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review 2018-08-31 00:45
Curious (The Finn Factor) (Volume 1) - R.G. Alexander
Jeremy and Owen have been best friends and have known each other for most of their lives. Owen happens to be straight. Jeremy happens to be bisexual. Jeremy has been secretly in love with Owen and I'll say vice versa. Owen has been "curious" about what sex with Jeremy would be like.
This was HOT. Just looking at it from an erotica standpoint, this was well done. Hot, hot, hot sex scenes. My eye balls were on fire! But, while I do like erotica, I like it even better when there is more of a plot too. This was weak (IMO) on plot and character development. I feel this is important to note: NO SLUT SHAMING! 
For me:
Jeremy- parents kicked him out, didn't like their bisexual son. Lived with Aunt. Considers the Finns to be his family.
Owen-a Dom at the local club, Jeremy's BF
Tasha-Jeremy's female fuck buddy (not anymore) and Jeremy's 2nd BF
Jen- youngest Finn. Broke engagement to asshole.
Seamus- owns the bar, single father (4? kids)
Stephen- senator. He and Tasha have a thing. Seamus's twin.


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text 2018-08-24 07:47

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text 2018-08-09 16:09
TBR Thursday
Ashenden, or, The British Agent - William Somerset Maugham
In the Month of the Midnight Sun - Cecilia Ekbäck
Diamonds Are Forever - Ian Fleming
From Russia with Love - Ian Fleming
A Royal Pain - Rhys Bowen
The Gun Seller - Hugh Laurie
The Human Factor - Graham Greene


Okay, so I had to check my calendar to make sure this was actually Thursday.  It's the day before I start a week's vacation, a day before the When Words Collide conference.  Tomorrow, the temperature is supposed to reach 36 C (98 F), so I will be glad to spend most of it in an air conditioned hotel.  We have a weather inversion holding the hot weather over our city (and its also holding a lot of forest fire smoke, so I'll be glad to be out of that too).  Thankfully, we are supposed to get a break from this heat, starting Saturday.


So, I doubt I will get much reading done this weekend.  I'll be rubbing shoulders with authors instead.  Most of my planned reading now is for the Summer of Spies.  Clearing the decks to be ready for Halloween Bingo.


I'm too cheap to pay for internet at home, so I probably won't be posting much over the upcoming week.  I wish you all good reading, friends, and a great week.


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text 2018-08-02 16:03
TBR Thursday
A Fatal Waltz - Tasha Alexander
Moonraker - Ian Fleming
False Positive - Andrew Grant
In the Month of the Midnight Sun - Cecilia Ekbäck
Ashenden, or, The British Agent - W. Somerset Maugham
The Gun Seller - Hugh Laurie
The Human Factor - Graham Greene

I'm working on Bright We Burn and Last Call which are both due at the library in 9 days!  And I'm still gradually reading a biography of Ian Fleming.  BWB has a waiting list, and LC is an interlibrary loan, so neither can be renewed.  I know how I'm spending my weekend!


However, the When Words Collide conference is approaching at warp speed and I've got 3 books I'd like to get to before then:  A Fatal Waltz, False Positive, and In the Month of the Midnight Sun.  All written by key note authors--I must give Andrew Grant another chance.  I found his spy novel to be somewhat ridiculous, but I'm going to give his murder mystery a try, hoping for better things there.


And the Summer of Spies isn't over yet.  On the docket, I've got Moonraker, Ashenden, The Gun Seller and The Human Factor


Meanwhile, I'm getting all excited over my Halloween reading list.  It's hard to keep my attention on the spies, with Halloween Bingo on the horizon!


I have tomorrow off work and Monday is a statutory holiday, so I've got 4 days to play!  On Sunday, I'll be headed out on two Historic Calgary tours.  Other than that, I've got time free.  Once the laundry is done and the house relatively clean, maybe I'll go to the used book store and add to Mount TBR. 


Whatever you do this weekend, have fun and stay safe!



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review 2017-12-17 00:00
The Planck Factor
The Planck Factor - Debbi Mack When I got The Planck Factor, I thought I was getting a thriller with a solid science base. What I feel like I got instead was the insufficiently scripted screen play version of a good book. A mass market ‘science’ thriller for people who think that science is a word the CDC shouldn’t be saying.*

The Planck Factor had a few issues that really could have been rectified with stronger editing. The needless repetition, for one, got on my nerves rather swiftly. “Millions, even billions” was said a stupid amount of times. And while I understand what the author was trying to do in working the story within a story, it never quite worked for me. It stopped feeling clever and just started feeling too convenient. Actually, that “too convenient” was something that I felt with more than just the double story element.

I’ll admit that The Planck Factor irritated me, but I’m adult enough to admit that its mostly because I didn’t get what I was expecting rather than the story being just outright bad. The story was middling. I made it to the halfway point easily, but after that my interested petered out and it became me forcing myself through it. When you’ve read stuff from authors like James Rollins who are perfect at mixing facts and fiction in a way that keep your head spinning (at least until book 4 or so, at which point everything is just a repackaged version of the previous book), your standards for the genre are probably a bit higher than a book like this can possibly live up to.

Jessica was my favorite part of The Planck Factor. Even if I didn’t particularly care for the story she was involved in, I did feel sorry for her. So, that’s saying something. The dialogue was, whilst not exciting, believable enough. And finally, to end on a positive note, I have to say that the (very) end did surprise me a bit. Because that character is on the page so little, I had basically forgotten about him. (Had to flip back to the first chapter again just to verify!)

Overall, I can't recommend it, and can't say I'll ever seek out the writer's works again in the future, BUT I can see how some readers enjoyed it.

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book from Netgalley for review consideration.

*I shamelessly borrowed the first half of this line from Michael Hicks when we were talking about the book.
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