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Tao Te Ching - Community Reviews back

by Laozi
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Manika rated it 3 years ago
Beautiful, inspiring, special.Carry it with me at all times and use it as my Guiding Book. The best ancient wisdom in its simplicity, in its beauty, in its wisdom. Must read for all!
Julian Meynell's Books
Julian Meynell's Books rated it 3 years ago
This is an ancient book of poetry which is primarily aphoristic and philosophical/religious. The book is the foundation of much of Chinese thought. It has given rise to Daoism both the philosophy and the religion. It is however so ambiguous that it needs interpretation. The book does have positi...
Something to Ponder
Something to Ponder rated it 5 years ago
This is a book to be studied, not just read. my first reading is done. ...but the learning has just begun.
Lisa (Harmony)
Lisa (Harmony) rated it 5 years ago
The Tao Te Ching or Daodejing is a classic Chinese text that traditionally is said to go back to the 6th Century BCE, and written by Lao Tzu, a figure whose historicity is in dispute. According to the Wikipedia, texts of it have been excavated that go back to the 4th Century BCE. Some introductions ...
TinyThoughtGuy rated it 5 years ago
The author/illustrator, Tsai Chih Chung once again uses ancient scriptures/writings as the basis for this book and while the illustrations are superb, and the overall concept unique, I enjoyed the stories in “Zen Speaks” a lot more, and that left me somewhat conflicted when writing this review. I re...
My sodding goodreads replacement (maybe)
Really good read. Definitely will require multiple read-throughs to let each chapter sink in, though. This is the only version of the Tao Te Ching I've ever read, so I don't have others to compare it to, but that said, I enjoyed Le Guin's personal rendition of the text, and appreciated her aim to cr...
Bettie's Books
Bettie's Books rated it 6 years ago
Dover Pub translation and commentary by James LeggThe Tâo that can br trodden on is not the enduring and unchanging TâoBling is not a Tâo thingWar the Tâo does abhor---------------------------------------------------Fraudio: translated by Gia-fu Feng and Jane Englishnarrated by Jacob Needleman
Clif's Book World
Clif's Book World rated it 7 years ago
This book deserves respect because of its antiquity (6th Century B.C). But frankly, I found it to be less than exciting to read. It's a collection of aphorism purposely constructed to be ambiguous (e.g. He who knows the Dao, does not know the Dao). It's a form of poetry where the combination of w...
~Mairéad's Reading List~
~Mairéad's Reading List~ rated it 7 years ago
***Read For University***3.5 to 4 Stars.
digitaltempest rated it 7 years ago
Very refreshing and insightful read. This gave me much to think about. I thought I would go through this slowly, but I found myself completely in love with this book after reading on the first few pages. My favorite passage:"Therefore the Master acts without doing anything and teaches without saying...
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