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review 2016-05-08 08:34
The Magical Year
The Magical Year - Danu Forest

by Danu Forest


I'm always a little sceptical when a magical author gives themselves a lot of titles, but apparently this one is a member of OBOD, the respected British Order of Druids.


As books of the Pagan festivals go, this one is very informative and well written. It gives an overview of the eight annual holidays that are common to both Wicca and modern Druidism, followed by chapters on each of the festivals individually.


There's nothing new here, but familiar folklore is presented well and the rituals offered are straightforward and simple. Not too much airy-fairy new age posturing. There are rituals, spells, recipes and crafts to go with each festival.


It explains where some holiday traditions come from, like decorating eggs at Easter (Eostre) and symbols and such that experienced Pagans will already know, but it would be a good choice for new Pagans who have yet to learn the significance of these holidays.


Best of all it's from a British perspective, so closer to the original cultural references without getting watered down by popularist adaptations, although there are some concessions to choosing your own words or which way you prefer to believe that tries to cater to everyone on a commercial level.


Still a good choice for a beginner.

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review 2013-12-13 19:29
Mond, Tanz, Magie by Luisa Francia
Mond, Tanz, Magie - Luisa Francia

This was the first book I ever read by Luisa Francia. Many have followed since then and I have at the moment fourteen books written by her. I´m sure I will buy some more – Luisa is a very busy writer.

Luisa Francia describes in this book a calendar – a thirteen moon calendar. Up to 13 moon phases has a year and for every moon (full moon or new moon) there is a chapter assigned to a mythologic woman e.g. the twelfth moon – Lilith, the thirteenth moon – Salome. To every moon many interesting information are given about goddesses, legends, herbs, animals and the description of a "moon dance" mostly a dance sometimes a ritual. The first moon is around Samhain and is a new moon dance of the dark and dedicated to the old middle-european goddess Percht (or Freya, Frigg in the nordic mythology) the keeper of souls. Her sacred tree is the elder in which her spirit lives. Even today old customs are alive and many people are reluctant to cut down an elder – nobody hurts this tree unpunished – it brings sorrow and illness to your home. Yes, it´s even said you should bow before this tree when passing by to honor the holy goddess. Well, millenium old customs are hard to wipe out..

This book is really an inspiration for me and you don´t have to follow the instructions exactly. Luisa´s motivation is that every woman should find her own power, magic and history.

It´s a pity that this book is only available in German.

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