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text 2018-07-03 08:14
"What to write about?": Searching for ideas for the book

First, let's clarify what an idea is. The idea is the core of the story, this is the main idea that you put into the work. This, for example, sacramental "love will save the world" or "the good conquers evil", "what if I suddenly wake up in another world" or "if I were a magician?".


The idea is a necessary part of the story. Moreover, it is a spark, a push that excites the writer's interest in the work. It is with the advent of the idea, as a rule, there is a desire - to write down history.


Ideas are large-scale and global - for one (or several books), and small - this is the idea of ​​an interesting character or situation.



How do ideas appear


1. Ideas from the accumulated information.

Throughout life, we learn a lot of information. Something we remember, but something, we think, is forgotten. However, the "forgotten" does not disappear anywhere, any information is either completely / partially postponed in memory, or pondered, and the conclusions from the learned, the experience are also preserved in memory. And at the subconscious level, work on information is constantly.

The emergence of ideas from the mix is very difficult to track. They can come in a dream, can "suddenly" emerge from the memories of childhood because of some bright impression, or maybe just appear in the moment thinking over the situation, with the idea not connected. But in any case it is the result of a mental, life experience. And it appears from nowhere, as it sometimes seems to us. And this is the most interesting kind of ideas, the most original and deep, personal and "author's".


2. The association is a conscious development of an idea along a chain, from a hooked image to, in fact, the idea of the story.

For example, you are watching an interesting adventure film. And the plot so clings that turns on an unconscious process: and if I were a seeker? - what would I be looking for? - And who would interfere with me and why? - And what are the dangers? - and love there will be, such, as in a film? - And what adventures will begin! Consider, the plot, built on a random associative chain, is ready.


And the role of the push, trigger for the associative series can play anything: a beautiful image, and a favorite genre, and an occasional interesting phrase. Or the same with the books - you have to read a lot of brilliant books to write a good one by yourself. You can improve your writing skills by writing essay everyday (or get a job as freelance writer at https://ca.edubirdie.com/essay-writing-help, for example, and combine your passion with earning money).


3. The situation is an idea based on the desire to convey (develop) a specific interesting situation. Or to express thoughts that have arisen again under the impact of the situation.

Often such ideas are based on personal experience - either real and vital (autobiographical novels), or observational (purposeful gathering of information on a specific topic). To the situational also includes the writing of fanfics, when another's idea is being processed.


Working with an idea is a two-way process: it's not enough to get it, recognize, but you need to be able to accept it. So you have to be open: for a new life experience, for getting information, for processing the old experience in the end.


It is necessary to overcome laziness and fatigue. Read interesting books - there are a lot of forums with tips on the Internet and online libraries. See cognitive or quality genre films. Go on vacation not only for relaxing by the pool, but also for impressions, for new information. Walk the new roads and look around, notice the details. And think about what you see, fantasize.


Want to write a love story? Here, on the bench sits and kisses a couple - ready-made characters. And then - according to Shakespeare. What family is the guy from, what is the girl? How long have they been meeting and for how long? And do not they skip studying for each other's sake? And so on.


Life is full of stories - just do not be lazy to look and think about what you see.

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review 2018-06-11 16:40
Audiobook Review: Read, Write, Love at Seaside (Sweet with Heat: Seaside Summers #1) by Addison Cole (Author), Melissa Moran (Narrator)
Read, Write, Love at Seaside - Addison Cole


Leanna and Kurt have nothing in common. He's an organizer, she's a mess. He's reserved, she's loud. Yet somehow they work. They bring out the best in each other, even at their worst. Addison Cole proves that sometimes less is more. Simply irresistible.

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