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review 2017-07-30 17:53
Ligeiramente Perigoso (Portuguese Edition) - Mary Balogh


I loved this story so much, that I'm giving five stars to an historical romance and I couldn't care less!
Honestly you guys, I don't remember the last time a story has kept me from falling asleep.
I've been sleeping so much lately, that one of these days, I'll wake up and find that I've grown roots and thorns... just to be on the safe side. That, or I'll be turned into a cat...

This, OH GOD, I don't know if it was the undertones of Pride and Prejudice (it helped), but I fell in love with these two characters from the moment a drop of lemonade is involved ;)
Wulfric, the Duke, with his aura of "stay away from me peasants", and Christine, who is _mostly_ a tornado of joy and happiness; but not in a silly way, were amazing characters.
I loved their characterization, and how their romance slowly evolved. There's a lot of walking, and talking through the countryside, with the characters getting to know each other.
As for the hot and heavy parts, there's only two sex scenes in this book, which was a relief considering how some "historical" romances lately are just a long _and boring_porn book fest.
I'm not going to say that I've loved all this author's books in this series, because I haven't, but the ones I liked, I really liked them... not this much as this one, because this one pretty much rocked the all kind of "adorbs" chart.
You should read it! ;)

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review 2017-07-02 19:20
Woodwalker: Creatures of Light, Book 1 - Emily B. Martin


You know what?
This book's title really doesn't lie, so get ready for a lot of walking through the woods, lol
That being said, I can't say that this story disappointed me, despite usually not being a fan of this type of narrative; I'm thinking about a book by Juliet Marillier in which I got to a point in which I wouldn't have minded if all the characters had fallen of a cliff...
In Woodwalker, the characters come out as real, flawed, secretive and interesting as hell, so no, I didn't want any harm to befall them.
Mae, the main character, has fallen into hard times following a forced banishment from her country.
A former woodwalker _ park ranger _ she got into a fight with her country's former king, and is now trying to survive in her ~new~ condition of wanderer...so when the opportunity of escorting three royals comes along, well, it's not like she had a full schedule, you know? o_O
And like she says, she has enough money to buy a whole peanut -_-
Mae is a great character. She's strong, resourceful, patient ~manages to not strangle Mona or even Arden through their long, long walk~ but she's so much more than meets the eye.
Throughout the story, the author manages to insert some basic ecology information; nothing wrong if she can bring some readers to the green side, lol
Now the negative, I wasn't a big fan of the way of the way some things were named, because the bad guy/invading country here, is named Alcoro...not so far from the word Alcoran, right?
~I do have politics in my mind, so it's kind of hard to avoid these kind of links~
That for me, could/should have been avoided. This is fantasy book, I don't want to feel as I'm being indoctrinated regards religion: good religion vs bad religion.
Maybe the author only wanted to show what happens when you take prophecies way to far... but it still left me somewhat discomforted by it.
As for romances, rest assured that there isn't a love triangle, in fact there barely is a romance;)
Well, no, actually there's a romance, we just don't know that it is there; because they're sneaky about it. And that was actually well done, so of course I'm not going to spoil it.
So, here you have it, a four star rating, because this had a pretty strong ending, which left me really keen in getting my hands on the second book. The only downside being, according to some reviewers, that Mae is no longer going to be the main character.

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review 2017-03-18 08:00
Bob's Burgers: Well Done
Bob's Burgers: Well Done - Loren Bouchard,Ben Dickerson,Jeff Drake,Rachel Hastings

I have a confession to make: I STILL haven't watched the tv show. I know, it's bad. Ever since I once got a single issue of the Bob's Burgers comics I've been told (and also I've really been meaning) to watch the series as I've enjoyed the comics.

I've heard that if you love the series, you will also love the comics. I can add to that: even if you haven't seen the series, you can still have a lot of fun with the comics. It contains sort of constant parts (like Tina's Erotic Friend Fiction and Gene's Musicals) together with some more random parts.

Looking forward to the next one!

Thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for providing me with a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review!

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review 2016-03-17 00:28
The Star Touched Queen
The Star-Touched Queen - Roshani Chokshi

Arc provided by St. Martins Griffin through Netgalley

Release Date: April 26th

I have very few doubts that this will be my favourite 2016 read. Call me realistic _ or pessimist _ but I doubt that any other book that I get my hands on, will compare itself to this. And I am counting on reading two Patricia A. Mckillip books.

Perfect balance of adventure, romance and character development as I've just only rarely read. And most importantly: the author is able to deliver this magnificent tale without resulting to clutter. There's no clutter in here! Every word that is used here is essential to the tale, allowing it to grow to amazing heights while painting astounding scenarios of wonders and heart-break.
Purple prose, you say?
I am in love! Deal with it! ;)

The plot?
 A wonderful plot  that vaguely reminds us of the more common aspects of Hades and Persephone. And I say vaguely because I don't want it to be sold short: You, guys, the folklore behind this tale is... WOW!
There's this mysterious palace whose doors open to all kinds of wonders... and sometimes nightmares. A place where time has its own time.
There is a glass garden made of wishes and ashes...and where memory trees exist.

The characters
Mayavati was is amazing! She is intelligent, brave and resourceful.
Her relationship with one of her half sisters was beautiful to read and it may have made me tear up towards the end.
But Maya isn't perfect aka Mary Sue, she makes mistakes and ends up paying dearly for them.
Luckily she'll have the most improbable ally of them all, namely, a blood thirsty horse named Kamala, who in my head comes of as a mix of that donkey from Shrek with Sherrilyn Kenyon's character Simi.You know that cute demon who eats demons hoofs with barbecue sauce?
Yeah, in my head Kamala and Simi are just BFF who go out on picnic's.

The love interest
Amar ( which in Portuguese means to love), okay, can we all just take  a few seconds to close our mouths?
Because, damn, he is pretty swoon worthy. And I am not even talking about his looks!
He respects Maya and he wants her to be all that she can be.

The Writing
OMG, the whole thing is like an ode to beautiful writing. Every word shines as a gem.
I was in Paradise! Had I been reading this in a paper format, I would just have to HUG this book non stop ( hugging your computer is just strange... I may sniff my books... but I don't hug computers.)

Maya and Amar moments were sizzling.
The plot was amazing.
The characters were amazing.
The setting was amazing.
Yes, everything was amazing. And I don't know what else is left for me to say.
So go on and read it!

Author's Official Site

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review 2016-02-13 19:47
Of Sorrow and Such
Of Sorrow and Such - Angela Slatter

A story that has left me curious regarding the author's previous works, especially since Patience (the main character in this book) has already appeared in Angela Slatter's fantasy world.

Like other reviewers have mentioned, I also felt that someone was trying to appeal to Patricia A. Mckillip's fans _ look at this cover! _, however, if you're a Mckillip reader you know that only very rarely is the author able to tell a story in such a short amount of time: Mckillip takes her own sweet time with words, and scenery. And if I may enjoy that (from time to time), Slatter's writing couldn't be farther away from that. Were it an element, Slatter's writing would be Earth: practicable, down to earth, don't mess with me or you'll be sorry, earth. And I loved that.
I loved how practical and non bullshit Patience was. She's not perfect, she has made things that would make us run in the opposite direction, but she has done it, because she has placed herself (and her family) first and she makes no apologies for it.
What can I say?
It was refreshing to read a story about a powerful woman who doesn't spend her time mooning about guys.
And feelings.

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