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review 2020-06-29 15:58
Matthew is a germaphobic child and a young detective
The Goldfish Boy - Lisa Thompson

Matthew is 12 and he is afraid of germs. 


This condition is triggered by the death of his baby brother who he didn't got the chance to meet in real life. He just know that his baby brother died and he thought it is his fault. 


So he tried to stay away from germs by being careful and clean. Also his need of staying away from germs make him stay home a lot and he was afraid to go to school. 


He watched his neighbors through the windows. He recorded what he saw in his notebooks. 


A toddler went missing and right before he was missed, Matthew was watching him through the window. 


Melody is a strange girl who wants to be Matthew's friend. They communicate via email. Now that the toddler Teddy is missing, and Matthew is house-bound. Melody is going to be his sick-kick investigator. 


Things got more interesting. There is also a bully called Jake who was Matthew's friend. 


The missing Toddler Teddy and the three young friends are going to solve this. 


The story is exceptionally touching. It is wonderful. 


Highly recommended it. 


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text 2020-06-29 08:28
Reading progress update: I've read 285 out of 393 pages.
The Goldfish Boy - Lisa Thompson

Unexpected and very good story. Matthew is 12 and is afraid of germs. What I don't expected is the start of a Rear Window type of story. 

A toddler is missing and Matthew is the last person who saw the baby. So while the adults, parents, neighbors and police are all looking for the missing child, Matthew started his own investigation. 


As he didn't want to leave the house, he has a side-kick, Melody. 


Matthew suspected that it is a neighbors who had taken the child. And he is going to find out. 


Once it turned into an investigation, it run really well. 

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review 2020-06-28 00:53
Departed: David and Sara (Cliffside Bay #10) by: Tess Thompson
Departed: David and Sara (Cliffside Bay #10) - Tess Thompson




Departed: David and Sara by Tess Thompson

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

From the first teardrop to the last goodbye Cliffside Bay has laid claim to every little piece of my heart. Thompson uses heartbreakingly real scenarios as a reminder of just how strong a heart can be. Departed continues that legacy of hope and courage. Through the ghosts of pain and the loss of hope, two grieving strangers find the strength to step out of the heartache and into the healing power of love. KLEENEX IS A MUST! After all every heart deserve a good cry. It helps refresh the soul.

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review 2020-06-26 15:30
Scary Godmother: Omnibus - Jill Thompson

This a cute kids comic about a girl who learns not to be scared of monsters.  And then about the Halloweens after.  It is cute, and beautifully drawn.  Appropriate for young children.

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review 2020-06-09 16:17
Woven in Wire
Woven in Wire - Sarah Thompson

by Sarah Thompson


The cover picture of this book is enough to see that it's for the more intricate and polished end of wire jewellery making. This is not one for beginners!


Having said that, the basics are still covered. Tools, Materials and Techniques are the first chapters, followed by Weaving and Sculpting before it gets into Symmetry and Transformation.


There are a lot of full color pictures of some very impressive jewellery pieces. The chapter on tools is straightforward enough and would be useful at any level of experience. It goes into more detail than I've seen in other books on wire weaving. Materials is slanted towards working in silver, though other craft wires are mentioned.


The chapter on techniques seems short, yet it's mind boggling. How can something look easy and complicated at the same time? As I said, this one isn't for the beginners. Weaving and sculpting are similarly simple yet complicated. Then instructions for the pictures pieces give the reader a chance to apply the information and find out just how easy/complicated putting it all into practice can be!


I'll be honest, this book scares me. It also intrigues me! I want to be able to make the sort of amazing jewellery that is shown but I know it's not as easy as it looks. I think practice is in order, but I'm not ready to invest in silver to the extent that making the really cool pieces would require.


The pieces are gorgeous though and the instructions are clear and detailed, so maybe someday.

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