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text 2017-10-10 08:56
How StudioBKK Can Improve Your Social Media Campaign

One of the digital marketing services offered by StudioBKK is social media marketing. It is known to be the fastest way to increase the visibility and reach of a brand in just a short period. StudioBKK is committed in helping businesses in market to improve conversion. We tap on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to identify demographics and target audiences that are suitable for the ads. Other marketing techniques cannot provide the same result derived from social media marketing. Interested businesses can request for a quote from our website at www.studiobkk.com/digital-services/.


StudioBKK imparts strategy that should be employed in social media marketing. The most important thing is that the goals of the company should coincide with the goals you are trying to accomplish through social media. This is when you can ensure that your marketing efforts will have the most impact. Progress will not be possible if the goals are not going in the same direction. When you create goals for your social media campaign, it is important to consider the bigger picture and target goals such as increasing brand awareness, more traffic for the website, create new leads, higher revenue, boost the engagement of the audience, create a community and be able to learn more about the target audience.


Next, the goals should be broken down into specific strategies. This means that you have to determine the specific actions you need to implement in order to reach the goal. The plan should be prioritized because marketing teams do not have infinite resources. Choosing the things that need to be prioritized should be based on the value of the strategy, the effort needed for each strategy and its simplicity.


Once prioritization is done, the next step that should be done is to assign the people that will do the tasks and to set an estimated time when things should be accomplished. Lastly, keep in mind that not everything is set in stones thus if adjustments are necessary, the team should be able to adapt and reevaluate the strategies when needed.

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text 2015-07-24 20:29
My main author's site is now mobile!

( heh heh! booklikes emoticons )



Whoosh! Ran my main site, http://a-girlstudio.com through Google's mobile-friendly test. The site is finally mobile-friendly! Not the prettiest template, but it's responsive, so that's a win. My tackling the redesigns for Charm School and the just launched Darquepunk are next. ^v^


The redesign I had before (during and after the big "my site's hosting is screwed" fiasco), was really striking, but just because I'm impressed by aesthetics doesn't mean it drives well on people's devises. Frankly, it stank on phones. Having to find a Wordpress template that works well for authors/creative people is hard; what I chose is probably not the best solution. I am *not* a web designer, I cannot code (except for wee html knowledge), so the site lacks those kinds of design final touches. Other than that, it's like MAGIC seeing it rearrange itself seamlessly for tiny screens and 'big' laptop ones. :D


More to Do. I've not been promoting Monster Stalker: A Darquepunk Novel like I should, because now I'm engrossed in writing BLOODY NIKE, the second book.


Will get to Everything, soon.

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text 2013-09-30 23:28
Adding a Scrolling Quotes Marquee to your Blog

I've been too busy collecting everybody else's tutorials so far to really do much formatting and coding of my own, but one thing I managed to tinker with thanks to a bit of code graciously shared by Ian a/k/a If wishes were horses... in this GR discussion post is to create a scrolling quotes marquee:



It's a nifty little feature that is fairly easy to create, and which you can insert into your blog even if, like me, you haven't done much else yet.


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