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review 2018-05-17 19:42
Bad decisions...
Wait for Dark (A Bishop/SCU Novel) - Kay Hooper

I like Kay Hooper but it's a very bad decision to start reading one of her books when I'm about to go to bed.


When there are a number of mysterious deaths that are apparently accidental but there are too many of them in too short a time in this small town.  Each of the deaths have first text messages with "Wait for dark" in them and when the sherrif discovers this he realises that he's out of his depth and he asks for help from the SCU unit.  Bishop sends Hollis Templeton and some of the rest of the team.  The killer is hiding in society well and is almost taunting them.


While the story was quite satisfying in some ways I did feel like I was missing something in it and the conclusion felt somewhat random.

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review 2017-12-20 17:12
Really been enjoying the Christmas cozies! :)
Thread the Halls (A Mainely Needlepoint Mystery) - Lea Wait

This one was a little different than the others from this series but I enjoyed it.


Angie just wants to have a normal Christmas as it will be the first one since she came back home, but it seems fate has other plans. Her boyfriend’s mother Skye, an actress, is coming home with her crew as they are having some problems on set. She wants everything decorated, catered and all sorts of extravagant things done for Christmas by the time she gets there and for while she is there. Patrick is stressing out a bit and ask Angie and her needlepointers for help. This was not the plans that Angie had for the days leading up to Christmas.


Then one of the actors ends up dead and chaos of the holidays ensues plus trying to figure out why anyone would want to kill Paul. Then Patrick, Angie’s boyfriend is poisoned and then Angie is under suspicion for the murder. It’s not turning out to be a very merry Christmas the way Angie had hoped.


I really like Angie and the gang of needlepointers they are a pretty cool lot. Even though Skye can be a bit extravagant as she is an actress she can also be pretty cool and I really like Patrick too. It just has a great cast of characters.


The motive for what was happening I couldn’t figure out though I guessed who had done it pretty early on, I just was baffled as to why and there was a little surprise that caught me off guard towards the very end it kind of went along with a bit of the storyline with the screenwriters. 


I have really been enjoying the holiday cozies this year and this was another good one!

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review 2017-10-29 02:25
Worth the Wait (Guthrie Brothers) by Lori Foster
Worth the Wait: A Sexy Summer Read (The Guthrie Brothers) - Lori Foster


Lori Foster doubles the pleasure with twice the sexy sweetness and a smidge of mystery.  Small town reads are my addiction and Brooklin and Nathan with their penchant for unpredictability, stir up trouble, while Hogan and Violet spice up their lives with a bit of wicked temptation.  Hot fun meets the danger zone making the tittle a perfect.  Lori Foster is worth the wait. 

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review 2017-10-02 01:07
Another favorite cozy series
Tightening the Threads (A Mainely Needlepoint Mystery) - Lea Wait


This is one of my favorite cozy series and it's always fun to get back together with Angie and the gang. 


Sarah has been harboring some big news and it's about to become public soon so she tells Angie about it first. Ted Lawrence is having a birthday party and gathering his three children and a couple others to his house at The Point. He is going to make a big announcement, that Sarah is his niece. She has Angie to come with her in case the siblings don't take it well. 


Sarah didn't know that he was going to make an even bigger announcement and that has everyone at the table (except Sarah who is surprised and Angie and Patrick as they are not family) Then at the clambake the following night Ted dies and they suspect it was red tide from a bad clam, but soon they find out it could have been something more sinister. Then the next day, I believe Silas, Abbie's husband, has drowned in the ocean. Or did he? 


The only ones who could have killed Ted were the ones there at the clambake so who was it? Luke ask Angie to try and figure it out once they have decided it was murder. 

I like Angie, but I am not a fan of her drinking in the last book it had calmed down some but there was lots of drinking going on in this one. Makes me wonder if the author loves to drink. Angie went from being a private investigator in Arizona to handling the finances of the Mainely Needlepointers and learning the craft herself. She seems to be settling back into Maine rather well. I like Sarah too, so I was glad to finally know what had been going on with her and Ted. Since Ted was so much older than her it was kind of gross thinking they were dating but Angie and I am sure a lot of others was starting to think that...lol. Sarah has had a tough life and all she wants is family but boy did she get a dysfunctional one! 


It has a good mystery although I had the murderer pegged from the beginning but there was some things I wasn't sure about so it didn't bother me knowing because sometimes I did second guess myself but I was right. :) I like being right...lol.


This is a great series for any cozy mystery lover!

Source: www.amazon.com/Tightening-Threads-Mainely-Needlepoint-Mystery-ebook/dp/B01HWKM6CU/ref=tmm_kin_swatch_0?_encoding=UTF8&qid=&sr=
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review 2017-09-25 22:29
Lie in Wait (Canaan Crime Series) by Eric Rickstad
Lie In Wait - Eric Rickstad

In Lie in Wait a teenage girl is murdered while babysitting for a lawyer who's taken on a high-profile, highly controversial case. Set in a fictionalized version of the small town of Canaan in the far Northeastern corner of the Vermont, this is a thriller that makes great use of its setting and recent history.

In 2000 Vermont legalized civil unions for same-sex couples and there was a backlash across the state from many Vermonters who felt that their state was being "taken over" by liberal flatlanders who were moving to the state in large numbers and therefore their own concerns were being ignored. Signs were put up everywhere encouraging voters to "Take Back Vermont" and roll back the civil union legislation and many other progressive policies. The bigots did not win that time, but its hard for me to forget how many of those signs there were, and how slowly they came down.

Rickstad sets his novel in 2010 against the backdrop of gay marriage instead of civil unions. This brings the action more towards the present for the reader and perhaps ties the Take Back Vermont movement in with other, more recent, knee-jerk political movements. The truth is, in my part of the state, there wasn't nearly as much animosity or division about the same-sex marriage bill as there was about same-sex civil unions, but animosity and division make for a better novel.

The sleepy town of Canaan is rocked by the murder of a bright young girl in the home of a prominent man. Was her death a tragic quarrel with a boyfriend, a message from those opposed to the gay marriage case, or something else? Detective Sonja Test wants to make the most out of this case, there are few opportunities to investigate this level of crime, but the case belongs to the State Police and Detective North, so she has to work within his investigation. Sonja's struggles are compounded by sexism and Rickstad deftly handles that. Women have fair play here, which isn't always the case in genre novels.

I have some issues with the ending, but it was still satisfying.

My real disappointment is an editorial one. I read the paperback first edition and it is riddled with errors - character descriptions contradicting each other, sometimes on the same page; the time of day in one pivotal scene of confrontation is referred to as both the morning and the afternoon; and some small typos. I hope these have been fixed for future editions.

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