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review 2018-01-19 22:04
not for me
Heir to the Duke (The Duke's Sons) - Jane Ashford

Robert’s carriage hit a rut and broke the axel. One if his carriage men took one of the horses to go back to the farm they had passed and he knew what the man brought back would probably be very crude but they were only about ten miles from their destination. Robert  had never been this far north before but his friends had asked to come to their party and he had said yes so he would go.    So he made this long hard journey to them. Robert got out to help his men and when under some shrubbery t avoid the rain he heard a whining when he went to see what it was it was what he thought was a puppy but really was just a small abandoned abused dog that he named Plato and decided he wanted and he went back to the carriage and   grabbed a blanket and got the poor helpless leery dog dried him off  and went to the carriage gave him a little to eat and some water and the dog went to sleep as Robert was talking about   how his friends asked him to the party as he added luster to parties that he attended. Luster was one of Robert’s gifts . Hostesses counted themselves lucky to have Robert  so he told the dog his new friend.   Robert added he liked to helping people enjoy themselves. It was only about ten more mile they had to go in this rough farm cart and Robert made sure to take the dog with him. Several hours later after a bath and a change of clothes Robert sat in his bedroom with the dog and read a letter from his mother- the Duchess of Langsford. Robert told Plato that he was back with his own and he wasn’t thinking of her. Then when Robert s in the drawing room he saw her -Flora  Jennings then he went to Flora and asked why had she come to this party. Robert told Flora he was surprised to see her among the people she professed to dispose. Robert went over to Lady Victoria who was the daughter of the house and her friends as it wouldn’t hurt Flora to see how charming how most females found him. Flora had been told by her mother they would always be snubbed by the ton as her mother had chosen to marry a lowly poor scholar instead of someone from the ton that she had been part of.   Flora thought she was mistaken about Robert but maybe she wasn’t after all. Flora and robert had hot chemistry.

I did not really care for this book. I didn’t connect to the book or the characters. I did however like Flora and Robert but they did seem to biker a lot. There were too many characters that just weren’t needed and only tended to confuse me. Where were the hosts and servants anyway? I just didn’t feel this was for me. But I did love Plato the dog  way my favorite thing in the book.

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review 2018-01-19 16:54
DUKE OF STORM by Gaelen Foley
Duke of Storm (Moonlight Square, Book 3)... Duke of Storm (Moonlight Square, Book 3) - Gaelen Foley

The previous 3 Dukes of Amberly have died in a short period of time.  The new Duke is from Ireland and faces much discrimination.  The Ton wants nothing to do with him but it is up to him to figure out what happened to the other three Dukes when he learns that others believed they were murdered.  He needs an entrée to the Ton which he gets through his neighbor, Lady Margaret Winthrop, who lives with her married sister. 


I liked Connor, the new Duke, but I loved Maggie (Margaret).  She was feisty and would not let Connor treat her like his troops.  Her sister I would have loved to dropped kicked her.  She was a witch of the first order.  Thoroughly disagreeable!  The male villain was somewhat predictable.  He did what I figured he would from the beginning although his "accomplice" at the end was unexpected.  I also liked the other members of Moonlight Square and their insights into Maggie and her sister, as well as their support of Connor. 

I am enjoying this series more and more. 


The women are independent and the men can handle them and work with them instead of trying to put them into a stereotypical role.

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review 2018-01-09 00:00
The Duke of Nothing
The Duke of Nothing - Jess Michaels Count on Jess Michaels for an intriguing seduction. Falling in love just got much more complicated. From family duty to far reaching secrets and an all encompassing love, The Duke of Nothing is romance at it's finest moment. Is honor worth giving up on a heart's desire? Baldwin and Helena are on a mission to find themselves and perhaps discover a never ending love. Pleasure is only a romance away.
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review 2017-12-30 13:20
Review For: The Duke of Her Desire by Sophie Barnes
The Duke of Her Desire: Diamonds in the Rough - Sophie Barnes


The Duke of Her Desire  by Sophie Barnes is book Two in the "Diamonds in the Rough" series.  This is the story of Thomas Heathmore, Duke of Coventry and Amelia Matthews. I have read the previous book (and loved it) but feel you can easily make this a standalone book.
Amelia and her sister Juliette along with their brother Raphe once lived in the slums of  St. Giles.  But a few months ago her brother, Raphe Matthews, became 'The Duke of Huntley'.  This has lead them into a higher station in life along with feeling not up to the towns standards.
Thomas is good friends with Raphe and has tried to help him along with his sisters have a easier time being accepted by the town.  So when Raphe ask him to watch his sisters while Raphe takes his wife Gabriella on a wedding trip, Thomas of course agrees.  Amelia and her sister will have their eccentric Aunt as a chaperone but Raphe feels they need more guidance that her.  So Thomas agrees to ask his mother the Dowager Duchess of Coventry to help him.  But Amelia now that her brother is gone thinks to put into motion her part to help the less fortunate children. Amelia has always taken to helping other along with animals.  Amelia had help to take care of her siblings when they were on the streets of St. Giles.  So Thomas finds he is in for more than just helping her to be seen as a lady.  Thomas has issues too from his past that has caused him to change greatly...is Amelia what he needs to get back to who he used to be.  
I am so in love with this series!  Can't wait for more stories!

Source: www.amazon.com/Duke-Her-Desire-Diamonds-Rough-ebook/dp/B06Y11VKYH/ref=sr_1_1?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1514234312&sr=1-1&keywords=The+Duke+of+Her+Desire++by+Sophie+Barnes
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review 2017-12-29 00:00
The Madame Catches Her Duke
The Madame Catches Her Duke - Christina McKnight

Marce made a deal with the devil and lost her heart along the way. The only thing she can hope for is to win it back some day. Rowan has closed his heart to the treachery of love. The scandal that tore apart his family is all he can ever think of. When an act of love for his mother leads him into a scandalous deception, his long dormant heart may just get the wake up call it needs. What is the price of love? Is it sacrificing one's own happiness? Rowan and Marce both know the pain of a broken heart, but can they teach each other what it means to love? Why do fools fall in love? To get to the happily ever after. The Madame Catches Her Duke is a sensual dance of heartache, pleasure and faith. The characters are not always likable, but the emotion is stunning.

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