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review 2018-08-24 17:51
Like a true nature's child We were born, born to be wild...
Born to be Wild - A.L. Simpson

'Born to be Wild' is the fourth book in A.L. Simpson's 'Born' series and I have to admit I was hesitant to read this one because it's part of a series and I haven't read the first 3 books, but the blurb said it could be read as a standalone and since it intrigued me, I decided to take a chance and truthfully I'm still torn as to whether or not that was a good idea because technically yes, I was ok with reading this one without benefit of having read the previous books. I followed the story and I was given enough of the backstory to avoid being confused but I'm also left feeling that if I'd read the previous stories I would have very probably enjoyed this one a bit more.


The good here and there was definitely good...was that I liked the story premise as I said it was intriguing. I really liked the characters in this book and not just Liam and Jake. There was a considerable number of secondary characters who I think have the potential for their own stories...Jake's brother Roan, his best friend with benefits Angus, Tommy who works at The Velvet Post, the club Jake and Roan own as well as Pedro and Chris, Joey, Trace and on and on. You see the employees of The Velvet Post are like family and they take care of each other.


'The Velvet Post' is the gay strip club that Liam ultimately ends up working at after he leaves home at the age of 17.  When Jake and Liam meet by accident one morning both men feel an instant connection, although neither of them is willing to admit it. But as a result Jake offers the young man a job dancing for his club but not until he turns 18, which is in a few months. Until then he's going to do the books for Jake and Roan and learn his dance routines. 


Liam's time as a street kid really isn't that long and I have to say he's pretty fortunate shortly after he leaves home he's taken in by a nice Asian lady and he works at her restaurant waiting tables while going back to school to learn accounting...and the lovely Asian lady is paying for this. When Liam's brother Steve (whom I would have met and known much about if I'd read book #3) finally finds him, Liam convinces Steve to keep his whereabouts secret and go back home and as soon as Steve's gone Liam packs up and skips town. He's not ready to see his family again and he doesn't trust Steven to not give away his where abouts or to stay away from him and he's too ridden with guilt to deal with family and this is how he comes to end up staying in a hotel across the road from 'The Velvet Post' where he meets the 26 year old Jake and begins to find a way to deal with events of the past.


I totally love second chance stories and while Jake was having a hairy conniption over the age difference of 9 years I have to admit under a lot of circumstances I would have totally blown it off and told the man to get over himself and grab a little happiness...but, screwed-up 17 year old  with an established, successful 26 year old and honestly...I'm with Jake...bad idea. Fortunately there was a bit of restraint shown in that Jake's plan was for him and Liam to date and get to know one another until Liam's 18th birthday...well, we all know what road's paved with good intentions don't we?


Anyways, I really don't want to go into more detail about the story at this point. So suffice it to say this was for the most part where my rating of the book started to slip since it really wasn't the actual age gap that I had a problem with but 'the age' of the MCs. Had Liam been say 20 and Jake 29 I would have been a bit more comfortable with things or if Jake had maybe decided to keep things on a more platonic level until Liam turned 20...but things were what they were and the fact that in some ways Liam was mature for his age, but in other ways...maybe not so much and thankfully most of all I never felt at any time about anything that Liam was being forced or coerced in any way so this for me was a bigga, bigga plus for this story. 


At the end of things rating 'Born to be Wild' turned out to be a bit of a tennis match for me, I went back and forth on what was good and what didn't work for me with my two biggest issues being that I do wish that I'd read the previous books before this one as I truly feel that it would have helped me make that connection with the story that I get when I really enjoy what I'm reading and I wish Liam's age had been even just a couple of years old when he and Jake met...19 about to turn 20 would have worked so much better for me and I'm more than willing to put that down to the mom in me. So I guess it's a 50/50 split on the how's and whys of this one not going better for me...who knows maybe one day I'll track down those first 3 books and re-do this reading adventure at least then I'll know for sure how much difference it would have made for me, but in the mean time if you've read the first 3 books in this series you're probably going to enjoy this one and if you haven't than I'll just add that the reason I didn't think that any of Liam's connections needed a story of their own is because they already have them...the first book is about Liam's parents, the second book is about Wade and his partner Rafe who Jake consider to be his uncles and the third book is about Steve and his wife Keegan and I believe it also contains a lead in to Liam's story. So even though 'Born to be Wild' can technically work as a standalone story...I think that ultimately the choice is up to you...the reader.



A copy of 'Born to be Wild' was graciously provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

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text 2015-08-15 19:20
Series, 52 New Releases: August 18, 2015
Deceptions - Kelley Armstrong
Bitter of Tongue - Sarah Rees Brennan,Cassandra Clare
Born to Be Wild (The 8th Continent) - Matt London
Court of Fives - Kate Elliott
Eureka Seven: Psalms of Planets, Vol. 4 - Jinsei Kataoka;Kazuma Kondou
The Night of the Cobra: A Sniper Novel (Kyle Swanson Sniper Novels) - Jack Coughlin,Donald A. Davis
Forsaken (The Secret Life of Amy Bensen) - Lisa Renee Jones
Agent to the Rescue (Special Agents at the Altar) - Lisa Childs
A Sweet Possibility (Archer Cove Series Book 2) - Natalie Charles
The Stolen Mackenzie Bride - Jennifer Ashley

See http://www.fictfact.com/BookReleaseCalendar for details and links for the rest of the 52 books dropping 8/18/2015.  A text list:


Title- Author #Series
#Poser -Cambria Hebert #5 in Hashtag
A Pattern of Lies -Charles Todd #7 in Bess Crawford Mystery
A Sweet Possibility -Natalie Charles #2 in Archer Cove
A Warrior Wedding -Teresa Gabelman #7 in The Protectors
Acolyte -Seth Patrick #2 in Reviver trilogy
Agent to the Rescue -Lisa Childs #3 in Special Agents at the Altar
Amphitrite the Bubbl -Joan Holub #17 in Goddess Girls
An Alpha's Choice -Carrie Ann Ryan #10 in Redwood Pack #2 in Talon Pack
Be My Valentino -Sandra D Bricker #2 in Jessie Stanton
Bitter of Tongue -Cassandra Clare, Sarah Rees Brenna #7 in Tales from the Shadowhunter Academy
Born to Be Wild -Matt London #3 in The 8th Continent
Broken Hearts -Sam Crescent #7 in Chaos Bleeds MC
Chasing Jillian -Julie Brannagh #5 in Love and Football
Court of Fives -Kate Elliott #1 in Court of Fives
Damage Report -Mandy M Roth #2 in Immortal Outcasts
Deceptions -Kelley Armstrong #3 in Cainsville
Deep Night -Kathy Clark #3 in Denver Heroes
Dorohedoro, Vol. 16 Q -Hayashida #16 in Dorohedoro
Eureka Seven, Vol. 4 -Jinsei Kataoka #4 in Eureka Seven
Forsaken -Lisa Renee Jones #3 in The Secret Life of Amy Bensen
Getting Wilde -Jenn Stark #1 in Immortal Vegas
Girls Bravo, Vol. 8 -Mario Kaneda #8 in Girls Bravo
GOTH, Vol. 1 -Otsuichi #1 in GOTH
Grenadier , Vol. 5 -Sousuke Kaise #5 in Grenadier
Here Comes Trouble -Anna J. Stewart #2 in Tremayne Family Romance
Insatiable -Leslie Kelly #5 in Unrated!
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Part 2--Battle Tendency, Vol. 2 -Hirohiko Araki #2 in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Part 2--Battle Tendency
Kamiyadori, Vol. 1 -Kei Sanbe #1 in Kamiyadori
Killer Run -Lynn Cahoon #5 in A Tourist Trap Mystery
Laid Out -Sidney Halston #4 in Worth the Fight
Last Words -Michael Koryta #1 in Markus Novak
Love After Dark -Marie Force #13 in The McCarthys of Gansett Island
Never Say Never -Nicole Edwards #2 in Sniper 1 Security
Night of the Cobra -Jack Coughlin #8 in Sniper
No Other Darkness -Sarah Hilary #2 in Detective Inspector Marnie Rome
Noir -Jacqueline Garlick #2 in The Illumination Paradox
Samurai Girl Real Bout High School, Vol. 2 -Reiji Saiga #2 in Samurai Girl Real Bout High School
Scandal Never Sleeps -Shayla Black, Lexi Blake #1 in The Perfect Gentlemen
Sgt. Frog , Vol. 15: Let's Get This Joint Jumpin'! -Mine Yoshizaki #15 in Sgt. Frog
Sinful -Lexi Buchanan #5 in Bad Boy Rockers
Suspicions -Cynthia Eden #3 in Battling McGuire Boys
Tangling with the Tiger -Vivi Andrews #5 in Lone Pine Pride
The Bachelor Takes a Bride -Brenda Harlen #8 in Those Engaging Garretts!
The Banished of Muirwood -Jeff Wheeler #1 in Covenant of Muirwood
The Mackenzie Clan Gathering -Jennifer Ashley #7,5 in Highland Pleasures
The Reckoning -Carsten Stroud #3 in Niceville
Tokyo Ghoul Vol. 2 -Sui Ishida #2 in Tokyo Ghoul
Treasured by Thursday -Catherine Bybee #7 in Weekday Brides
Tuxedo Gin, Vol. 2 -Tokihiko Matsuura #2 in Tuxedo Gin
Two Minutes -Dannika Dark #6 in Seven
Ultraman, Vol. 1 -Eiichi Shimizu #1 in Ultraman
Vagrant -Gemma James #4 in Condemned


Information on new releases in series is from http://www.fictfact.com/BookReleaseCalendar



On screenshot: "A" = no account needed to see all new releases in book series; "B" = narrowing results to just your series option does require you entering series you want to track/follow.

Source: www.fictfact.com/BookReleaseCalendar
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text 2015-07-27 16:07
Socialites in Contemporary Romance
Jinxed - Beth Ciotta
An Unforgettable Lady - Jessica Bird,J.R. Ward
By Julie Ann Walker Born Wild: Black Knights Inc. - Julie Ann Walker
The Tycoon's Socialite Bride - Tracey Livesay
The Chocolate Heart - Laura Florand
A Kiss to Build a Dream On (A White Pine Novel) - Kim Amos
There Goes the Bride - Lori Wilde
His Diamond of Convenience (Harlequin Presents) - Maisey Yates
Heiress for Hire - Erin McCarthy
What a Woman Gets (A Manley Maids Novel Book 3) - Judi Fennell

I have a vague idea  of what a Socialite is but it is pretty murky-- a woman who has enough funds so that she doesn't work a traditionial profession. Instead, a Socialite's time is spent on social events. High Society Events involving charity, fashion, and .... 


Let's see what Wiki says: 


socialite is a person (usually from a privileged, wealthy or aristocratic background), who has a largely known reputation and a high social position in upper class society. A socialite spends a significant amount of time participating in popular social activities and continually attends various social gatherings such as charity events, private parties, fashion shows, fine arts fundraisers, luncheons, festivals and other exclusive events; as well as engaging in conversations with guests or entertaining members who are socially connected or share a similar upper-class social standing.[1][2]



I did pretty good. 


We love us a Socialite in Romance Novels. 


Here are some lovely Contemporary Romance Novels with Socialites as Heroines. 


My lists are never in any particular order.


1. Jinxed by Beth Ciotta


Since the day beautiful socialite Afia St. John was born, her life has been plagued with bad luck. After losing her father and two older husbands in 'freak' accidents, Afia discovers her business manager has absconded with her fortune. Vowing not to rely on another man to guide her life, Afia refuses her godfathers' help, and jumps at an unexpected job with Leeds Investigations. With a pregnant, broke, sister and an investigation agency in the red, control-freak Jake Leeds can't turn down the hefty but secret retainer offered by Afia's godfather for hiring her. Quickly seeing beyond her poor business skills, wacky superstitions and and sensationalized personal history, he realizes Afia is as generous in the heart as she is misunderstood. But life is never easy for the woman born on Friday the 13th. Will the sexy PI be the good luck charm that puts her on a winning streak or, like everything else in her life, will their relationship wind up Jinxed?


2. An Unforgettable Lady by J.R. Ward


Grace Hall is a society beauty-but her fortune has made her the target of a madman killing off Manhattan's most influential women. Her new live-in bodyguard is uncompromising, hard-hearted John Smith. Moving into Grace's penthouse is the last thing he wants, but saying no isn't an option. As he lays down the rules for his new client, angry sparks ignite between them-as does an incendiary desire. As the warm nights grow hot, and the killer closes in, Grace and Smith face a crucial choice: follow the rules or follow their hearts.


3. Born Wild by Julie Ann Walker


"Wild" Bill Reichert knows a thing or two about explosives. The ex-Navy SEAL can practically rig a bomb blindfolded. But there's no way to diffuse the inevitable fireworks the day Eve Edens walks back into his life, asking for help...

Eve doesn't know what to do when the Chicago police won't believe someone is out to hurt her. The only place to turn is Black Knights Inc-after all, no one is better at protection than the covert special-ops team. Yet there's also no one better at getting her all turned on than Billy Reichert. She has a feeling this is one blast from the past that could backfire big time...


4. The Tycoon's Socialite Bride by Tracey Livesay


o avenge his mother's mistreatment at the hands of her upper-crust employer, self-made real estate tycoon Marcus Pearson needs entree into their exclusive world.  When D.C. socialite Pamela Harrington comes to him for help, Marcus realizes the golden admission ticket he's been seeking has suddenly fallen into his lap.


Pamela will do anything to save her favorite cause, even agree to a marriage of convenience. The altruistic "it-girl" isn't worried about the pretend passion with Marcus turning real; she's sworn off powerful, driven men who use her for her family's connections.


So she'll deny the way her pulse races with one look from his crystalline blue eyes.  And he'll ignore the way his body throbs with each kiss from her full lips.  Because there's no way he'll lose his blue-collar heart to the blue-blooded beauty.


5. The Chocolate Heart by Laura Florand


No one hates Paris--except Summer Corey. The moody winters. The artists and their ennui. The inescapable shadow of the Tour Eiffel. But things go from bad to worse when Summer stumbles into brooding, gorgeous chef pâtissier Luc Leroi and indecently propositions the hero of French cuisine...

Luc has scrambled up from a childhood panhandling in the Paris Métro to become the king of his city, and he has no patience for this spoiled princess, even if she does now own his restaurant. Who cares if she smiles with all the warmth of July? She doesn't eat dessert! 

There is only one way to tempt her. A perfect, impossibly sweet seduction...


6. A Kiss to Build a Dream On by Kim Amos



If pride goes before a fall, Willa Masterson's trip back to White Pine, Minnesota, should be one heck of a tumble The girl who left her hometown-and her first love, Burk Olmstead-in the rearview twelve years ago was spoiled and headstrong. But the woman who returns is determined to rebuild: first her family house; then her relationships with everyone in town . . . starting with a certain tall, dark, and sexy contractor.


Burk has no reason to believe Willa has changed, and every reason to discourage her from converting the Masterson house into a B&B. He has plans of his own for that house, and they certainly don't include a no-vacancy sign. But Burk didn't count on how distracting Willa's bright green eyes or her all-too-familiar touch would feel-or how impossible she will be to resist . . .


7. There Goes the Bride by Lori Wilde


egend claims this antique Irish wedding veil can grant your heart's deepest desire. But be careful what you wish for...

The moment Texas socialite Delaney Cartwright touches the veil, she knows she can't go through with her wedding. And it's not just because she envisions a stranger's dark eyes and irresistible lips the second her fingers hit lace. But she can't simply call the whole thing off. The nuptials to her nice, predictable childhood friend are the social event of the season (not to mention that her mother would freak). To fan the flames of this dying ember, Delaney abducts her fiance for a night of passion...and grabs the wrong guy! It isn't her fault that Detective Nick Vinetti of the oddly familiar eyes and lips has crossed her path--and looks game for all kinds of sexy fun.

Now Delaney hatches an outrageous plan to get out of marrying: she'll hire her own kidnapper. With an altar to avoid and a cop to dream of, this runaway bride is hoping a little Irish magic will unveil the true destiny of her heart.


8. His Diamond of Convenience by Maisey Yates


Twelve years ago, Victoria Calder made a mistake that cost her father his business. Now she finally has a chance to atone. And if that means going toe-to-toe with the arresting Dmitri Markin she's prepared to step into the ring…and put his on her finger! 


Dmitri—former martial arts fighter, present-day pleasure seeker—is a man who likes to win. The beautiful Ms. Calder might have initially shocked him with her proposition, but there's more than one advantage to the deal she's proposing… If this dedicated bachelor is going to surrender to marriage it certainly won't be in name only!


9. Heiress for Hire by Erin McCarthy


Chicago ex-socialite Amanda Delmar's father has cut her off, and now she must do the unthinkable--work. Single father Danny Tucker hires her to babysit his daughter, not knowing that this debutante might just find a place in his heart.


10. What a Woman Gets by Judi Fennell


Business owner Liam Manley has no patience for women like Cassidy Davenport—women happy to spend a man’s money without giving a thought to any actual work. But to make good on his bet, Liam must not only tolerate the couture-clad socialite, he’ll have to clean up after her. Until Cassidy’s father suddenly cuts off her finances. With no money and no home for Liam to clean, Cassidy has no choice but to accept a job offer—as Liam’s new maid…
Liam is eager to teach her a lesson about the real world, but he winds up learning a few things himself. Free from her father’s influence, Cassidy can finally pursue her own life, and winds up showing Liam how resourceful and determined she can be. Not to mention how sexy she is with (or without) that designer wardrobe. But when sparks fly between them, will it be true love…or just another messy affair?


Vote for Socialites in Contemporary Romance on my Goodreads list. 

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review 2015-07-22 03:41
Born Wild - Julie Ann Walker (Sourcebooks Casablanca - Nov 2013)
Born Wild: Black Knights Inc. - Julie Ann Walker

Series: Black Knights Inc (Book 5)



"Wild" Bill Reichert knows a thing or two about explosives. The ex -- Navy SEAL can practically rig a bomb blindfolded. But there's no way to diffuse the inevitable fireworks the day Eve Edens walks back into his life, asking for help...



Eve doesn't know what to do when the Chicago police won't believe someone is out to hurt her. The only place to turn is Black Knights Inc. -- after all, no one is better at protection than the covert special-ops team. Yet there's also no one better at getting her all turned on than Billy Reichert. She has a feeling this is one blast from the past that could backfire big time...


Very good book. The action and suspense were there from the first page and never really let up. Eve has had three "accidents" and is sure that someone is trying to kill her, but the police don't agree. After the latest one. Eve realizes she needs help, and goes to Black Knights Inc. But that also means facing ex-boyfriend "Wild Bill".


Twelve years earlier, when she was eighteen, she and Billy had been in love. But while he was away, she gave in to pressure from her father to date another man, and ended up marrying him. Realizing her mistake, she quickly divorced him, but the damage was done. Billy was heartbroken and very bitter about what he saw as her betrayal. 


Because Eve is his sister's best friend, Billy sees Eve quite often. Every time the sparks fly between them, usually expressed in snide remarks. Their past is always there, stirring up feelings that neither wants to admit are still simmering. When Eve comes to BKI for help, Billy can't deny the need he feels to protect her, but trusting her again is something he can't bring himself to do. Eve can only hope that he doesn't hate her too much to help.


I loved finally getting Billy and Eve's story. The tension between them has been building through several books, and it has reached its boiling point. Though Eve has previously come across as quiet and a bit of a doormat, in this book a different Eve emerges. She has had enough of letting people like her father boss her around and she has made several changes in her life. From defensive driving and self-defense lessons, to moving out of her father's house, she has developed a new confidence in her own abilities. It doesn't come easily to her, and there are some great scenes of her giving herself pep talks. She also tends to blame herself for all the bad things that are happening. Billy is definitely an alpha male, great at taking charge, but he is also a gentleman at heart. I loved seeing his protectiveness and caring come out, even as he was trying to resist admitting that he still loves Eve. One of the things I really enjoyed was the way he was often surprised by what she is capable of now, finally realizing that she isn't the same girl she was all those years ago. The events on the sailboat show him just how much she has changed, but letting go of those hurt feelings is harder than he thinks.


The action and suspense of the story was really good. I loved Eve's determination that someone finally believe her, and how she takes matters into her own hands. As the attacks escalate, it becomes obvious that someone is deadly serious about ending Eve's life, and the team is equally serious about finding out who and why. Putting all the pieces together isn't easy, and leads to evidence of a betrayal of the worst sort. The final confrontation comes with a twist that Eve and Billy didn't see coming, and nearly cost Billy his life. It did make him realize that life can be too uncertain to hold a grudge. The final scene of the book was great, and Eve's comment about the catheter was pretty funny.


There wasn't much involvement from most of the BKI team, except for Mac and Ace. There were a couple fun spots with Ace, especially with him telling Billy what a fool he is. There's more involvement from Mac, who has his own contentious moments with Delilah of the bikers' bar. I've liked what I've seen of her in previous books, and she really shines in this one. I hurt for her after the shootout at the bar, and was rooting for her as she got under Mac's skin. I'm really looking forward to their story in the next book.

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review 2015-02-19 15:56
Review: Born Wild (Black Knights Inc. #5) by Julie Ann Walker
By Julie Ann Walker Born Wild: Black Knights Inc. - Julie Ann Walker

Born Wild


Black Knights Inc. #5

Genre: Contemporary Romantic Suspense – Military

Published November 5th 2013

By Julie Ann Walker

Source: Library




She’s got three rules:


1. Trust no one… Eve Edens has been abandoned, used, or manipulated by almost everyone she’s ever met. Born into ridiculous wealth, she’s dealt with the petty jealousies and sordid little resentments for nearly thirty years. But after three botched attempts on her life, she can no longer ignore the truth. Someone wants her dead.


2. Avoid the bad boys at all costs… William “Wild Bill” Reichert, the wonderfully sexy boy who abandoned her years ago, is back in town. Only he’s no boy. Now he’s a covert operative – and he’s all man. When Eve hires Bill to help her discover who is behind the attacks, Bill soon comes to suspect it’s someone much closer to Eve than she dares to believe.


3. And never fall for the same ruse twice… The search for the killer takes Bill and Eve deep into the dark secrets and strange world of the rich and famous, and into the heart of red-hot passion re-ignited by the peril that threatens to consume them both. But does Eve dare risk her heart on Bill a second time?




~ 3.5 Born Wild Stars ~


Born Wild is book five in the Black Knights Inc. series by Julie Ann Walker. We get some hot alpha men, strong witty females, passionate sex, action, and tons of humor.


These books in this series fascinate, impress, and transfix me with the situations, story-lines and predicaments these guys and gals find themselves in. And wow baby the covers are just so very nice and hot.


After reading this one I was a little undecided on how I felt about it. I’ve been waiting to get the whole story of Eve Edens and William “Wild Bill” Reichert ever since Eve came back into the picture in In Rides Trouble. The tension between these two was so strong from the moment they meet again. What made this one so undecided for me was Eve. I was just not sure about her and well I felt William needed/deserved better.


We get a few surprises in regards to their history and relationship which is full of heartache, betrayal and disappointment. I was not sure if these two could get past everything that was done to them and between them. At the same time we have them working together to try and find out who is responsible for trying to kill Eve. Both plots are strong and weaved together we have an interesting book!


We don’t get the whole gang like in previous installments, but we still get some great side characters from previous books incorporated into the story. I enjoy it when an author brings back her/his previous characters. They bring all the spark and quirkiness right along with them each and every time they show back up.


I love the Black Knights Inc. series. The characters and situations are always entreating. Born Wild was another great read in this series.


Was this review helpful? If so, please consider liking it on Goodreads (Angela)!


Source: angelsguiltypleasures.com/2015/02/review-born-wild-black-knights-inc-5-julie-ann-walker
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