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review 2017-03-20 18:30
The Dark Tower: The Long Road Home by Robin Furth, Peter David, & Jae Lee
The Dark Tower, Volume 2: The Long Road Home - Peter David,Stephen King,Richard Ianove,Jae Lee,Robin Furth

The second volume of The Dark Tower graphic novel series is as visually stunning as the first, but I felt the story quality was slightly below that of the first volume.



                               Our boy Sheemie, after his transformation:


It's a real treat to see the artist's renderings of these characters, but it's even better to see the settings and the Crimson King. There is so much detail in the art, that I could gaze at these images for hours and never get bored.


Sheemie is a badass now:





Based on the two volumes I've read of this series so far? I'm in love with Jae Lee and believe that he's a comic God.


That is all.


You can buy your copy by clinking the link below, or you can check your local libraries as I have. Either way I highly recommend this series!


Dark Tower: The Long Road Home

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review 2017-03-13 22:30
The Dark Tower, Volume 1: The Gunslinger Born by Peter David, Robin Furth & Jae Lee
The Dark Tower, Volume 1: The Gunslinger Born - Richard Isanove,Jae Lee,Robin Furth,Peter David,Stephen King




I absolutely adored this graphic novel. The artwork was STUNNING!


It seems that the graphic novels tell the story quite differently than the books do. Having just listened to most of The Dark Tower: Wizard and Glass, the story of Susan Delgado and Rhea of Coos is still fresh in my mind. Their stories are told here, in Volume 1 of the GN series.I can't wait to read the next one!

You can get your stunningly beautiful Kindle copy here: 

            Dark Tower: The Gunslinger Born


All Hail the Crimson King!





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review 2016-11-07 17:25
Deadlands: Dead Man's Hands by David Gallaher, Jeff Mariotte and Various Authors & Artists
Deadlands: Dead Man's Hand - Brook Turner,Ulises Roman,David Gallaher,Shane Hensley,Lee Moder,Bart Sears,Matthew Cutter,Justin Gray,Jeff Mariotte,Ron Marz,Sean Lee,Jimmy Palmiotti,Steve Ellis,Various


Deadlands is an absolute blast of a graphic novel!


Featuring a plethora of authors, including Jeff Mariotte and David Gallaher, (the two I'm already familiar with and the reason I purchased this volume), these stories range from horror western to steampunk laboratory fun. There's some cool stuff called Ghost Rock and even some magic.


I really dug the artwork, especially in the first story The Devil's Six Gun, (which I've also reviewed separately.) The way the skulls were worked into a lot of the panels in that tale worked well for me. In fact, the overall style of all the artwork throughout the entire graphic novel appealed to me.


(That's the Devil's Six Gun up there.)


I read this on my Kindle Fire with the Comixology app and it worked beautifully, (in case anyone is wondering or worried about how this comes across on a Fire).


This series has something to do with a video game of the same name. I am not a gamer and I have no answers as to how this relates to the game, if it's even the same world, or anything else at all game related.


I will say that I loved this mash up of the horror/western/steampunk genres and I plan to read more of them because they're a boatload of fun!


Buy your copy here: Dead Lands: Dead Man's Hand (Deadlands)

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review 2016-11-01 17:35
American Vampire Volume 1 by Scott Snyder, Stephen King and Rafael Albuquerque (Illustrator)
American Vampire #1 - Stephen King,Scott Snyder,Rafael Albuquerque

 American Vampire Vol. 1 caught my eye when I was at the bookstore getting the next two volumes of the Sandman series. Then I saw one of the story-lines was written by Stephen King and I had to have it. I was not disappointed.


Within are two stories, one about Skinner Sweet, (late 1800's) and the other about Pearl Jones, taking place around 1925. I enjoyed them both but Skinner was my favorite. He's not even a good guy-he's an evil vampire, (just the way I like them), sporting a western duster and a peppermint stick. A gun-slinging, cowboy vampire. Oh yeah.


Pearl is an aspiring Hollywood actress, made into a vampire against her will and she's a badass. She was determined to get revenge and you'll have to read this to find out whether or not she did. 


I originally was waffling between 3.5-4 stars, but I decided to go with 4. I really liked the artwork in this volume and even though the story was not a phenomenal one, it has interested me enough to continue with volume 2. 


Get your copy here: American Vampire Vol. 1

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review 2016-10-28 12:45
Last Train From Perdition by Robert McCammon
Last Train from Perdition (I Travel By Night) - Robert R. McCammon


Trevor Lawson. His business card reads: 


All Matters Handled

I Travel by Night


A civil war veteran, wounded during the battle of Shiloh, he is made into a vampire against his will. Trevor tries to make the best of things and becomes something of a private investigator, operating out of the Hotel Sanctuaire in 1886 New Orleans.


In the first story of this trilogy, I Travel By Night, (click to see my review), we learn that Trevor wants out of the vampire way of life. As such, he refuses to drink the blood of humans unless it's absolutely necessary. He constantly battles the urges within his own body-the urges that makes his jaw want to unhinge and his fangs to come out. He searches for the Dark Society and his maker, LaRouge, for he's been told that if he drinks the ichor of the one that made him, he can return to a life of humanity. Trevor is a  strong, noble man and he's VERY good with guns. 


In Last Train From Perdition, Trevor is summoned to Omaha for a possible job. His trusty assistant and fellow gunslinger, Ann, travels with him. "Hers were the eyes that could bear the steely heat of the sun. They were as black as charcoal and fixed with an intense purpose that could frighten even a vampire." Together Trevor and Ann make a formidable team. 


In Omaha, they are tasked with finding the son of a prominent member of society-a young man who went to Montana to search for gold, threw in his lot with a bunch of low-life thieves and killers and now cannot escape. So begins Trevor's latest adventure. Together with Ann, he travels to the Montana Territory, turning this narrative into a true horror western with all the greatness that entails.


Some of the scenes in Montana, most especially once Trevor and Ann are on the return train to Helena, are among the most intense I've EVER read. This is where Robert McCammon's writing really shines. With a cast of characters that all stand out in my mind, (most especially a young boy that will haunt my nightmares for the rest of my life), Mr. McCammon draws the reader into that train car, and then unleashes all of hell upon them. Ann and Trevor find their man, but will they be able to return him to his father safely? You'll have to read this book to find out!


Last Train From Perdition earns my highest recommendation! A vampire gunslinger, fighting to retain and fully return to his humanity is an entirely new concept, and a fascinating one; Robert McCammon tackles it head on and WINS all the stars!


Available on Halloween, here: Last Train from Perdition



*Huge thanks to Net Galley and Subterranean Press for the e-ARC of this book in exchange for my honest opinion. This is it!* 






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