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review 2018-05-03 18:45
WALK THE SKY by Robert Swartwood & David B. Silva, narrated by Matt Godfrey
Walk the Sky - Robert Swartwood,David B. Silva,Matt Godfrey


WALK THE SKY is a nice little weird western tale that put me in mind of the work of Joe Lansdale. Which is another way of saying this story is a lot of fun!


We start off with George and Clay traveling by horseback and coming across a young boy who is on the verge of death. As events unfold, the reader learns the boy has narrowly escaped something in a nearby town, (DED!), a town in which George and Clay must stop for supplies. Soon after their arrival, all three end up in jail and are introduced to the mad reverend and his posse. Will they get out of jail? What does the crazy reverend want from them? Will anyone survive? You'll have to read this book to find out!


I loved the western aspects of this story as well as the bits of native American folklore which were woven in. It was nice to read something different than the same old, same old. Even though some popular western tropes can be found here, the authors seamlessly pulled them together with some unique and original storytelling, much as Joe Lansdale does in his westerns. The only thing missing was that oddball humor of Lansdale's, but this wasn't meant to be a funny tale.


I listened to this on audio and as always, Matt Godfrey brings it home with a compelling style that only brings honor to the writing.


WALK THE SKY is one of those rare pieces of work that successfully straddles genres and brings to the reader a fine sense of satisfaction at the conclusion. Recommended to any fans of westerns, weird westerns, and to horror fans alike!


*I received the audio of this book free of charge from the narrator, in exchange for my honest feedback. This is it.*

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review 2016-10-09 16:26
Deadlands: The Devil's Six Gun
Deadlands: The Devil's Six Gun - Preview - David Gallaher,C. Sellner,Oscar Capristo,Steve Ellis

David Gallaher offered up a free PDF of this graphic novel along with a few copies of The Only Living Boy issues, for my review. I decided to check it out the other night and I thought it was super-cool. (All I can seem to find here at Booklikes is the cover of the free Preview, so that is the cover that is pictured.)


This comic is related in some way to a video game but I am not familiar with it and can't comment as to their relationship with each other.


I can say this was a western/horror type/steampunky/inventor/ hybrid situation which you can preview for free here: Deadlands: The Devil's Six Gun


I'm m so glad I checked Deadlands out! This series seems to be more my speed than The Only Living Boy comics, (though those are gorgeously illustrated, they are coming of age and I'm oriented more towards the dark side, {Muwhahahaha!}).


I enjoyed the storyline and the graphics and I already have a thing for dark or weird westerns, so I'm in! I'm looking forward to buying the next issue so I can see where this goes. Check out the free preview and see what you think!


*I received Deadlands: Devil's Six Gun free in exchange for my honest review. This is it!*

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review 2016-02-17 01:25
Red Dust: the Fall review
Red Dust: The Fall - Sam Campbell,Ben Dixon

A trilogy of short stories set in a version of the wild west where the dead suddenly start coming back to life for no discernible reason sounded pretty good to me on paper, but the end result was very mixed. Dixon and Campbell provide a story at the beginning of the uprising, and then two follow-ups set over the course of the next 15 years that further the world in which people now have to live.

The main problem is that the first story, The Lost Party is significantly better than the two that follow it and it's also the shortest of the three. It is a genuinely engaging tale of a man determined to learn the fate of a large party of people who have disappeared in the middle of nowhere. The second and third stories, Feud and The Last Rider are more typical westerns, with the zombies taking a backseat to proceedings. Given I was looking for and expecting zombie-caused mayhem, this was a disappointment. Especially when the zombies seemed to have inexplicable aversions to anyone who was a POV character in the stories. It also did not help that both of these latter tales were in need of a better copy editor; there were far too many typos and grammatical errors to be considered a properly professional publication.

So, a great opening tale, and two somewhat disappointing (though far from terrible) stories does a very average rating make.

2.5 Miraculous Survivals Amid a Horde of the Undead for Red Dust: The Fall.

Source: www.goodreads.com/review/show/1004018836?book_show_action=false
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text SPOILER ALERT! 2014-03-02 19:27
Since I already have a review, here are some closing thoughts from the 2014 reread
The Gunslinger - Stephen King

In the forward, King mentioned he pushed everything else aside to finish the last three books because he felt like he had a sense of responsibility to his readers. If only George R.R. Martin felt that way...

It is mentioned that Roland is the kind of man who straightens pictures in strange hotel rooms. Is this a hint of his obsessiveness?

I notice something new every time I read this book. If I had to pick one book that made me want to write, it would be this one.

[The Man in Black tells Roland he must slay the Ageless Stranger in order to reach the top of the Tower. Since Roland learns that HE is the Ageless Stranger in The Dark Tower, I think it means that he's going to have to put his obsession with the Dark Tower to rest if he's ever going to reach the top.

Also, I caught myself hoping Jake wouldn't fall AGAIN.

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text 2014-03-02 19:02
Reading progress update: I've read 210 out of 231 pages.
The Gunslinger - Stephen King

The Gunslinger and The Man in Black.  There's a good chance I'm not going to be able to wait until April to start the next book.

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