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text 2019-04-09 13:39
How to Solve Yahoo Mail Sending and Receiving Email Issue



Yahoo efficiently serves the purpose of a search engine as well as you can send and receive emails. The search engine can be used to look for any information and you can share the same emails via emails. Yahoo also allows you to create filters for the emails so as to make it more convenient for you.


Talking about the drawback, there can be times when you are not able to send or receive any emails in your Yahoo account. But no need to worry as there are different ways using which you can fix this issue. You can also reach out to us by calling at Yahoo customer support number as it is the most expedient option.


Before proceeding with the troubleshooting steps you need to make sure that your system is connected to a properly working internet connection. A poor internet connection can also be responsible for not being able to send or receive emails.


Now, you can proceed with the steps listed below if you are not able to send emails:


1. The first check in the sent folder where you can view the emails which have been sent and the unsent emails will be in the drafts folder.
2. Make sure you have entered the correct email address or you will face a sending error.
3. Ask the recipient to check if he is receiving the emails in the spam folder.
Make sure the recipient has not added your email address in the block list.


In case, you are not able to receive any emails in your Yahoo account, follow these steps:


1. Check if there is a problem with your Yahoo account by sending an email to yourself and see if you are getting any error.
2. Check the settings of your Yahoo account as you might have added the sender to the block list.

3. Check the spam folder of your Yahoo account as some of the genuine emails might have landed in the spam folder.

4. Go through all the folders you have created for your Yahoo account as setting a wrong filter can send the email to the wrong folder.


For further queries and issues, don’t forget to call at the Yahoo customer service phone number where our technical executives will help you. You can use this toll- free number to get all your Yahoo issues fixed immediately as the technical staff has the required experience in dealing with all such issues.

Source: www.customersupport-numbers.com/yahoo-customer-service-number
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text 2018-12-10 10:20
How To Fix Yahoo Mail Issues With Your Ipad’s Mail App?

You must have recently purchased new iPad mini and tried to sign-in into Mail app with your Yahoo Mail account. Or, you tried to sync your Yahoo Mail with the other mail account. But you are experiencing the problem while doing so and you have no idea what to do, to fix to fix Yahoo Mail issues with your iPad’s Mail App. So you are looking here and there for help to fix the Yahoo Mail issue.  You can give it to try by reading this article.


To get help to fix Yahoo Mail issues, you need to contact Yahoo Support Number to talk with the technician. But before that, it is recommended to go through the reasons for occurrence as well as the steps to fix it.


The reasons for the Yahoo Mail issues with your iPad’s Mail App are-


  1. Poor network connection.
  2. Invalid settings are made in iPad’s Mail App.
  3. Incorrect username and/or password of Yahoo Mail account.
  4. The problem lies with the iPad mini or Mail app.
  5. Yahoo Mail versions don’t support the operating system versions (iOS).


Steps to solve Yahoo Mail issues with your iPad’s Mail App are-


  1. Make sure you have a good network connection to perform the task.
  2. Go for updating the operating system of the iPad mini.
  3. Check whether you can operate your Yahoo Mail from outside the Mail App, in the web browser or not.
  4. You need to remove your Yahoo Mail account from the iPad’s Mail App.
  5. Re-add your Yahoo Mail account into Mail App.
  6. You need to create a Yahoo Account manually in your iPad mini’s Mail App through Yahoo Mail IMAP settings.


How to contact Yahoo Support Number?


If the problem still persists or you have other technical glitches related to Yahoo Mail then you need to contact Yahoo Support Number to talk with the experts, to get an instant solution. They are available 24x7 on your services and you can connect them through live chat, official email, and phone number, as per your wish and need. You can consult gethumanhelp website, an online directory for all tech support numbers.

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text 2018-10-06 16:44
How To Change Yahoo Mail Password?


In the today’s internet world, the privacy of an individual can be breached by a hacker or cybersecurity expert and the private information of the user can be used for false purposes.  They can extract your mobile number, E-mail account and linked data, bank account details, and many other private data which you do not want to share with anyone in this world.  You need to worry about this issue.


There are many solutions to cope with this problem. You can take help from any cyber expert and can use a good antivirus software product. In this article, Yahoo Technical Support Service will help you keep your private stuff private .i.e. by helping you to change your E-mail ID password regularly. The steps to change the Mail password on the desktop are discussed next.


  • Click on your name displayed at the right corner of the inbox screen. Click on the “Account Info” button from the displayed drop-down menu and then on “Account Security” tab.
  • You may need to re-enter the login information and click on the Next button. If you logged in recently into your account, you might not need to re-enter the data again.
  • At the right of the screen, a button named as “Change Password” will be displayed. A next page will be displayed where you can enter the data related to your log-in information.
  • Enter the password twice in a current page. You can also select displayed checkbox to view the text you are typing. This tool can help you a little bit to change your password by seeing it.
  • You can also enter Recovery mail in the respective edit box and click on “Looks Good” button. By clicking on this button, it will confirm your request to change the password and you would be returned to Yahoo inbox.



If you are unable to change the password, call the experts


If you have any issue while following the above steps or you have any other issue relate to Yahoo Mail which you want to resolve as soon as possible, feel free to call Yahoo Customer Service Number USA +1-844-900-7666. The experts of Yahoo Technical Support service are working 24/7 and eager to provide the best solution related to your issue. You can contact them without wasting a second.

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text 2018-09-11 09:10
Get Yahoo Mail Error fixed by Yahoo Customer Service

Yahoo Mail is the best mailing panel that brings thousands of services and solution for its users. There are many benefits in Yahoo and there are also several technical issues that users face in the Yahoo mailing panel. These can be turned as Yahoo mail temporary error 15 in the mail panel.


Users can dial Yahoo support for receiving fastest recovery from all concerns and glitch that exists in Yahoo mail account. If the issue persists again and again and trouble users, then users can contact Yahoo Mail Telephone Number USA



Steps to fix Yahoo Mail Temporary Error 15

  • At first sign out of Yahoo mail from all devices
  • Now use a supported operating system
  • Go to the search bar
  • After that just enter windows update
  • Now select windows update option
  • Go to the left pane you can select change settings
  • Select install updates automatically
  • Check for your browser settings also
  • Reset your browser settings to default now

Users can also fix Yahoo Mail temporary error 475 through easiest and convenient steps in the best and most perfect manner. The team of specialists is available to handle all hitches and concerns in Yahoo mail error. Our professionals are available to assist users whenever needed. If the same error comes up, you need to reach Yahoo techies for this purpose. Our talented professionals help users with the accurate solution. They completely eliminate problem occurring in Yahoo through on call, live chat and remote support. They help you in receiving an error-free functioning of your Yahoo email.


You can dial Yahoo Contact Number for receiving the best services and solution in Yahoo. The technical issues that occur in Yahoo can be eliminated immediately without any concern. So feel free to connect whenever needed. we are happy to assist you.

Source: rickrichard20.kinja.com/dial-yahoo-mail-support-number-for-yahoo-mail-error-1828960164
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