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review 2017-08-14 16:34
22.11.63 - Stephen King,Wu Ming 1

The past does not want to be changed.

Se modifichi il passato devi aspettarti di ritrovare il presente diverso da come lo avevi lasciato (a parte moralismi e pregiudizi che sono immutabili: di là come di qua).
Ed è questo, in sostanza, che accade al giovane professor Jake Epping: varcata la soglia del tempo - “shat-HOOSH, shat-HOOSH” - si troverà a Lisbon Falls, esattamente il 9 settembre 1958 alle ore 11:58, poco più d’un paio d’anni prima della nomina a presidente degli Stati Uniti d’America di J.F. Kennedy. Attenderà il 22 novembre 1963 per cambiare il corso della Storia. Ma “il passato non vuole essere cambiato. Il passato è inflessibile”. Epping lo sa (e anche noi, Stephen!).
Ogni volta che Jake attraverserà il “buco del coniglio”, tutto sarà cancellato, azzerato. E il gioco dovrà iniziare daccapo. Viaggi nel tempo che potrebbero durare anni nel passato ma che mai superanno i due minuti nel presente.

Mi sono entusiasmata ed emozionata. A tratti. Alla fine, qualcosa è mancato.
Una scrittura che sa di tanto mestiere. Tuttavia, mi sono chiesta se King non abbia adottato il metodo “Dumas”. Chi sa, sa.
Nota di merito alla traduzione, davvero notevole.

P.S. Epperò, King! Non mi puoi ridurre Gavrilo Princip a “una mezzasega a cui manca qualche rotella”. Ma perché?!
Ecco, l’ho detto.

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review 2017-05-01 00:00
Empty Chairs: Selected Poems
Empty Chairs: Selected Poems - Liu Xia,M... Empty Chairs: Selected Poems - Liu Xia,Ming Di,Jennifer Stern Cigarettes, birds, household objects.
Everything is an inspiration for Liu Xia and her poetry is a tranquility for your senses.
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review 2017-04-08 01:22
Still in love with this series
DC Comics: Bombshells (2015-) #17 - Marguerite Bennett,Ming Doyle

The ghetto goes to war: Bombshells, Huntress, the Swing Kids, the Jews, the magic users, everyone.   And even while Zantanna realizes that she's been duped by The Joker's Daughter, and that the Nazi's know where they are and what they're planning, a new heroine arises: an unsurprising choice of a female Shazam.   Still, it's nice to see a Jewish girl wield this kind of power in the midst of the Holocaust.   (And look at me, reading about the Holocaust, which I couldn't do at all a decade ago!)


It's even nicer to see her own inner strength and belief that they would be okay and that they would win, even before she got her powers.   


Overall, a really hopeful series despite some really awful circumstances.   Looking forward to the last issue I got when they were on sale - the next issue.   After that, I'll be reading some comics from Black Mask I haven't gotten around to yet.

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review 2017-01-29 05:29
Dante's Inferno Redux
Constantine: The Hellblazer Vol. 1: Going Down (John Constantine, Hellblazer) - Riley Rossmo,Ming Doyle

A new Constantine series that feels like old Constantine. Nice. Yeah, it's got the tone and the feel of the older series. By that I mean the cringy, it's the "that's not right" feeling I get when I read old Constantine. They haven't cleaned up this version and made him PC for a "kinder" generation. I didn't like the artwork so much. It's a little squiggly for my tastes. Okay, yes I'll keep reading. It's Constantine.

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review 2016-11-04 00:00
Ming Yellow
Ming Yellow - John P. Marquand This book was ok, but clearly not one of Marquand's best. Rodney Johnson is a journalist living in and reporting from China. At that time, China was a vast country ruled by warlords and bandits. The warlords were "generals" of one kind or another. Anyway, super rich financier, Edwin Newall has come to China seeking rare porcelains. He is accompanied by his daughter, the fabulously beautiful Melvina, or Mel, and his junior partner, Paul Steuben, who is basically the dumb jock type. Steuben is hoping to convince Mel into marrying him.

They run into a "westernized Chinese", Philip Liu, who had gone to missionary school and then graduated from the University of Pennsylvania. Liu tells them of a very rare porcelain, Ming Yellow. Only a very few pieces exist and they can be seen and purchased only by traveling into the interior. They go there and negotiate with one of the "generals", General Wu. It seems that Wu is trying to buy the allegiance of a local bandit and will use the proceeds of the Ming Yellow sale to forge the alliance.

But of course there's various kinds of skull duggery, complicated by Steuben's blundering stupidity and by Rodney Jones' attraction to Mel. It's one of those pass-the-time books that is ok, but not great. One problem with it for a reader some 80 years after publication is the racist stereotyping of the Chinese and the Chinese mind. I didn't find it hideously racist like Fu Manchu, but it did get a bit wearying. Perhaps it's just because naked racism has come out into the open again during our current political season. Whatever, I've mostly liked the Marquand books I've read, with the exception of the one he wrote that won him a Pulitzer Prize, the unbelievably boring, The Late George Appley. This, I think might be my least liked of the eight or so other books I've read by Marquand.
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