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review 2017-05-07 15:59
Wuthering Heights - Emilly Brontë
Wuthering Heights - Lucasta Miller,Pauline Nestor,Emily Brontë

‘Seven days glided away, every one marking its course by the henceforth rapid alteration of Edgar Linton’s state. The havoc that months had previously wrought, was now emulated by the inroads of hours.

Catherine, we would fain have deluded, yet, but her own quick spirit refused to delude her. It divined, in secret, and brooded on the dreadful probability, gradually ripening into certainty.’


In a house haunted by memories, the past is everywhere … As darkness falls, a man caught in a snowstorm is forced to shelter at the strange, grim house Wuthering Heights. It is a place he will never forget. There he will come to learn the story of Cathy: how she was forced to choose between her well-meaning husband and the dangerous man she had loved since she was young. How her choice led to betrayal and terrible revenge - and continues to torment those in the present. How love can transgress authority, convention, even death. And how desire can kill.  


From the above description, it makes the story seem so much more interesting, gripping and dramatic but unfortunately I did not find this to be true. For the majority of the time, my mind would start to wonder and then before I knew it I had read a chapter without actually being consciously aware that I had been reading, therefore no information had made it past my skull and into my brain. So not much of the story has stayed in my mind, even just thinking about it now, I’m struggling to remember what the heck had happened. It wasn’t the language or the way it was written that I struggled with, it was their content just wasn’t interesting to me and the characters were also difficult to relate to. Young Catherine was annoying, disobedient and only thought about Linton like there was nothing else in the world and then Linton was one minute nice then a complete bastard the next.


There was one point that I really liked about Wuthering Height and that was finishing the book.


After reading the introductions and notes at the beginning of the book, I have come to respect Emily Brontë, even the whole Brontë family, with all the terrible things that happened to them. So I have nothing against the family and will continue to read their books. Who knows? Maybe in a few years I might read Wuthering Heights again and fully appreciate it.

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text 2017-04-20 14:42
Wuthering Heights - Full Version (Annotated) (Literary Classics Collection) - Emily Brontë



The book wuthering heights. is a spectacular book by Emily Bronte. The story unfolds on a farmhouse . The theme of the book is to justify that jealousy and vengefulness reaps destruction not only on an individual but on all those around him. It is a classic that describes the cruel face of humans. The language although is beautiful but is a bit difficult to comprehend. In a nutshell this book is a pleasure to read.

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text 2016-12-14 13:15
Wuthering Heights - Emily Brontë

This is one of the WORST novels I ever had to read.  Depressing, boring, and at times, hard to read.   I had no sympathy at all for Heathcliff.   The love story held no appeal for me at all.   I had to read this novel TWICE in high school --- and each time, the experience was excruciating. .

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review 2016-09-29 23:21
World of Selfish: The Book
Wuthering Heights - Emily Brontë

This is another book in my list of "books that everyone already read but I didn't". Better late than never,I guess. I did debate for a long time on whether I liked this book or not. I came to the conclusion that yes,I did like the book.


I just didn't like the characters. 


I don't think they were supposed to be loved,though. Everyone is flawed,everyone is selfish. I wanted to punch Heathcliff in the face more than once. And while I do admire Brontë's ability to portray such a realism,I couldn't like their personalities. I found myself waiting for Heathcliff to die so I could ignore his existence. And I really need to stop talking about Heathcliff because I think everyone got the idea. What an asshole.


Anyways,back to the story. It's a romance,but it's so uniquely cruel. I don't know how else to describe it. I wasn't prepared for the roughness of this story,but I wouldn't change anything about it. Specially not the ending,which I considered perfect. The only characters I fully liked were Cathy II and Hareton,so I'm glad we got some closure on those two. 


Sentence: It's a great book! I totally get the hype now. 

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text 2016-09-29 20:38
Reading progress update: I've read 85%.
Wuthering Heights - Emily Brontë

So I'm about to finish this but I was stuck in the actual end of the world and they didn't have wifi there,so no updates :(


Anyways,is it possible to like a book if I don't like any of the characters?



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