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review 2018-06-02 03:44
A reread, and I finally figured this one out
Be Buried in the Rain - Barbara Michaels

I've read this at least three times, maybe more, with the most recent reread about a year ago when I was reading all of the Barbara Michaels gothics that I have.


That particular reread was with a specific purpose: I had started writing another contemporary romantic-suspense-with-ghosts and I wanted to get good handle on how Michaels had structured hers.  I already knew Ammie, Come Home had serious plot and detail problems.  Be Buried in the Rain was written about twenty years later, so I was hoping she had improved her technique.


Be Buried in the Rain was also one of my favorites of the Michaels gothics, along with Houses of Stone and The Walker in Shadows.  Even though I read all three books last year, I still had some issues with both Houses and Be Buried.  So although I'm already involved in several other reading projects, this afternoon I picked up the latter to see if I could finally figure out the solution to my problem with it . . . or accept that maybe Michaels had left a major thread dangling.


And I think I did it.  In the process, I gained a grand new respect for the writer Michaels/Mertz/Peters became after the almost laughable errors in Ammie.


No spoiler posted here, and maybe everyone else who has read Be Buried in the Rain picked up on this detail the first time through and I'm just the dullard who missed it until the (at least) fourth read.  But I feel more confident tonight about my own writing. 


And now, back to my own ghosts!

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text 2018-05-04 18:42
A little time in the studio with the rocks -- and 50,328

Yesterday was not a good writing day, but I have better hopes for today, even though I have several important projects to take care of before I can start writing.  However, I did get a little bit of time out in the studio with the rocks and the camera.


Four little chalcedony desert roses.



Close up the one on lower right. 




Comparison to one larger.  It weighs 592 grams.



The largest one I could find on a quick grab this morning.  It doesn't look nearly as pretty, but it's the same material.



That's 1318 gr (minus weight of paper towel) or 1.3 kilos or close to 3 pounds.


And now I have to get to work.

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text 2018-05-03 22:34
50,169 -- another day working

Another night with multiple interruptions, so I overslept this morning and lost a couple hours of cool time with the rocks.  I'm taking photos.




There is no sensible reason for me to keep all these damn rocks, so I'm putting some more of them individually in my Etsy shop.


Once I had taken some photos, it was time to sit down at the computer and . . . WRITE.

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text 2018-05-02 23:50
50,004 . . . slow progress but still progress

I wrote a little yesterday, maybe 400 words.  Before turning out the lights, I got in about half an hour of dedicated reading time, too. 


This morning went to grocery shopping and then putting everything away.  I also bought some more plastic storage boxes to accommodate the rocks I've been trying to organize.  No, I'm not going to start carrying boxes of rocks all over the place and stressing my elbow, but I can at least begin the sorting to clean up the mess in the studio.  Even a few minutes a day can make a difference.


After a quick lunch, I finally sat down with the laptop and queued up the WIP.  It's still boring, but a few more words flowed out of my fingers, and I'm easing into what I think is going to be a major dramatic transition.


We had some sprinkles of rain late last night, and more late this morning.  Not enough to do anything like lay the dust or actually water the plants, but it was water from the sky.  It's been ages since the last real rain.  I turned the hose on the big plants last week-end and I'm planning to do it again this week-end.  I'm still so excited about my ironwood tree.



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text 2018-05-01 18:44
No more sewing . . . and 49,147

Sunday morning I wakened to two small but urgent sewing projects.  The weather was cool enough for me to spend some time in the studio -- where the sewing room is -- so I headed over there with the idea that I'd have the projects taken care of in about an hour.


Collecting the needed fabrics and patterns was no big deal, though I did have a little trouble clearing enough counter space to do the actual cutting.  Yes, the studio is more than a little, er, cluttered.


Once everything was cut, I proceeded to the sewing machine.  It took less than 60 seconds for my tendonitis to scream at me to stop.


Unfortunately, I couldn't.  I said this was urgent.  I need to get these two items made and ready to mail Monday morning.


The elbow screamed louder.  In fact, it screamed so loud I screwed up the first item and was going to have to make another to replace it.


I got nothing else done Sunday.  I couldn't write, could barely even read.


Yesterday, having begged a postponement on mailing these items, I forced myself to finish them.  What should have taken no more than an hour ended up taking three hours when I figured in all the rests and pauses.  And after I had finished, well, I was unable to anything else.  Almost all of yesterday was spent on the couch, reading little bits of Twitter and struggling to finish a book review that I had started Saturday.




Last night I was finally able to scribble a few words and transcribe them to the computer.  And I took some more cactus flower pictures yesterday afternoon.






Another shot of the Santa Rita cactus.  Yes, they really are purple.






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