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review 2017-12-24 04:11
Genetics gone wild...and woolly
Woolly: The True Story of the Quest to Revive One of History’s Most Iconic Extinct Creatures - Ben Mezrich

YES. That is literally what I have written first in my notes for today's book review. Woolly: The True Story of the Quest to Revive One of History's Most Iconic Extinct Creatures by Ben Mezrich is the perfect mixture of technical science and literary narrative. This book tells the story of Dr. George Church and the Revivalists (a group under his tutelage) who are trying to do what has been thought impossible: Bring back the woolly mammoth from extinction. (I have to wonder if the author received a financial backing from this group because if he didn't then he certainly deserves one. He's a major fanboy.) Mezrich covers not only their attempts at this breakthrough in science but also their competition from Seoul which owns the market on DNA cloning. The company in Seoul believes it is possible to find a complete DNA strand while Church's group thinks that the DNA will be too degraded. They're working from pieces of DNA and splicing together traits unique to woolly mammoths with the hope that a viable fetus can be carried by an Asian elephant. A scientific group dedicated to the reversal of extinction of local flora and fauna in Siberia has begun work on Pleistocene Park which is most likely going to be a functioning reality but will take several years. This is where the woolly mammoths (who wouldn't be technically true mammoths) will reside. The controversy and hubris of scientists (especially geneticists who write DNA/RNA) is extensively discussed and is fascinating to me (and I'd imagine to most laymen). However, this isn't only about the woolly mammoth. It's also an in-depth biography of George Church and how he came to be one of the leading figures in genetics. Total 10/10.


What's Up Next: Everyone's a Aliebn When Ur a Aliebn Too by Jomny Sun


What I'm Currently Reading: it's 2 days til Christmas so I'm all over the place


Source: Https://readingfortheheckofit.blogspot.com
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review 2016-09-29 22:09
Review: Really Woolly 5-Minute Bedtime Treasury by Bonnie Rickner Jensen
Really Woolly 5-Minute Bedtime Treasury - Dayspring

The five minutes bedtime Treasury is a great book to read to children. Parents can read a story to their children and bond and teach about god to them before bedtime. I know that it got several chapters if you want to look at it.

The stories tell you how god created you and the world. It also talks about how good makes you his more important to him. There are stories there for you to read and it seems to rhyme. Make the children able to understand. They may be poems or not but it a nice way to read them. It one way to show your child or children how god loves them and how important they are in this world.

Source: nrcbooks.blogspot.com/2016/09/review-really-woolly-5-minute-bedtime.html
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review 2014-12-08 00:00
One Woolly Wombat
One Woolly Wombat - Rod Trinca,Kerry Argent A very simple numbers book for young children. Each number is set to an Australian wildlife animal so one can either enjoy seeing their local wildlife if they live their or they can learn what animals live there. The illustrations are fun and playful. Each page is one sentence and they rhyme for the most part although some are a bit weak. Still, a fun book for counting up to 14.
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review 2014-02-10 15:08
How to Wash a Woolly Mammoth
How to Wash a Woolly Mammoth - Michelle Robinson,Kate Hindley

I love a kid's picture book that shares useful information in an amusing way. Okay, probably your child doesn't have to wash a mammoth. Mine never did: we just left them outside when it rained. But maybe your child will have to wash a dog, which I imagine is quite similar. (Saber tooth cats are easier, they wash themselves)


Cute and funny.


Library copy.

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review 2012-10-08 00:00
Woolly Mammoth
Woolly Mammoth - Woolly Mammoth - This historical fiction account of a day in the life of a wooly mammoth was beautifully illustrated and well written. My niece is almost 9, and she enjoyed the book--it was right at her reading level, and ideal for kids her age. There was quite a bit of end material about wooly mammoths, the ice age, and about other ice age animals, which, honestly, I thought was more interesting and better written than the story itself. I would strongly encourage readers to not judge this book by the cover, because that cover illustration does not do justice to the lovely artwork inside. It truly is the wonderful illustrations that pull the reader into this book.
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