaw's Bought Betrothal - Virginia Heath

Loved this, the characters sparked off each other and I could see the romance building, even as they both tried to resist it.


Evelyn Bradshaw has a plan, get engaged to a guy who wants money, spend some time finding a suitable home, forever leave toxic step-mother and step-sisters to their own devices and have a life, what she doesn't expect is that her fiance will abandon her to his twin brother and that she would start to have feelings for him.


He never believed that he would find another romance after his wife's tragic death, but Evelyn seems to be blowing a fresh breeze through his life and he's not sure he wants to let her go.


I loved it, it caught my attention and wouldn't let go.

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review 2017-07-17 13:18
A Warriner To Rescue Her (The Wild Warri... A Warriner To Rescue Her (The Wild Warriners) - Virginia Heath

Entertaining story of rescue by two people who need each other and who understand that together they are so much more than separately. She is bullied by her father and he is trying to recover from his captive experiences during the Napoleonic wars. His first rescue involves her trying to rescue a cat from up a tree only to be caught and once he rescues her he can't stop thinking about her.  Both of them indulge their creative sides despite many attempts to stop them and together again they become a great team.


I loved this couple and how they both wanted each other to be happy and discovering that together they would be excellent is a bonus.


Enjoyable and I look forward to more by this author.

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