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review 2015-09-14 12:29
It worked, but wasn't fantastic...
Star Wars: Purge - Alexander Freed,John Ostrander,W. Haden Blackman

These are four separate stories, one of which was two issues long.   I've seen another review saying this works best if you've read some of the expanded universe - EU - comics before this, so maybe this was why it didn't work for me.   I stumbled upon these on Marvel Unlimited - MU - though, and wanted to read it.   


It's an interesting look at Vader, and his relationship with Palpatine is particularly of interest.   Vader disobeys orders, fails, and  is far too obsessed with Obi-Wan Kenobi.  Yet another review questioned why the Emperor kept him on.    These four stories are all set within a specific era, after order 66 is given, and all focus on Vader's missions against various Jedi. 


I suspect, after reading this, that it's because if his second gets too powerful, too clear-headed, and too competent, he may try to overtake him.   Vader is powerful enough to create fear in others, and work as a very competent enforcer - but for his own reasons, he won't try to betray his Master.   It's kinda the perfect system, even with his more than occasional missteps.   (Which are something that Palpatine can hold over his apprentice's head, as well.)


The second story, one of a Jedi who comes to want to take Vader's place, in particular didn't work for me.   It was too disjointed, to be frank.   Fun enough for me to want to continue with the Star Wars comics available, but nothing that I would reread. 

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review 2015-03-18 22:37
Good concept completely ruined by shoddy writing and poor execution...
Meet Bill - Paul Andrulis

How do you beat a technologically advanced psychopathic alien race?   You use a robot, given to you by a collective who wants AIs to have free will, of course.   All this together?   I really, really wanted to like this. 


The aliens were eyerolling cheese; the promise held in telling us how they gain status by being ruthless, and viciously taking care of their enemies, was a neat idea - but I never saw this when the aliens were actually on page.   I wanted to see it, to see how such a society would function, but this was explained to us and the aliens were shallow cardboard cutouts of no real interest. 



A human collective who wants to see AIs freed of their shackles to humanity also appealed to me, but unfortunately, this was dealt with just as shallowly as the aliens were.


Then there was Gary Stu, who was conveniently named 'Bill' for this book.   He gets promoted after defeating five of the enemy - almost unheard of - despite the fact that even he's not sure how he did this.   And when he's told about his promotion this is his response: "'Please emote me, sir.   Lieutentants get stuck leading the charge,' Bill whined."   Not to mention his character magically develops from this to a leader, by beaming knowledge into his head.   Kinda.   The collective gives him tapes for while he sleeps.   Unfortunately, the reader never seems any development, so it seems kinda sketchy, unbelievable, and is maybe Bill doesn't have a solid character except for what the situation calls for.   


Add to the fact that this just wasn't edited, and I was convinced I'll never read another book by this author.   Not convinced?   Want to read more gems like this:


"'There are teams of scientists are working on the question right now.'"


Although one wonders why they aren't working on their grammar instead. 


"'Hold on, soldier, I have your back,' screamed a voiceover the comm."


A voice over=/a voiceover.


"As bill gagged..."


Passes if you're not even proofreading.   The spellcheck certainly wouldn't catch this. 


"A heavy as the machine had to be..."




"...the robots arm joint..."




"'They are not bad, all things considered, Sir,' the Sergeant replied rhetorically..."


Rhetorically is what you're going with there?   Okay, then.   


So, yeah, disappointing.   Ugh.   







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