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text 2019-01-22 07:21
Buy Period Panty Online From Reliable Brands

Menstruation is a biological process which the female body goes through for 4-5 days, on an average. Other than the customary blood flow that one has to deal with, periods are often accompanied by mood changes, cramps, headaches, fatigue, bloating, etc. While all this can be controlled to a certain extent by eating iron-rich and nutritious food and taking medication for the pain, dealing with the blood flow often becomes more stressful and nerve-racking. It is especially bothersome for teenagers who have just started their periods; for women who need to be out of the house for many hours; for moms who have an extremely busy schedule; women who experience unusual heavy flow during the menstrual cycle; women who follow a rigorous exercise and physical fitness routine and many others who are in similar situations. 

Women’s menstrual underwear is the perfect solution for many women. It takes away much of the anxiety and stress associated with blood flow, leaks, and stains.

What are these women’s menstrual underwears or period panties and how are they different from regular panties?

The most reliable and effective brand of period panties is PantiePads and UndiePads by Pantiepads Inc, a US-based company, specializing in feminine hygiene products. These menstrual panties, or as some refer to as menstrual underwear are made specifically to be worn by women during their menstrual cycle. The difference between a normal panty and a period panty is that PantiePads period panties are disposable and feature a unique built-in pad. Wearing a regular panty during periods require the additional use of a sanitary pad or tampon for protection. The downside of this process is that often the pad un-sticks and moves out of position leading to leaking and staining of the panty as well as in some cases the exterior clothing. Period panties are made to eliminate this issue, as they fit your size with exact precision, they are leak-proof, and as a result, there is no worry of leakage or staining. Additionally, the integrated built-in pad is made of superabsorbent materials which keep women dry and protected throughout the day or night, for up to 12 hours. Today, with internet and e-commerce, one can conveniently buy period panty online. Most brands that are in the business of manufacturing and distributing women’s menstrual underwears are selling such underwears online making it easy and convenient for women to make a purchase while at homes or office. It saves them time, energy, and even from embarrassing situations.

The other good reason why women should buy period panty online and stock up for those days is that these period panties are made to be disposal types - use and throw away. This, in turn, means that women do not need to fuss with the process of washing or worry about cleaning the stains, which would otherwise have been the case had they been using their normal panties. 

Buy period panty online to stay fresh, dry and active throughout the day. Since the pad is an integral part of the underwear and is sewn completely in, there are absolutely no chances of it shifting, bunching or sliding. Coupled with its high absorption capacity, the area is kept clean and free from dampness. PantiePads period panties keep you feeling dry and comfortable, and because the pad part has a cotton top layer, the chances of development of any kind of infection are also reduced, leaving the wearer feeling completely fresh and safe.

PantiePads period panties are available for purchase on the company website, as well as on Amazon and many other online stores. Rated as ‘One Of Best Period Panties’ by many reputable magazines such as Allure, Cosmopolitan, Parents, and Health. This product has also earned its recognition by receiving a ‘Women’s Choice Award’, and is now being offered to customers worldwide. 

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