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review 2017-09-21 14:27
Venomverse (2017) #3 (of 5) - Iban Coello,Nick Bradshaw,Cullen Bunn

I'm just not a huge fan of these events, mostly because they seem to be...shallow.   Like I don't see what larger purpose this will serve in the Marvel universe, nor what the ones before this served, and it makes me cynical. 


It's fun seeing Rocket as a Venom, and Robbie Reyes as a Ghost Rider, and there's a twist I really enjoyed in the middle of this, thus the three-star rating. 


It was fun and slick. 


But it certainly wasn't great, something I know this author can do well.   It didn't make me feel for the characters, even at points where I normally would have.   Most of the emotional aspects felt like it was trying to manipulate me, or just fell flat, thus the lack of four or five stars. 


Still, I probably inflated this rating.  It's the first time I've been able to read and review in a while - and man, I missed both of those things!


Aliens in Halloween bingo.

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review 2017-09-20 14:54
good story and characters
Hooked On A Witch - Zoe Forward

Shannon is a Pleiad witch and Jason is a witch hunter but in evil witches or dark magic practitioners. Jason’s father is Poseidon. Shannon has been accused of stealing Poseidon's Trident. Shannon is one of seven pleiad witches and finds herself in trouble as a Goddess wants the Trident but has accused  Shannon of taking it and now minions were after her. But Shannon didn’t take the trident and had no idea where it is. Shannon is determined to find someone to help save herself and the other witches. Shannon isn’t evil so Jason won’t hurt her but he does want to know why she is in town. Shannon and Jason had been together in school and had liked each other a lot but neither knew how the other felt. Shannon doesn’t really trust Jason. Their family and friends are not happy they are working together. Jason also has to deal with Shannon’s father who thinks Jason is evil and dangerous to Shannon. Shannon had been kidnapped before and Jason had rescued her.  But they are working together to try to find the trident.  Shannon and Jason are not only against the goddess but an evil witch named Anais  who wants the trident. Shannon used to work as a contract camerawoman until her mom suddenly died then Shannon got the position of head of the other Pleiades witches which Shannon hadn’t wanted but is doing the best she can. Who were female descendants of the Pleiades Greek Goddess.

I liked this book a lot. I loved the adventure and mystery. I liked how Jason and Shannon had known each other before and then this time their relationship heats up and  becomes hot. I liked how Shannon asked her friends on her weak points in magic instead of just trying to figure them out herself and make some bad mistakes she could have avoided with some help. I also loved how Shannon did what she had to do for the people who look to her for guidance and leadership. I loved how Shannon and  James worked on overcoming all the obstacles they have before them to overcome to be together. I loved how the author gave us some new new mythological creatures. I didn’t understand why Shannon’s father was so distrustful of Jason, Shannon is good so she won’t have a problem with Jason. I was a little confused about Jason’s backstory and well as the Gods and Demigods. I found this to be a fun read. I loved the characters and the ins and outs of this book and I recommend.

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text 2017-09-20 10:15
Witches square: I've read 25%.
High Witch (High Witch Book 1) (Volume 1) - Mona Hanna

I'm not a big fan of YA Romance, but this is shaping up to be pretty good!


There's a bit of world building involved with rules for magic and prejudices that make witches keep quiet about their abilities, plus it's written from the boy's point of view which is less common.


In a lot of ways it is just another sweet Romance directed at a young audience, but it's enjoyable enough to continue reading. I might even read the sequels, though I might save them for future Bingo reads.

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text 2017-09-19 14:16
Reading progress update: I've read 132 out of 309 pages.
It Takes a Witch - Heather Blake

After reading such heavy murder mysteries lately this has been a very welcome surprise. It's very light hearted and fun, but still has a whodunit mystery that hasn't, so far, been obvious. I am enjoying it.

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review 2017-09-18 17:07
Akata Witch / Nnedi Okorafor
Akata Witch - Nnedi Okorafor

Akata Witch transports the reader to a magical place where nothing is quite as it seems. Born in New York, but living in Aba, Nigeria, twelve-year old Sunny is understandably a little lost. She is albino and thus, incredibly sensitive to the sun. All Sunny wants to do is be able to play football and get through another day of school without being bullied. But once she befriends Orlu and Chichi, Sunny is plunged in to the world of the Leopard People, where your worst defect becomes your greatest asset. Together, Sunny, Orlu, Chichi and Sasha form the youngest ever Oha Coven. Their mission is to track down Black Hat Otokoto, the man responsible for kidnapping and maiming children. Will Sunny be able to overcome the killer with powers stronger than her own, or will the future she saw in the flames become reality?


Read to fill the “Diverse Voices” square of my 2017 Halloween Bingo card.

The Nigerian version of Harry Potter, with an albino Nigerian-American girl as the star. Sunny really only wants to be able to play football and attend school without being bullied, but her family has a legacy of magic that no one talks about and which is going to take her life in unexpected direction. Her talent is recognized by the friend of a friend and soon Sunny is being coached in juju, taken to the magical city of the Leopard People, and dealing with some very serious magical situations. Fortunately, she has her own coven of friends to aid and abet her in her adventures.

Here, there are leopards and lambs, rather than magicians and muggles, there is football rather than quidditch, but there is also a whole window into West African life and mythology that will be unfamiliar to many North American readers. Nnedi Okorafor is in the perfect position to open this window for us, being born in the United States with Nigerian immigrant parents. With feet in both worlds, she is able to weave a tale understandable to both sides of the divide.

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