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review 2017-08-07 16:49
Blood Bank by Zoe Markham Giveaway & Review @ZoeMarkham @YABoundToursPR
Blood Bank - Zoë Markham



Amazon  /  Goodreads


Blood Bank
by Zoe Markham
Genre: YA Fantasy/Horror
Release Date: July 2017




There is so much that drew me to Blood Bank by Zoe Markham – the title, the cover, the subject matter…


At first, I kept getting confused and had to go back and read the blurb. It seemed to be all over the place. But, maybe that was just me, because it didn’t take long for it to come together.


I know people tend to have a love/hate relationship with Twilight, so I must warn you right out of the gate, if you hate Twilight, you might want to move on. I loved Twilight and the further into the story I go, the more it comes to mind. Works great for me.


Zack owes a vampire a debt and must come when called. The debt will be paid in blood…his. They own him. There is no way out, but death. Or is there?


Zack is summoned and he leaves his girlfriend, Lucy, high and dry in a seedy part of town and I know something wicked this way comes.


Ben is part of The Clan and they use the internet and Club Dystopia to fulfill their financial and feeding needs. They walk among us, they look like us…sorta…talk like us, and could be standing right next to us. You do not want to get on the wrong side of them.


But Ben is different and is about to cross the vampiric line…Do vampires have souls?

They want nothing to do with women. Why? Is it true that we are the stronger of the species?


Zoe Markham got me good when Lucy was attacked with needles. I was fooled and I love when an author is able to pull that off.


As the characters are drawn together, the story heats up, the danger rises and lives are at stake, human and vampire alike. How they’ll get out of the mess they’re in, I am trying to figure out. They are flawed characters and I empathize  with their conflicting thoughts and feelings.


OH MAN…no ending. I was left in an okay place, and I can guess most of what is to come, but I still want to take the journey with Lucy, Ben and Zack, right to the end.


I voluntarily reviewed a free copy of Blood Bank by Zoe Markham.

Animated Animals. Pictures, Images and Photos  4 Stars


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review 2016-01-19 12:26
Review: White Lies by Zoe Markham
White Lies - Zoë Markham

Published by: Carina (18th January 2016)


ISBN: 9781474045001


Source: Netgalley


Rating: 4*



Everybody hurts

For Abigail, a new school could be the fresh start she so desperately needs. With her parents in the army and her sister Beth too far away to run to, she knows this year needs to be different. She's never been part of the cool crowd and for the first time Abby wants to fit in. And all it takes is just one little white lie…because some truths are too painful to share.


Everybody lies

But at Cotswold Community College, Abby isn't the only one with a past she'd rather forget. And when she stumbles across a closely-guarded secret, Abigail realises that her one little white lie could reveal everything she’s worked so hard to hide…



As a young adult I read a lot of boarding school stories, so the setting was a throwback to my childhood and teenage years, when I devoured all such stories. The fact that the building is ancient immediately adds rather a spooky feel, exacerbated by the appearance of a raven, the close proximity of the local graveyard and the ritualistic telling of ghost stories. I thought perhaps Abby would discover the school was haunted by long-forgotten children who had befallen some evil in times gone by. But does she?


Although she fits the cliche, It's hard not to like Abby. She's your typical underdog - overweight and not exactly pretty, she's the misfit newcomer among the ranks of teens and she dreads trying to fit in among her classmates, let alone the girls in her dorm. I really liked the way the author added layers of detail as the book went along, to build a complex picture of several of the different characters at the school.


It's hard to say much more without giving away too much of the story, but everything takes a darker turn. For me the best part of White Lies starts here, not discounting that the story as a whole is very well put together. It was hard not to be drawn into Abby's conflicting emotions as she struggles to put everything into perspective.


I found White Lies hard to put down and highly recommend it. Although this is targeted at the Young Adult market, I enjoyed it as an adult reader. I'd recommend it to readers of all ages and genres, as it touches on a lot of themes, including loss, schooldays, supernatural, romance, suspense and thriller.





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text 2016-01-18 12:15
Reading progress update: I've read 66%.
White Lies - Zoë Markham
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review 2016-01-17 17:35
White Lies - in which the author floors me with a killer twist. WHITE LIES INDEED.
White Lies - Zoë Markham

Before I talk about this one it should be mentioned that Zoe Markham’s first novel, Under My Skin, was another stand out read for me when it was released and bears checking out, just in case I forget to mention it later…

Onto her new novel, White Lies, and here we have a very different sense of feeling but with the same compelling edge and absolutely addictive quality. Of school cliques and family drama and one girl, Abigail, determined to fit in at yet another new school, this time she’ll get it right. The ebb and flow of travelling army life has seen Abby go to many schools and she has never quite managed to settle..it seems that if she just tells one tiny white lie, she’ll be accepted and popular here. But things soon spiral out of control…

I LOVED this one. I was utterly engaged start to finish and I devoured it in beautiful spells of reading time – there is a dark edge to the narrative, a scary feel to some of the events and just that little *something* that touches you on an emotional level when reading that grips you utterly.

Abby was fascinating as a character, beautiful levels of personality and when pitted against Scarlett, another absolutely brilliant creation, the sparks began to fly. Add in some truly spooky and dark dealings, a touch of inspiration and a killer twist that I never once saw coming and you have an imaginative, clever and intelligent thriller that just happens to be in the Young Adult market. Pish to that, its better than any one of 150 girl books you might read this year or did last…

Tight plotting, dark humour that may well have you laughing out loud occasionally and the authors ability to ensure you run like hell next time you see a Magpie means that this one comes highly recommended from me.

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text 2015-07-02 17:21
Best Reads of 2015 so far....
Hellbounce (The ARC Chronicles) (Volume 1) - Matthew W Harrill
The Bone Treaty (Seal of Solomon Series Book 1) - Grace T. McKee
TheLie - C.L. Taylor
Half the World Away - Cath Staincliffe
Under My Skin - Zoë Markham
Only The Brave (A DS Allie Shenton Novel) - Mel Sherratt
Hunted (Nirvana Series Book 2) - Kristy Feltenberger Gillespie
The Tesla Legacy - Rebecca Cantrell

As the first half of 2015 is behind us, I thought I would look at possible contenders for my Best Reads of this year.


I have been pleasantly surprised by lots of books this year, and I'm pleased to see that some have been written by independent authors.

The first 8 contenders are (in no particular order):-


Hellbounce by Matthew W Harrill

The Bone Treaty by T. C. McKee

The Lie by C. L. Taylor

Half the World Away by Cath Staincliffe

Hunted  by Kristy Feltenberger Gillespie

Under My Skin by Zoë Markham

Only the Brave by Mel Sherratt

The Tesla Legacy by Rebecca Cantrell


The next 8 are coming right up!






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