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text 2019-02-13 09:47
How to Recover Deleted email Messages

In the modern world, the corporate communication has become quite abreast with the advent of emails. Gmail which was introduced in 2004 by Google has become one of the most efficient sources of business communication. Different corporate clients take ahead their business communication via emails and therefore, it has crossed huge popularity both among the clients and users. In spite of, such a great and reliable business communication strategies, the use of Gmail is also not free from glitches. Therefore, some people become panic when they find that their important Gmail messages have been deleted. So, what steps can be taken for Google account recovery. So, let’s see if any important Gmail message gets deleted then how one can recover this Gmail messages.


Steps to recover Deleted Gmail messages:


In case, any important message gets deleted from your Gmail account then don’t worry as Gmail provides option to recover it. The following steps will make you clear about how to recover deleted email messages.
 Open your Gmail account and after that directly open your trash folder. In case you are not able to locate trash folder you can also locate it by your efforts.
 For locating trash folder click on gear icon.
 Now moving further, go to drop down menu and there you will find settings option, now click on settings.
 After that you will see label option inside it, select that label option.
 Now in the next step scroll down until you locate bin label. Now proceed further and click on show button.
 In the last step, go to trash folder and select those messages you want to recover.
 Now, once you locate the messages you want to recover, right click on these so that they can be finally placed in inbox.
 Remember these steps to recover Gmail messages are valid for 30 days. After 30 days you are required to take the support of Google support team to recover your messages.


So, this step by step procedure is related to how to recover Gmail messages.In case, you face any obstacle in the successful completion of these steps, it is the best way to take assistance from a reliable third party agency. Their techies have keen insight in solving the troubles faced by their clients. Once you contact any reliable third party agency, all your troubles regarding how to recover deleted Gmail messages will be sorted out.


Source -  Google Account Recovery Page



Source: www.equoesto.com/blog/google-account-recovery-tips
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review 2018-06-05 15:48
Summer of Spies: Book 4
Message From Malaga - Helen MacInnes

Just a quick review of this one before I head out to work! The MC of this one is Ian Ferrier, who is visiting a friend in Malaga, goes to see some flamenco and become embroiled in danger after his friend, who is working for the CIA, is murdered by some spies.


This is classic MacInnes - well-rendered, exotic location, in this case Spain, a strong, attractive, every day man who has to step up to serve his country heroically, a beautiful woman who is working on the side of good, and a very slender romance subplot between the two.


I'm not entirely sure why I like her books so much. This one had less regressive gender stereotyping than many of her earlier books, although it is still present. In addition, her books are quite slow-paced, especially compared to modern espionage fiction. Nonetheless, I always enjoy dipping into my kindle collection of Helen MacInnes spy fiction, and I am delighted that Titan Books picked her up to re-release on kindle.

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review 2018-04-19 04:33
A Message to Garcia - Elbert Hubbard


I found the story of the story as fascinating as the story itself. 
The little article was written (the author explains in the forward "Apologia"), after a conversation between his young sons about who the 'real' hero of the Spanish-American War was. One son asserted that is was actually Col. Andrew Summers Rowan, whom had been summoned by Pres. McKinley to deliver a message secretly to the leader of the insurgents, General Garcia, in Cuba. The problem was that no one quite knew for sure where Garcia was. Rowan (only a Lt. at the time) was sent to find him and deliver the message as quickly as possible, alone and unguarded. He managed to find him in the (then) jungles on Cuba after only 4 days, and the later victory that happened was surely as a result of this. Rowan ended up being decorated for deed, and Pres. McKinley said "I regard this achievement as one of the most hazardous and heroic deeds in military warfare."
Upon reflecting on the conversation between his sons, the author realized that the one son was accurate, and wrote the article in the space of an hour for his magazines. He enlarged the meaning of the heroics Rowan did to apply to other areas of life-- labor, politics, family, etc. asking why are there not more Rowans in this world who are willing to go the extra mile and give something their all. He didn't highly regard it-- didn't even title it, but looked at it as more filler between the other stuff. When record numbers started pouring in for copies of reprints, he came figured out it was for this one article. It ended up in a visiting Prince from Russia's hands who took it back, had it translated and distributed to every soldier then serving in the Russian Army during the Russo-Japanese War. Upon taking Russian soldiers prisoners-of-war and finding a copy of this on each of them, the Japanese Government decided it must be very important and had it translated, and on order of the Mikado, had a copy distributed to every government employee-- soldier or civilian. By 1913, more copies had been printed world-wide than "any other literary venture has ever attained during the lifetime of its author, in all history-- thanks to a series of lucky accidents." (1913 figures)
The author, Elbert Hubbard, was well known at the time, not only for publishing his magazines "The Philistine" and "The Fra", but also printing fine editions of books out of publishing firm, The Roycroft Shop. He perished on board the Lusitania when it was sank by a German torpedo in 1915.

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review 2018-02-23 21:52
Miss Nelson is Missing by Harry Allard
Miss Nelson Is Missing! - Harry Allard,James Marshall

Miss Nelson is Missing by Harry Allard tells a valuable story on being respectful towards your teacher/adults and being grateful for what/who you have. This is such a fun story for students to read or hear read aloud to them. It is light hearted and funny but still teaches a moral lesson. The students will learn the importance of being grateful for the people in your life and treating them with the respect they deserve. 


I would have students create a "Wanted" or "Missing Person" poster to find the two teachers, Miss Nelson and Miss Swamp. In the poster they would draw a picture of the missing character of their choice and write a brief description on the character. 

Guided Reading: L
Lexile: 340L
Accelerated Reader Level: 2.7
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review SPOILER ALERT! 2018-02-23 19:53
Wilma Jean the Worry Machine by Julia Cook
Wilma Jean the Worry Machine - Julia Cook,Anita DuFalla

Wilma Jean the Worry Machine by Julia Cook is a new favorite Children's book of mine. This book spreads awareness of anxiety disorders in Children and young students. This topic is rarely discussed in the classroom, if ever. This book discusses anxiety in a way that is appropriate for all ages but also beneficial. This is a way to help students in a classroom without singling them about their anxiety, or worry. Many students will be able to relate to the main character, Wilma Jean, and her many worries about school. This relation to the text may be comforting to many students because they will realize that they are not alone in this feeling. 


This book would be an excellent read in the first week of school or once school has picked up and students have grown to dislike certain parts of the day. I would read this book aloud to the class, stopping to discuss the obstacles Wilma Jean is facing. At the end of the class I would have a discussion about the problem (Wilma Jean getting the worry flu because she was worrying so much) and solution (finding a way to concur her fears at school and wearing the worry hat). While discussing, I would create a class chart to document the student's responses. Then, I would ask students to draw a hat in the writing journal and draw a horizontal line in the middle (similar to how it was drawn in the book) to separate their personal worries that they can control and can't control. This would be private and would not be shared with the class.


Lexile Measure: AD630L

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