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review 2017-11-23 03:15
Mistletoe Between Friends
Mistletoe Between Friends - Samantha Chase
Lily and Cameron have known each other since childhood and were always best friends. Each also secretly crushed on the other too, but never wanted to confess it for fear of ruining their friendship. (Yeah, didn't see that coming, right?). Both, under pressure from their parental units, decide to fake date each other. With the holidays coming up, neither want to be setup and just want to be left alone. 
Predictable, but sweet. The story worked well for the length. In fact, if this were longer, I would have been ready to slap and yell at both Cameron and Lily. It was amazing at how well they knew each other, but at the same time, didn't.


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review 2017-11-21 16:01
Review of Friends Divided by Gordon Wood
Friends Divided: John Adams and Thomas Jefferson - Gordon S. Wood

This dual biography of John Adams and Thomas Jefferson was a comparative look at the intellectual history of both great men.  It followed their political lives but the focus was really on their differing opinions on the events and theories of government throughout their lifetimes.  Parts of the book dragged a bit, and I would not recommend this to someone looking for a David McCullough type of story, but I did enjoy the deeper look into two brilliant minds.

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review 2017-11-14 00:43
Review for: Mistletoe Me, Baby (O'Connor Family #4) by Katie Reus
Mistletoe Me, Baby (O'Connor Family Series) (Volume 4) - Katie Reus

Nolan and Miranda have been friends for a long time but now circumstances help Nolan take the first step into moving their relationship to a brand new level, a level that he’d been hoping to get to for the longest time. 
This story had the perfect mix of sweetness, spicyness, and emotions to keep me turning the pages. I specially liked to read how family dynamics change from person to person however in the end if a family is close, they will be there for each other, supporting one another in times of need. I also liked the way Nolan continued helping Miranda even when she was too distracted to ask for his help. He truly was the perfect hero with not a flaw in sight. In short, I’d call this story a comfort read perfect for this time of year and I recommend it for anyone looking for a Holiday read. 


** I was gifted a copy of this book and I volunteered to read it; this is my honest opinion and given without any influence by the author or publisher.** 

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review 2017-11-07 22:25
Rob Lowe and His Life
Stories I Only Tell My Friends: An Autobiography - Rob Lowe

This was a really good biography. I grew up watching him and I loved "The Outsiders" and a few of the other movies from the 1980's. Some of the movies I had not heard of or even watched. He started out not far from where I live currently and was just another kid who liked to act and participate in the local theatre scene. After his mother's 2nd divorce, she drags Rob, his brother Chad and his half-brother to CA, where they start living with her 3rd husband, her former allergist (doctor). I was surprised to learn that the opportunities for kids in shows were so minimal, but then I thought back on all the shows from that time period and realized that most of the shows were geared towards adults, not kids and as a result they didn't have a lot of kids in them or they were just little side notes. 


I was not surprised at the drug usage or the drinking he talks about. It was par for the course for so many of those kids to be addicted to drugs and/or alcohol. I was surprised about his going to therapy and that he made up his own mind to never go back. I did see him with a new eye and have started looking at some of the other movies and shows he has been in and watching them. 


I noticed that he didn't name names, just to be naming names. He would mention the Sheen (Estevez) family because they were neighbors. He mentioned Tom Cruise and Andrew McCarthy, more because they were all part of the "Brat Pack" era. 


I found the book interesting and fun to read and at the same time, a good book to read if you like biographies, especially for those who grew up in the eye of the public, while you were growing up. 



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review 2017-11-01 17:55
Soul Searching
Soul Searching - AJ Rose


Wow...I am not sure I expected this level of paranormal and ultimate scare factor in this book.  While the sex was light, the relationship development and overall paranormal activities depicted here were not.  This was pretty damn awesome.


“A wraith is not a demon, but you must understand, they are dangerous. Wraiths were once human, but their anger has grown to rage, and in the afterlife, they become something else, something less than human. They are consumed by negativity. They feed on it, crave it, and internalise it to use it for their own ends. Most wraiths were wronged in life in some way, and they seek revenge. Usually they are victims of violence, and their sense of injustice tethers them to this world after they’ve passed on. They cannot continue their spiritual journey, so they remain, becoming something other in their misery."


This bastard is something else.


Overall just the perfect Halloween read, or really anytime you need the hairs on your arm to stand on end.  


**Highly Recommended**

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