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text 2018-11-13 05:15
Tremendously Terrific Wall Cabinet Designs for An Innovative Look

Storage is required in many rooms, whether it is your bedroom, living room, dining room, or study room. But at the same time, space is one of the critical things that pose hindrance in fulfilling these storage needs. Although furniture units such as a chest of drawers and cabinets are available to store all your requisite stuff, these take considerate floor space. Especially, in the modern-day apartment culture where most of the rooms are compact, these bulk storage units wouldn’t be the right solution to our storage problems.


Wall cabinets are the perfect furniture units that save a lot of space and have ample storage capacity. Since these units are also called hanging wall cabinet; we are left with a lot of effective floor-space.


These storage units can be hung anywhere around the home, such as on the walls, or in wall-corners utilising empty spots on the walls.
Since these units are designed in contemporary styles; their aesthetics help to embellish the interior of your house. These wooden wall cabinets online are available in a number of overlaying finishes, which come in a number of wooden-finish options as well as colourful finishes.


In the following points, I have described some of the innovative wooden wall cabinet designs, that enhance the look of contemporary time interiors.

Innovative Wooden Wall Cabinet Designs


Quatro Wall Shelf
This is a uniquely designed hanging wall cabinet. This innovative design has a cabinet in the center, with open shelves on all the four corners, surrounding the wall cabinet. The outer surface of the cabinet is decorated with a colourful floral design that gives a wonderful accent to the beautiful grain pattern of the sheesham wood. The aesthetics are charmed more by overlaying finishes such as walnut, honey, mahogany and teak.
This wall cabinet can be useful in the kitchenettes for storing utilities in the cabinet and adorning the open shelves with decorative items.


Ripley Wall Shelf
This wooden wall cabinet model has two open shelves and two closed cabinets, which are aesthetically adorned with amazing grain pattern of the sheesham wood. Sheesham hardwood also gives durability to this furniture.
This wall cabinet can be used in a number of places such as in the study rooms. The open shelves can be used for keeping books on display.


Esparza Wall Shelf
This is a rusty and traditional design of wooden wall cabinet which is organised in three compartmentalised shelves within a cabinet. Sheesham hardwood gives durability to the wooden wall cabinet, and also its grain pattern gives a ravishing look to the aesthetics. This wall cabinet is functionally useful for kitchens as well as dining rooms.


Odom Wall Shelf
This is an inventive wall cabinet design, specially designed for hanging in a wall-corner. This wall cabinet can be useful in kitchenettes, dining rooms, or bedrooms.

Simone Wall Shelf
This wooden wall cabinet design is patterned with stylistic bohemian-time designs which give a unique look to the interiors of the room. The bottom bunk has an open shelf which can be very useful for keeping decorative items on display.

Wall cabinets are space savvy designer units that can be hung in a variety of places including bedroom, dining room, living and kitchen. These can be used in a number of ways to store a variety of things. Such as these can be used as a storage cabinet in the kitchen or dining area, as a bookshelf in the study room or miscellaneously for storing rarely or frequently used stuff.
Wooden Street has a vast collection of wooden wall cabinets for the interiors of numerous sorts, designed in stylish patterns. When it comes to storage, we have bookshelves for study rooms, chest of drawers, hutch cabinets, crockery units, shoe racks, magazine racks, bar cabinets and many more.
You could also check our interior designing services and the vast collection of other furniture units.

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text 2018-11-05 09:33
Redeck your Wall with Language and Echo: via Wall Frames and Icons

There is no doubt in the fact that photos and portraits have become a must to be displayed on the wall. 1990’s was the time when by wall hangings all we meant was a huge pendulum clock. Well, now people have geared up, ancient era has passed and interior décor to the house has become as essential as cheese to the pizza.


And therefore, there have been introduced a variety of options to adorn your abode. Wall picture frames, wall photo frames, wall hangings etc. have become essentials to the essence of the home. Now that online market is meant to provide services at your home, they also intend to provide a variety to chose from. When you search the first awesome pop-up would be that of Woodenstreet.com which by no doubt provides a ravishing range to chose from. You get to get innumerous wall frames to go for.
Here, I will specify some of the categories to chose from in terms of wall frames:


1. Wall Photo Frames Collage
You collect albums to see so many beautiful pictures of yours. So why not display on the wall as well. A wall photo frame collage has become a striving trailblazer in modern houses. In fact, people nowadays get new houses keeping in mind how they will decorate their wall. So, if you are intending the same, you should definitely put a glance at Woodenstreet.com where there are so many splendid photo frame collages available. Grace your wall with your happy faces!


2. Wall Photo Collages with Notes
Give voice to your wall with amazing wall frames with words. For instance, home arrow photo collage, love photo collage, eatery photo collage etc. On Woodenstreet include wall picture frames with words. Thus, clearly expressing the intention of the frames. Eatery frame in the dining room or in the kitchen is a complete depiction of foodies. Home arrow photo frame can be used in the lobby to indicate the family members in the photo frames and the arrow to highlight your home inside. Therefore, wall photo collages with notes clearly give language to the walls.


3. Floater Framed Wall Art
These wall frame paintings are a perfect poise to your wall. This category holds a combination of paintings, that are so finely coordinating among each other. It holds the capacity to even turn a lame cement wall to an outstanding piece of décor. These paintings are generally theme based holding combinations of blue, yellow, green etc. primary colors. This clearly is an outstanding symbolism of elegance to the house.


4. Mirror Collage
Gone are the days, when mirrors were just meant as a tool to see your face. Nowadays, mirrors can be a marvelous wall art to your wall. Products like Bohemian mirror collage on Woodenstreet includes a blissful display of mirrors to the wall. A combination of mirror of different sizes with certain art pieces, have become a trendsetter to the modern abode.


5. Wooden Window Frames
Wooden window frame is an entirely different concept to highlight your walls. Earlier while by window frames we only meant too wooden doors, wooden window frames with mirror is an exquisitely amazing design to your abode. For instance, pinot window frame is a masterpiece for your window. This will give an outstanding appeal to the interior as well as the exterior of the house.


These were some of the categories that were worth a depiction for your abode. Now that everybody desires a dream house, and people have stopped thinking of the fact that home is just meant to be four walls. The market has developed itself to fulfil every individual dream of a beautiful house. Woodenstreet to some extent definitely offers a key to a gorgeous home. Just surf through the best and you are all set to plan your dream home!


For more information, visit woodenstreet.com and avail the Diwali sale and get 20% extra discount!

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review 2018-10-30 09:40
Löschen! Löschen! Löschen!
American Psycho - Harald Hellmann,Clara Drechsler,Bret Easton Ellis

„American Psycho“ von Bret Easton Ellis ist einer der weltweit umstrittensten Romane aller Zeiten. In Deutschland erschien das Buch 1991, 1995 setzte es die Bundesprüfstelle für jugendgefährdende Medien auf den Index. Über 5 Jahre war es nicht frei erhältlich, bis der Verlag Kiepenheuer & Witsch (KiWi) vor dem Oberverwaltungsgericht gegen die Indizierung klagte und gewann. In Australien und Neuseeland müssen Käufer_innen bis heute mindestens 18 Jahre alt sein. Ellis erhielt Morddrohungen, wurde massiv angefeindet und musste sich Misogynie und Sadismus unterstellen lassen. 27 Jahre später ist die Aufregung abgeebbt und „American Psycho“ hat seinen Weg in die Popkultur gefunden. Obwohl er ein Geschöpf der 80er Jahre ist, treffen die vom Protagonisten Patrick Bateman verkörperten gesellschaftlichen Entwicklungen den modernen Zeitgeist. Bateman ist eine Ikone, ein Halloween-Kostüm. Höchste Zeit, ihn kennenzulernen.


Patrick Bateman verbirgt sein wahres Gesicht nicht. Er hat es nicht nötig, sich zu verstecken. Perfekt in der belanglosen Unpersönlichkeit seiner Existenz eingerichtet frönt er seinen abscheulichen Neigungen, ohne fürchten zu müssen, entdeckt zu werden. Er mordet. Er foltert. Die dünne Fassade, die seinen Wahnsinn von seinem Leben als erfolgreicher Banker an der Wall Street trennt, reicht aus, um sein Umfeld zu täuschen. Geblendet von seinem makellosen Körper, seinem teuren Haarschnitt, seiner vollendeten Garderobe und dekadenten Restaurantbesuchen vermutet niemand, was Pat Bateman in Wahrheit ist: ein Schlächter, ein Psychopath. Niemand ahnt, dass sich mitten unter ihnen ein Monster in der Sicherheit der Anonymität eingegraben hat…


„American Psycho“ ist Bret Easton Ellis‘ Kritik an der kapitalistischen Wertentleerung in den USA der 80er Jahre. Der kontroverse Autor gestand lange nach der Veröffentlichung seines Skandalromans, dass dieser in vielerlei Hinsicht autobiografisch ist. Er lebte in den 80ern selbst in New York und befand sich damals in der paradoxen Situation, Teil einer Gesellschaft sein zu wollen, deren Ideale er ablehnte. Sein Protagonist Patrick Bateman personifiziert die Albtraumvorstellung seiner selbst; er ist eine Figur, mit der er sich identifizieren konnte, obwohl er sie fürchtete. Ich respektiere Ellis‘ gerechtfertigte Missbilligung und die persönliche Note, dank der „American Psycho“ entstand. Dennoch frage ich mich, ob dieses Buch in dieser Form tatsächlich nötig war. Es ist menschenverachtend, brutal, widerlich und wenn es nicht gerade Brechreiz provoziert, langweilt es und liest sich wie besonders dreistes, langatmiges Productplacement. In der unerträglichen Ich-Perspektive des reichen, attraktiven Investmentbankers Pat Bateman quälte ich mich durch seitenlange pedantische Beschreibungen materieller Güter, durch unbedeutende Essen mit austauschbaren Narzissten, durch den Alltag eines Mannes, dessen Dasein völlig von Oberflächlichkeiten bestimmt wird. Eine Handlung im herkömmlichen Sinne war für mich nicht erkennbar. Weder hat „American Psycho“ einen richtigen Anfang, noch ein befriedigendes Ende. Ich zappte auf der ersten Seite in das Leben von Pat Bateman hinein und am Schluss wieder heraus. Dazwischen litt ich sehr unter der leidenschaftslosen Monotonie seiner inkonsequenten, distanzierten Litanei und gerade, als ich dachte, schlimmer könne es nicht mehr werden, begannen die Morde. Natürlich wusste ich, dass Bateman einen Dachschaden hat. Die angespannte Aura aggressiven Wahnsinns, die ihn umgibt, war nicht zu ignorieren. Aber was ich seinetwegen zu erleben gezwungen war, werde ich ihm niemals verzeihen. Pat Bateman ist mehr als ein psychopathischer Serienmörder. Er ist ein abscheuliches Monster. Die Mord- und Folterszenen in „American Psycho“ sind das Furchtbarste, das ich jemals lesen musste. Ich wünschte, ich könnte sie aus meinem Gedächtnis löschen. Mich erschütterte nicht nur die kreative Grausamkeit des Protagonisten, mich verstörte auch Bret Easton Ellis‘ Inszenierung der gewalttätigen Abschnitte. Der Autor arbeitete mit sehr harten Kontrasten, sodass das Buch ständig zwischen einlullenden Belanglosigkeiten und explosiven Gräueltaten schwankt. Batemans Gewaltpotential durchläuft dabei eine alarmierende Abwärtsspirale, seine Verbrechen werden von Mal zu Mal dreister, intensiver und abstoßender. Es wirkte, als wollte Ellis den größtmöglichen Effekt erzielen und auch noch die letzten Leser_innen aus ihren Komfortzonen katapultieren. Er musste immer noch einen draufsetzen. Neben diesen plastischen und plakativen Schilderungen spielte es für mich beinahe keine Rolle, dass sein Protagonist ein sehr komplexer, widersprüchlicher Charakter ist, der all das symbolisiert, was in unserer Gesellschaft schiefläuft. Ich verstehe, was er darstellt. Ich begreife, dass Ellis zunehmende Anonymität, Isolation, Konsumorientierung, Maßlosigkeit und Gleichgültigkeit anprangert. Ich erkenne seine Absicht. Doch wer solche Mittel verwendet, muss sich nicht wundern, wenn die Botschaft negativ überstrahlt wird.


„American Psycho“ entzieht sich einem einfachen Urteil. Es ist ein Buch, das sich schwer in Worte fassen lässt. Ich weiß, dass es als moderner Klassiker gilt und kann nachvollziehen, dass Bret Easton Ellis‘ Kritik noch heute Resonanz erzeugt. Meiner Meinung nach ist der kritische Aspekt jedoch zu schwach, um die krassen Extreme zu rechtfertigen, auf die der Autor zurückgreift und das Buch als lesenswert auszuzeichnen. Ich bin nicht gewillt, eine Empfehlung auszusprechen. Ob ihr euch diese Gewaltorgie geben wollt, müsst ihr selbst entscheiden. Vielleicht wäre „Fight Club“ von Chuck Palahniuk die bessere Wahl: thematisch ähnlich, aber harmloser und bekömmlicher.
Ich werde meine Erinnerungen an „American Psycho“ jetzt jedenfalls in einer tiefen, dunklen Ecke meines Hirns wegschließen. Ich möchte nicht länger daran denken.

Source: wortmagieblog.wordpress.com/2018/10/30/bret-easton-ellis-american-psycho
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text 2018-10-29 07:45
TOp Bathroom Kitchen Floor Tiles


As most of you recognize, we provide associate degree assortment of pre-designed murals for easy ordering, however what we actually love doing is making distinctive one-of-a-kind styles. What will create these even a lot of special is once our customers offer items to travel into their style. explore some examples below, and take a look at to identify the hidden accents!

Here's a custom 20"x32" mural we're finishing. This mural encompasses a customer-supplied Petoskey stone within the higher left corner. It additionally options oars from the pool Dog.


Collection, fish from the Lake Dog assortment, and sea star, turtles, and shells from the Ocean Dog assortment. this is often really not the primary mural we've used a

Petoskey stone in...


We recently worked on a mural that had multiple smaller Petoskey stones that were armored in by the client for our artists to feature in.


A bit totally different from Petoskey stones - during this custom mural the client equipped ocean glass and sharks teeth!


Here's the installation exposure of the custom mural with ocean glass and sharks teeth. we have a tendency to area unit forever happy to include customer-supplied items into our murals and borders - it positively makes them one-of-a-kind! Visit now


Source: www.wishkarma.com
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text 2018-10-23 06:21
Multi art canvas wall display can go be on the imagination

She designed a life she loved!!” A high-quality art canvas wall displays with striking pieces of wall art that can be customised which could include a picture with a different range of different style and effects from pop art. To make over smiles and laughter shine through the canvas and rise the feel and mood of the room, the canvas sizes and dimension can also be customised that could easily match any size of image and space where it will easily hang. There most of the rooms benefit from good wall art, by placing good quality of picture or even the photograph can easily liven up a room which could easily add plenty of individuality and character and could help to complete the overall design of the wall space.

Right size with right colour

The most difficult part in choosing the right piece of the wall art that could often for finding exactly combination of the proper colouring, with the right size and the right subject is something that can prove difficult to discover. Moving with personalized multi-art canvas wall art is a guaranteed way of providing all of the factors is one of the perfect looking art on the wall. Art canvas wall display enables to select a photograph or even picture of any description. Overall result can be striking incredible with a sort of tiled effect utilizing one of the favourite photographs or even create artwork with beautiful art colouring.

Art Canvas Wall Displays

Technique artwork

Working with the technique of using a proper row of the three canvasses to display a single image or a beauty story in the image is called triptych and moving with this type of design still exists with a number of many other options. The canvas print wall display with montage can be created that bring together a lifetime of memories into a single display and offers a unique way to show the best photography from several years of relationship together. Moving with new technology where canvas print photo sees the digital photo printed on to a canvas and then stretched over a gallery grade frame.

Creating family photography and portraits are popular with the subjects for canvas prints wall display because of the high quality of photo reproduction that could offer a choice of any type of photo or picture that can even have a favourite piece of artwork converted into a great looking canvas to hang on the wall to create a unique display.


Where canvas printing is a technique that is used to transform loving photos, images, drawing into valuable artwork by transferring them directly on the high quality of art canvas wall display as a perfect way to create stunning and personalized prints. Moving with gallery wrapped canvas prints wall display as a fine way to enlarge the digital photos and preserve them on quality prints and also ensure lasting value to the photos.

Source: Create personalized canvas prints wall display based on lifestyle

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